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Hi Guys, Welcome to our Path To Nowhere Guide Wiki, In this Path To Nowhere Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Path To Nowhere Boss Mode Guide, How gacha Work in Path To Nowhere.

So come and take a look at this Path To Nowhere Guide Wiki – Bosses Guide & Mission. Also, See – Path To Nowhere Tier List Wiki – Best Characters Guide and Path to Nowhere Codes Wiki – Working Redeem Codes List

Path To Nowhere Guide Wiki – Bosses Guide

Basic Introduction to Weekly Boss Mode

  • Every week fight 3 types of boss to earn tokens for exchanging rewards
  • Everyday a player gets 10 attempts to fight the boss
  • Every server will have their own set of buff for each bosses
  • Progress weekly to reach hard mode to get best rewards

Difficulty types

  • Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Each week a player stays at the difficulty they are at. Players get to advance next week if >= 720000 points are achieved in current week
  • The advancement to higher difficulty is automatic. Players may deliberately score less than 720000 to stay

3 types of bosses

  • High Magic Def – Mon, Thurs & Sun
  • High Physical Def – Tues, Fri & Sun
  • Hybrid Def – Wed, Sat, Sun

Each boss will have 3 phases. I, II and III

  • Progress I and II only by defeating all enemies
  • Phase III slimes can be ignored as they do not reduce Chief’s HP


  • Tokens – Exchange items in weekly boss mode shop. Eg. 3 piece set that gives damage boost +50% to broken enemies. This set requires 3000 points in total to exchange.
  • Essences – Exp to level Sinners
  • DisCoins – Currency to level or promote Sinners
  • Diamonds – Stuff to do Gacha or refill stamina
  • Skill – Tablets Required to level Sinner skill 8, 9 and 10

Buffs player can pick

  • RNG, each server has their own
  • Each boss will have 3 columns of buffs
  • Player selects a total of 2 buffs. Each column can only select 1 buff. Following are some buff examples:

Column 1 buffs team

  • +10% attack
  • +20% attack speed
  • Normal attack +30% damage

Column 2 buffs specific Sinners

  • Nox’s skill gets +30% damage and -30 cooldown
  • Zoya’s gets +60 attack speed and skill is permanent duration
  • Eirene’s gets +50% damage and -20 skill cooldown

Column 3 debuffs enemies

  • -30% boss HP
  • -20% all monster HP
  • Receives 50% more damage when broken

Path To Nowhere Guide

Some buffs such as Nox and Eirene are extremely powerful. But sometimes player didn’t get good buffs for this week

Sometimes due to godly buffs, the player breeze through current difficulty and advanced next week. But unfortunately got bad buffs that following week and stuck at low score less than 150000 points. So some players deliberately scores < 720000 points to stay at current difficulty

It is safe for players that does things properly to get Medium difficulty asap as the 200000 points there is relatively achievable the first time. They have proper teams to manage both magic and physical defense bosses. However for players that do not manage properly, advancing to Medium may be a problem, especially the magic defense boss in Medium difficulty may pose some challenge the first time.

Ultimate goal is still to reach Hard difficulty because the reward gives Skill Tablets. Normally if a player can reach Medium >= 720000, they can get 160000 points for each boss in Hard. But again it is up to the player to gauge if they want to enter Hard. They can always camp at Medium for 2 weeks or more to get strong enough

Physical defense boss phase III, players can cheese by letting the boss walk to Chief and get roughly 160000 points, enough to get Skill Tablet. However phase I and II requires to kill everything to progress to phase III

To get 240000 points for a boss in Hard mode, the player needs to kill everything within 50 seconds

If there is a wall for progression, try to equip relevant equipment set and skill up core carry’s skill level. There is a lot of mechanism and timing to fine tune for each boss that can make the encounter easier. There is only 10 attempts per day, but the player may indefinitely click pause and restart the battle before it ends to keep fine tuning. It is hard to show in text, but the experience to get things right is satisfying.

Last but not least, most players eventually aim for not relying overpowered column 2 buffs such as Nox or Eirene (which are quite uncommon nowadays after 2 months due to RNG). Instead they use generic column 1 and 3 buffs. They build composition around these buffs to comfortably clear 720000 points

That’s it for this Path To Nowhere Guide Wiki – Bosses Guide & Mission


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