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Clash Royale 3 Crowns Farming Tips 2020

How to Get Crowns in Clash Royale

Clash Royale 3 Crowns Farming Tips 2020 Hey there Clash Royale 3 Crowns Farming Tips 2020 fellow clashers Epicular here and I will show you How to Get Crowns Faster in Clash Royale so Do you have Pass Royale? Have you been procrastinating on collecting crowns like I have? Wanna use this ongoing Mega Deck challenge to help you farm crowns? Well then you’re in the right place!

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Part 1: The deckbuilding

Half the battle lies in the art of masterfully crafting a brutally synergistic and mechanically efficient deck. With the Mega Deck requiring 3 times as many cards, this piece of the farming strategy will take 3 times the skill and expertise. Only a few pros really possess the right mindset to execute quality deckbuilding, but no worries – I’m here to provide a crystal-clear window into that mindset for you.

And, of course, if you don’t execute correctly, the whole machine falls apart like a house of cards. To reach the skies, your house has to be built fragile – we can’t afford to reinforce the base, or else we’ll lose that perfect synergistic balance. It’s up to you to stop it from falling over.

Without further ado, I’ll take you through the deckbuilding steps!

Step 1: The foundation

The foundation of every professional, mechanically sound, farming Mega Deck is built on one card at least: Freeze. Freeze is absolutely mandatory, it’s like the grease that makes all the joints of the machine move smoothly. Rage is another great foundational card. Clone and Mirror are also acceptable, however these tend to be higher-risk.

Step 2: Damage spells

Everyone needs damage spells. Zap, Snowball, Log, Arrows, Fireball, Poison, Rocket, Lightning are all fantastic options (Barbbarrel less so, since it’s not as good at supporting ongoing pushes). Heavier spells like Rocket can help with the endgame, but if you can’t reach the endgame than Rocket is more of a band-aid.

Obviously, you can’t include all of these spells, so it’s good to stick to a variety of 3-5 of them.

Step 3: The meat and potatoes

We’re finally on to the good part. This is when you load up the rest of your deck with every single slow-moving win condition in the game. Giant, Balloon, and Lavahound are absolutely critical. Lumberjack is also a really good one to throw in there, but you should stay away from other faster-moving threats like Hog Rider. If you’re really feeling frisky, toss in one or two supporting troops like Wizard. If you have any space left over, fill it in with cheap cycle cards.

So now that you’ve built your deck like a pro, it’s time to use it like a pro!

Part 2: The battle

Deck execution is just as important as deck construction. But you’ll need your best wits about you to pull this off. Deck construction can be done very slowly and carefully – but in combat, you won’t have time to think about every step. You gotta be quick on your feet or you’ll get overwhelmed and swept away.

Step 1: Beginning the fight

Don’t make the first move once the game starts. Wait for your opponent to commit 3 elixir or more. You must now spend the rest of this match operating in the opposite lane. We don’t care what your opponent just played – it does not matter to us. Part of learning to be a pro is learning how and when to not give a shit.

Empty out your elixir bar on tanks in the back of the opposite lane. Again, we don’t care what’s going on in the opposite lane. Pros are always laser-focused on the task at hand, and you’ll need to be too.

Step 2: Constructing the push

After your tanks reach the bridge is a good time to use any accumulated elixir and place more fragile troops. Lumberjack or any support troops should be placed now.

Hopefully you have either Freeze or another foundational card such as Rage in hand, as well as damage spells to clear out swarms. If not, try spending some of your cheap cycle troops to get them.

Step 3: The endgame

You’re almost there. Drop all of your spells. Play Freeze once your opponent plays any heavier defensive troops or buildings. If all has been executed correctly, you’ve just earned yourself a crown.

To finish off the endgame, throw a “Thanks!” emote and a thumbs-up. You should lose the match here in a moment if your opponent isn’t totally fucking stupid. They will be grateful for the free win, and you’ll have snatched yourself a fast crown. Rinse and repeat, using your free continues when necessary. What’s not to love?

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