Best 7x Elixir Deck 2023 – Infinite Elixir Challenge Decks

Hi guys, I will show you the Best 7x Elixir Deck, these are the best deck that is used by many pro players like SHANE and MOLT in the game.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this guide.

Best 7x Elixir Deck 2023

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck

Best 7x Elixir Deck 2021

This deck is powerful and In the Early game, you can start out the match with a bandit or a ghost at the bridge you can Play Royal Ghost at the bridge and apply pressure on your opponent Make positive Elixir trades whenever possible and go on counter pushes immediately after.

Best Deck for 7x Elixir Challenge

Electro Giant 7x Elixir Best Deck 2021

This Mini Pekka Graveyard Electro Giant Deck gameplan is very simple, In Early game you should play fairly passively and just defend and counter push if you get the opportunity. Try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing so you know what lane you should play in and what cards you should hold onto so you can defend against their win condition.

You should also try to keep track of their win condition by counting the cards in between them placing it so you know when they have it back in cycle. Don’t be afraid of playing the Continue Reading »

Miner Deck for Infinite elixir challenge

Best infinite elixir Deck Clash Royale

Thanks for reading, I hope you like all these Decks. Also, see – 18 Cards Mega Deck Challenge Decks and Best 12 Wins Grand Challenge Deck

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