PLA Seas Legend Quest Guide – Pokemon Legends Arceus

Hello there, everyone! Welcome to our PLA Seas Legend Quest Guide – Pokemon Legends Arceus. Here we will explain PLA Seas Legend Quest Guide. To complete Pokemon Legends Arceus Seas Legend Quest Guide, follow the steps below. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Quest guide is shared by HenryHeliolisk. So come and take a look at this Pokemon Legends Arceus Seas Legend Quest Guide.

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To start, some background info:

  1. This quest is how you obtain Manaphy and Phione, based on the new BDSP book clue

  2. This quest isn’t post game locked, I got it after finishing the coastlands story and reaching rank 6.

  3. Be Careful! Save in front of the the cave, as sometimes the attacks can catch you off guard, especially considering half your team slots will be used. Edit: This is NOT a guide for BDSP, it’s for Legends Arceus and how you obtain it in there. The quest in Legends is a reference to the new book in the Library that was added in BDSP, that talks about a legend in the past.

The Actual Quest

  1. Look on professor Lavingtons quest boss for “the seas legend” if it’s not there, then you haven’t beaten the coastlands or don’t have a high enough rank.

  2. Go to the Cobalt Coastlands to catch these 3 Pokémon (unless you have them already): Buizel, Mantyke, and H-Quilfish You have to then evolve the Quilfish into Overqwil by having it use Barb barrage in the strong style 20 times. (Doesn’t take to long and if your smart you can use the Pokédex counter to keep track.)

  3. when you have those three Pokémon, wait until evening at the coastlands camp.

  4. Look north from that camp to the giant stone arch, have basculegion sail through that at evening with the 3 Pokémon in party, and a little text box will pop up with Phiones cry, activating the next part.

  5. Make your way to the seaside hollow, which is on the northern coast of veilstone cape.

  6. Battle Manaphy and 3 Phiones inside the cave to capture them. Note: Manaphy is level 50, and the Phiones are level 33.

That’s the PLA Seas Legend Quest Guide, I hope this Pokemon Legends Arceus Quest Guide will help you. More information can be found in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guides section of our website.