Chimeraland Beginner Guide 2023 (Best Chimeraland Wiki)

Hi guys, Today I will tell you Chimeraland Beginner Guide Wiki (Top 10 Chimeraland Tips). All of these Chimeraland Beginner Guide is shared by S♠S for new players. PROXIMA BETA PTE. LIMITED, the studio behind Alchemy Stars, Contra Return, and other well-known titles like Arena of Valor, has launched Chimeraland, an open-world sandbox RPG. You can collect, hunt, treasure discover, and create homes across nearly 9 billion square feet of maps spread across four continents.

In this Chimeraland guide, I’ll tell you the Best Chimeraland Tips, so without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Chimeraland Beginner Guide 2023 Wiki

Create your character

In Chimeraland, you can choose from a total of 18 races to be anyone you want to be. To be honest, there isn’t much of a difference between these races in terms of physical function. Races that resemble sea animals can drown in water, and those with wings can’t fly by themselves (you need mounts or other items to fly to the sky).

As a result, you can simply choose based on your aesthetic preferences. Within one race, there are ten various sorts of size,’ which are differentiated by age and gender. After you’ve decided on all of the above, you may start working on the finer points of your appearance.

You can save your appearance data as a code that you can use again if necessary. Remember that this code must be applied to an avatar of the exact same race and size, so keep that in mind if you require this appearance data code.

Tips: Characters who are younger in age have smaller appearances, which means that the target is smaller and more difficult to aim at during PvP combat.

Pick your Birthplace

You have the option of selecting one of three factions (East-mount, West-mount, or South-mount) as your birthplace (the location where you first arrived!). Because the three continents are practically the same, you can either follow the brief introduction or follow your heart.

Chimeraland Faction

One problem, people can’t easily cross continents; I guess people aren’t used to coping with cross-continental relationships. You will have a significant chance of running into problems if you do not follow particular processes when entering other continents. As a result, I recommend that you and your buddies choose the same continent, as this will make teamwork easier.

Tips: There are a few places where you cannot choose your birthplace. I won’t recommend landing at Snow Mountain or the desert (or any of the neighboring areas). As a beginner traveler, you may not be able to protect yourself in these extreme situations, making your voyage extremely challenging right from the start.

Build up your home

Following the primary mission lists will teach you how to create your home step by step. You can walk about the map before setting the foundation of your house if you want to build your home in some amazing locations.

However, I believe you do not need to be overly concerned about this because you can move your home at any moment in the future. To each his/her/it own when it comes to recommending places to build a home, well, to each his/her/it own.

Some of my pals live in treehouses, while others want to dig out a small dungeon and hide the entrance. Personally, I’d rather have a home in the sky – perhaps on some floating mountains in South-mount!

Follow the mission lists to familiarise yourself with the system.

I recommend that you start your voyage in Chimeraland by following the primary mission lists and learning how to use all of the system’s functions.

You’ll learn how to gather materials, create a camp, cook, and procure mounts, as well as how to construct your own home, learn to fight tricks through ‘Game Pod,’ and capture your pets.

Congratulations on obtaining a home, a horse, and some weapons after completing all of these assignments! The world is your oyster, and it’s waiting for you to explore it

Tips: If you have any questions, you can always go to the main menu > guide and learn more about the system.

How to evolve the floating whale in Chimeraland

Day 1 Login Gift, which is actually called Cloud Drune (*Not Hodei, Hodei is the name of NPC that you should go to find. We are fixing this):

  • Step1: The whale (Cloud Drune) can be incubated from the Hatcher that can be placed at Home.(You will get the Hatcher together with the whale (egg) from Day 1 Login Gift)
  • Step2: Get Darkfrost Pill from Day 2 Login Gifts
  • Step3:Find the NPC called Hodei in any humanoid tribes to evolve Cloud Drune into Darkfrost Drune.

You will have the chance to further develop this pet, and you can follow the Guide -> Companion -> Pet Evolution for more details.

Explore the map

You need to get used to summoning your mounts because they can speed up your trip. There is a whistle icon on the upper right corner in the main interface for you to summon your pets and attendants quickly. If you long-press this icon, you can also choose to summon only the pet or only the attendant.

The fastest pet as your mount for land use is Leoparbeak. It can evolve to a rare noble pet – Minkrat in the future, I recommend you raise one

If you come across some extremely tall structures, you should approach them and ‘light them up’! The Central Pillar is what we name it; when you activate it, you can see the adjacent map and utilize it to teleport.

It’s possible that you’ll become stranded while exploring Chimeraland. If this happens, you can utilize Unstuck to get out of it. This function will transfer you to the Central Pillar closest to you.

Chimeraland Weapons

You can use weapons for a certain amount after usage they get weak. To restore their hardness click on the weapon from your bag and click restore. You will have to give some material in return to restore your weapon.

During the time that your Armor is not hard enough, I recommend you to use (mid-)ranged weapons to better evade damage from enemies. If you can make good use of dodging and get familiar with weapon skills, you will have a higher DPS with Melee weapons.

Many weapons have different effects even in regular attacks when you are jumping, so be sure to take a good look at the weapon skills.

Chimeraland Weapon List

If you’ve played Chimera Land, you’re probably aware that there are three weapon kinds in the game: melee, ranged, and special.

Othe Chimeraland Tips

The most important part of this game is Home. Home is where you can do everything, Forge, build, craft, smelting, and much more.

Home has different levels as you upgrade your home more items will unlock. Furniture, weapons, décor, Machines. The width and height of the building area will increase as you update your home. Some items and building points are required to upgrade your home. Building points are awarded upon completing a task.

You can check how many Points you gonna get from the items description and You can get the required items for the upgrade from exploring, crafting, and building.

Now Let’s Move to Explore in Chimerland

If you just started exploring then Cut wood, mine stones, and gather fiber as much as you can. They’ll come in handy in every aspect of the game.

When you’re hurt, find a place to sit on the couch or at a table. It’ll make you and your pets feel better.

Activate Chimeraland Central Pillar

They unlock more parts of the map and teleport option. If you want to go far and quickly these things are a great help. on the top left corner, there is a map you can find pillar location, tribes location, and pet evolution location. Use the map to teleport to a specific pillar. You can also mark them and track them down with the position option.

If you’re searching for particular material or resources you can filter them out by exploring options.

  • Go to the menu beside the bag.
  • click on explore and select orientation

this way you can filter particular things like vegetables and fruits, beasts, resources. Totem challenge.


Chimeraland Beginner Guide (Best Chimeraland Tips)

Best Chimeraland Tips

  1. Whichever faction you choose, make a landing on green lands or in between cold/hot areas- avoid snowy areas and wastelands. This area temperature gives a handicap to newly born players. If you prefer making a house in deserts/snow mountains you can relocate and rebuild in the future when you have enough resources to do so.
  2. When you are already on the ground look out for small monsters with red eyes above their head, they are the aggressive ones, So when you build your first house stay out of them.
  3. If you have friends you want to play with, communicate with them the exact location of your landing so that you will find each other easily.
  4. Pay Attention to Bella’s guides (main quests) but if you missed the guides, worry not! There’s a readable guide on the World Informations button.
  5. Activate all the towers you see for transportation convenience.
  6. Old Crude Drawers/Drawers is a must as your home storage to avoid overload weight and negative movement speed status.
  7. Bullets and arrows can be crafted anytime anywhere, you just need woods or stones.
  8. Mini Map has a very good and helpful feature.

That’s It for this guide

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