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Pubg Mobile Compass Locations | How to get Golden Compass

Pubg Mobile Compass Locations

Pubg Mobile Compass Locations Hi guys Pubg Mobile Compass Locations So guys New event is going on in Pubg mobile where you get rewards for collecting compasses during the Matches. There are three different kinds of compasses which are Golden Compass, Silver Compass, and Bronze Compass.

After searching on Pubg Mobile Forums and Reddit we found some information and Source where you can these Pubg Mobile Golden Compass, Silver Compass, and Bronze Compass.

I found This Post on Reddit which is shared by kareemsayedeg, he marked some location with where you can get Pubg Mobile Compass

Pubg Mobile Compass Locations

These PUBG compasses will allow you to exchange them for rewards If you managed to get 6 Pubg Mobile Golden Compass you will get Permanent Silver Plate Vector skin! 😀

Thanks kareemsayedeg for Sharing this usefull information with Community

I also found this post on Reddit by racersubho69 about Pubg Mobile Compass Locations

He also shared some Images Here is the Link ( Google Drive Link )

So far the locations that are giving compass upon excavation are listed below :

  1. Mylta power big chimney center ground

  2. Novo hills below the radio tower

  3. Stalber region that looks like ruins

  4. Shooting range tunnel entry,near a lone tree

  5. Crashed plane, right side of cockpit near shooting range

  6. Ruins..high ground structure..entrance overlooking rest of the structure.

  7. Ferry pier…little island with the sniper nest.

  8. Hills of rozhok with the water tower

  9. Central courtyard of villa

  10. Region below the Cosmodrom rocket platform

  11. Small hut overlooking the prison

Thanks racersubho69 for Sharing this Pubg Mobile Compass Locations usefull information with Community

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