Rush Wars Commanders Guide and How to Balance Them Idea

Rush Wars Commanders Guide

Rush Wars Commanders Guide Hi guys Rush Wars Commanders Guide and How to Balance Them Idea shared by u/dd1cool As a 4600 trophy player who has had 4 commanders for a while now, (Coach, Bearman, Lady Grenade, and Mother), I decided to rank the commanders and give my ideas for a good way to balance them. The game would be a lot more interesting if all of the commanders were in a more balanced state with strengths and weaknesses, and interesting strategies that benefit each one. Really the core balance issue right now is closing the gap between the power level of coach and the other 3 commanders, so that will be the mentality behind the balances in this post. Also, I won’t be giving specific values for the balance changes, as I cannot play test the values to see what’s right. To the rankings!

Rush Wars Commanders Guide

1 – Coach

As I stated earlier, coach is by far the strongest commander in the game. Between having the highest DPS of all 4 and probably the most useful ability in the game, giving your team constant rage throughout the battle, no wonder he’s the best.


slightly reduced duration of ability

slightly reduced ability cool down


The goal isn’t to take coaches power away, just to tweak him so it’s easier for other commanders to compete. Currently, his ability is so fundamentally strong that regardless of his stats he will be top tier. Making minor tweaks to the power level of this ability gives megaphone a bigger place in the game while allowing other commanders to compete with coach.

2 – Lady Grenade

I’ve seen many people complain about her power level on Reddit recently, but Lady Grenade definitely provides useful utility. While not even close to as strong as coach, Lady grenade takes second place due to her rather useful ability and splash damage. Although her DPS ranks low, her good range, splash, and versatile ability allow her to take on troop heavy defenses with ease.


slightly increased DPS

-1 or 2 more grenades on ability use


Again, the buffs are rather minor. The goal isn’t to completely shake up the commander meta, just to close the gap between coach and the others. The DPS is not a must, however it would make her a little stronger on more building heavy defenses, making her just that much more versatile. Even after a buff like this, I’d expect her to have the lowest DPS by a decent margin still. The extra grenades would be a compromise between her original ability and how it is now, as Lady Grenade’s ability used to be her bread and butter but now it isn’t too helpful. Hopefully this would allow her ability to be a little closer to coaches, although still worse as she has better base stats.

3 – Mother

Mother has everything going for her as far as base stats go: a ton of health, great range, and a decent amount of DPS, and even the ability to smash through walls (I think). However, her ability sucks, which is what really holds her back. I rarely ever find the 2 henchmen useful, they almost always die instantly. Even when they don’t, 2 henchmen just don’t provide much value.


-Increased henchmen spawned from 2 to 3-4


Mother’s ability is way under tuned compared to the other commanders, which is the biggest thing stopping her from competing with coach. To give players any reason to select mother over coach / lady grenade, her ability needs to be more useful so it’s even a fair comparison. Spawning more henchmen would also add on to her distinct play style, being one of the quirkiest commanders in the game (Which I love!).

4 – Bearman

Bearman is the only commander in the game who currently has little to no niche. He is near useless, being the only melee commander in the game yet still having horrible stats: He’s barely a tank, having less health than mother and B.I.G, who are both ranged commanders. His DPS, although beating mother and lady grenade, is much outclassed by coach, who again, is a ranged commander. His dash is cool in concept, but ends up being very weak and generally just gets bearman killed. The most utility he currently provides is smashing a wall before committing suicide. I just don’t understand why Bearman’s stats are similar to that of a ranged commander while being melee, but he needs a lot of work as he is absolutely useless.


-around double bearman’s health

slightly reduce the cooldown of bearman’s dash

-Increase the damage and splash radius of impact of bearman’s dash


Almost every aspect of bearman needs to be improved, so he can be a true viable melee tank / commander. Even after doubling Bearman’s health, he will still have significantly less HP than that of a gorilla, and as you know gorillas die rather quickly anyways. Bearman’s dash cooldown and impact both need to be buffed, as bearman’s play style should be a light tank that charges ahead of your team, clearing a path to the enemy defenses. He generally dies before you can use his dash a second time currently, so the minor reduction in cooldown will allow you to fit in more dashes for his life span. Hopefully this is enough to make him at least usable, and Ideally he would be competing with lady grenade / coach at this point.

#BuffTheBear : The movement I’ve started to try and get supercell to buff Bearman as he needs it so badly, make sure to put this in your posts where it’s relevant and spread word so supercell hears it! Bearman struggles so much and It would be a shame if he didn’t get a major buff in the next update. If bearman is your spirit animal, too, consider joining r/BearMan , the hub of the #BuffTheBear movement!

Hey… Where’s B.I.G?

I don’t have B.I.G, so my insight on his current state of balance is rather useless. Covering him in this post would make no sense as I really have no say in how good he is. However, that doesn’t discredit my views on the other 4. I have plenty of experience and opinions based on using them frequently, which is enough to formulate a logical suggestion.


The commanders in the game are currently very unbalanced, all of which I believe require minor tweaks to fix. It would make for more fun and interesting gameplay if the commanders at least fit their own play styles and niches a little better. Feel free to comment your thoughts / opinions below, I’m excited to see what you think about this, and maybe you guys have some useful input I missed.

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