Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide – Story Quest Explained

Hi Guys, In this Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide, We will explain all Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode like story quests, daily quests, event quests, the Tower of Troubles, and the Dangerous Dungeons. The Mirrorverse can be explored in a variety of ways by both seasoned veterans and new players. Story quests mode, daily quests mode, event quests, the Tower of Troubles mode, and the Dangerous Dungeons mode are the five main game modes available to engage with in Disney Mirrorverse.

By touching on the PLAY symbol on the home screen, you can quickly enter the Mode Select screen. So come and take a look at this Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide – Story Quest Guide. Also, read here: Disney Mirrorverse Tier List 2022

Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide 2023

Story Quests Mode

The Guardians are the main characters in the story quests. They are the Guardians of the Mirrorverse, and going through the story quests allows the player to travel into the Mirrorverse with the Guardians’ fascinating personalities and adventures.

Normal, hard, and expert difficulty levels are available for Disney Mirrorverse story quests. The difficulty level you choose will affect how difficult the enemies will be for your Guardians, but it will have no effect on the story. The story objectives are broken down into chapters, each with ten encounters.

You can’t move on to the next chapter of the story unless you’ve finished the current chapter’s ten encounters. The more you go throughout the story, the more difficult your Guardians’ opponents will become.

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Event Quest Mode

These Disney Mirrorverse Event Quest Mode are only accessible for a limited time and provide participants with rare and significant rewards. The event quests have a theme and are centered on specific Guardians.

Players can pick between normal and hard difficulty levels for event missions, and they can earn unique currencies to spend in the event store on rare items, crystals, and Guardians.

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Daily Quest Mode

As the opponents that your Guardians face get more powerful, you will be given opportunity to level up their skills. The daily quests reward players with materials that can be utilised to augment the power and qualities of their Guardians.

There are daily tasks for upgrading gems and gold accessible. Daily tasks have no difficulty options, however each encounter will be more tough than the one before it. The greater the difficulty of the encounter, the greater the benefits you will receive.

Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide - Story Quest & More

Dangerous Dungeons Mode

Once you’ve entered the Disney Mirrorverse Dangerous Dungeons Mode, you’ll be able to rate the map’s difficulty and the dungeon’s encounters. Normal, hard, expert I, expert II, or expert III are your possibilities. The Dangerous Dungeons are unusual in the Mirrorverse for a variety of reasons.

The Stellar Fog has taken over the dungeons, obstructing visibility and promoting exploration. Points are gathered to track progress in the dungeons, and a circuit of floors must be traversed to reach the top floor. Once the boss on the last floor has been defeated, the dungeon is declared finished.

Tower of Troubles

The higher your Guardian teams climb in the tower, the more difficult the encounters become and the larger the possible rewards increase.

To advance through the Disney Mirrorverse Tower of Troubles, you must first complete the current floor before moving on to the next. As you progress up the Tower of Troubles’ upper floors, your Guardians will face more restrictions and challenges.

That’s it for this Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide – Story Quest Explained. You can also check out our Disney Mirrorverse Guide below.

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