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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List – BEST SPELLS

Are you looking for the best cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? Check out our comprehensive Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List.

In this Harry Potter Magic Awakened guide, we rank all of the Cards from S tier to D tier. This makes it more difficult for new players, in particular, to figure out which Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards to use in their team, while players must constantly check to see if their favourite units are still viable in battle.

So that is why we have put together this Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list, where we rank all the Cards in the game for their overall strength in every game mode

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List – BEST SPELLS LIST

S Tier – Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List


Maximum Power: 754


  • Inflicts continuous damage and stuns the furthest enemy unit.
  • Marked enemies take additional damage (100% of initial damage) and can accumulate up to 3 times.
  • Half damage to wizards and no stun effect.
  • Additional damage (35%) on already hit units, cumulative up to 4 times.

Wheasley’s Wildfire Whiz-bangs:

Maximum Power: 737


  • Creates an area of continuous damage around the target point.
  • Inflicts heavy damage on all enemies in the area when the spell ends.
  • Area-of-effect damage.

Protego Totalum:

Maximum Power: 668


  • Casts a shield that absorbs damage for allied units inside and blocks certain enemy spells.
  • Shield weakens over time and disappears when it reaches 0.
  • Defensive utility.

Avada Kedavra:

Maximum Power: 375+


  • Defeating an enemy increases its power by 25%.
  • After defeating 4 enemy units, it eliminates the remaining enemies.
  • High damage against non-boss enemies.


Maximum Power: 720


  • Sends a projectile towards the nearest enemy, hitting it.
  • Nearby enemies are also damaged up to 4 times.

Lightning Storm:

Minimum Power: 615+


  • Casts 15 lightning bolts that randomly strike enemies.
  • Damage increases by 10% each time a lightning bolt hits an enemy (up to 5 times).
  • After defeating 5 enemies, each lightning bolt attacks all enemies on the field.
  • Debuff: Lightning-damaged units receive reduced healing temporarily.


Maximum Power: 567


  • The caster continuously heals the targeted allied unit.
  • Healing can be interrupted by control effects (except immobilization).
  • Supportive spell.

A TIER – Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List


Maximum Power: 330


  • Fires a bolt of ice, damaging the first enemy hit.
  • Creates a zone of slowdown around the hit enemy.
  • After 3 seconds, enemies still in the zone are stunned and take additional damage.
  • Stun and slowdown reduced by 40% on wizards.
  • Can damage up to 8 units.


Maximum Power: 504


  • Sends a projectile in a specified direction, hitting an enemy unit.
  • Bounces off to hit other random enemy units up to 7 times.
  • Creates small exploding areas that damage all hit units.

Acromentula Venom:

Maximum Power: 496


  • Casts a bottle of spider venom upon summoning.
  • Deals continuous damage and slows all enemy units in the area.


Maximum Power: 670


  • Channeled spell spraying 10 streams of water in a straight line.
  • Damage increases each time the water stream hits the same enemy unit.
  • Caster can move during the spell, but cannot change the stream’s direction.


Maximum Power: 363


  • Draws the first enemy hit towards the caster, inflicting damage and immobilizing it.
  • No separation restriction for enemy units, but wizards are pulled towards the center line of the battlefield.

Atmospheric Charm:

Maximum Power: 589


  • Casts a storm cloud that periodically and randomly damages an enemy unit within range.
  • Cloud moves toward the nearest enemy.
  • Damaged units receive reduced healing for a short time.

Bludger (Cognard):

Maximum Power: 637


  • Sends a bolt in a specified direction, hitting enemy units and returning to the caster.
  • Can be redirected up to 5 times, causing damage to enemy units.
  • Heavy damage and pushback occur on the final hit.

Orb of Water:

Maximum Power: 577


  • Generates a water orb prison, trapping enemy units within its range and causing continuous damage.
  • Orb moves with the caster, and wizards in the orb cannot move while other units are stunned.
  • Orb explodes at the end, causing heavy damage to enemy units.

Tebo Warthog (Tebo Assault):

Maximum Power: 509


  • Summons a Tebo Warthog that charges power before rushing forward.
  • Pushes enemy units back and causes damage.
  • Longer charge time results in higher damage, up to 300% more damage at full charge.
  • Full damage to the first enemy hit, half damage to the rest.

B TIER – Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List


Maximum Power: 306


  • Summons 6 small birds that fly around you.
  • Birds dive towards nearby enemy units and explode, causing damage.

Time Turner:

Maximum Power: 203


  • Summons a doppelganger to fight alongside you.
  • Doppelganger moves with you and deals the same damage as you.
  • Consumes your health with each normal attack.

Transfiguration Curse:

Maximum Power: 109


  • Hits an enemy unit and bounces to nearby units, up to 2 times.
  • Transforms hit enemy unit for 3.5 seconds.
  • Transformed units cannot attack but can move.
  • Damage taken by transformed units increases, and transformation is released after a certain amount of damage.
  • Reduced control time on wizards.

C TIER – Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List

Glacius Maxima:

Maximum Power: 211


  • Creates a straight line from the caster to the designated position.
  • After 1.5 seconds, sends ice towards the target, causing damage.
  • Multiple lines hitting the same target freeze it.


Maximum Power: 240


  • Casts a firestorm, dealing continuous damage to all enemy units within range.
  • Draws all units towards the center at the end of the cast.


Maximum Power: 113


  • Deals damage to enemy units in range.
  • Causes them to swell and float in the air for 4 seconds, preventing movement.
  • Control duration reduced on wizards.

Nimbus 2000:

Maximum Power: 108


  • Allows you to mount your broom, removing slow and immobilizing effects.
  • Flies to the designated position and returns to the starting point.
  • Deals full damage to the first enemy hit and 20% damage to enemy units along the way.
  • While flying, your character is considered an air unit and cannot use cards.
  • Flying protects you from ground-targeted damage.

D TIER – Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List

Prior Incantato:

Maximum Power: 209


  • Copies the last spell card you used.
  • The copied spell card will have the same level as Prior Incantato.


Maximum Power: 67


  • Casts a curse that binds enemy units in the area, immobilizing them.
  • Draws the immobilized units towards the center, inflicting damage.


Maximum Power: 93


  • Summons a thick fog that envelops an area.
  • Units within the fog become invisible and regain health when the fog appears.
  • Units in the fog regain health at twice the normal rate.
  • Invisibility is canceled if there are enemy units in the fog.
  • Invisibility is temporarily canceled when a unit takes damage.

That’s it for this Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List – BEST SPELLS LIST. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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