Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki

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Are you eager to discover the Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt build and other must-known details of Lyfe Wild Hunt, Yao Winter Solstice Best Build is a character from the Snowbreak Containment Zone and as per our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List, She is the best character in the game.

However, if you want to be updated about the Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt, this article is appropriate to study more.

Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki

WildHunt Lyfe

Wild Hunt is an Orange Tier Operative equipped with a special low-temp exoskeleton developed exclusively for Lyfe. This exoskeleton, known as Direwolf Sentinels, aids her in controlling the Theotropic Nerves while maintaining her temperature and dulling pain.

Armed with a Submachine Gun and Frost-based skills, Wild Hunt is a formidable force on the battlefield. This guide will provide an informative description of Wild Hunt’s skills and passive abilities to help you harness her icy power and lead your team to victory.

Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt Skills

Passive Ability: Manifestation – Gored

  • When equipped with a Frost weapon, shots that hit accumulate 10 Breath of Snow, while hitting the Weakspot of the target accumulates 15 Breath of Snow.
  • Max HP +0.5% | Attack +0.5%
  • Attack +0.5% | Max HP +0.5%
  • Max HP +0.5% | Attack +0.5%
  • Attack +0.5% | Max HP +0.5%

Passive Ability: Red Mist

Increases the final DMG of each Frost Fangs launched by Direwolf Sentinels by 10%. Max 5 stacks.

Passive Ability: Avalanche Warning

Increases the max limit of Breath of Snow to 500.

Passive Ability: No End in Sight

  • Frost Wolves skill level +1.
  • Increases DMG of Frost Wolves’ Frost Fangs to 14% of Lyfe’s ATK +23.

Wild Hunt’s Manifestation grants her Breath of Snow, which accumulates as she hits enemies or targets their Weakspots. This resource plays a crucial role in her skills, especially the Direwolf Sentinels.

Red Mist amplifies the power of her Frost Fangs, while Avalanche Warning increases the cap of Breath of Snow, giving her more versatility in combat. Finally, No End in Sight boosts the Frost Wolves’ Frost Fangs damage, ensuring devastating blows to her foes.

Active Skill 1: Frost Wolves

  • Damage
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Energy Cost: 5 S-Energy
  • Explosion DMG of Frost Fang: 12% of ATK +17
  • Max Breath of Snow: 300

Lyfe activates her special equipment, Direwolf Sentinels, to unleash a stream of Frost Fangs by consuming Breath of Snow. Frost Fangs deal Frost DMG and have a 10% chance to apply the Frozen effect to the target for 3 seconds.

Lyfe cannot apply Frozen to the same target within 15 seconds. When Breath of Snow is full, the final DMG of Frost Wolves increases by 20%. After firing Frost Fangs, Lyfe accumulates 30 Breath of Snow per second until it reaches the max cap of 300.

Frost Fangs cannot be interrupted once fired. This skill is excellent for both single-target and area-of-effect damage.

Active Skill 2: Wolf’s Fang

  • Control
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Energy Cost: 30 S-Energy
  • Quick Attack DMG: 102% of ATK +10
  • Frostbite DMG: 10% of ATK

Lyfe quickly attacks the targets in front of her with her Wolf’s Fang skill. It deals Frost DMG and applies the Frozen effect to targets for 4 seconds. Additionally, it applies the Frostbite effect, dealing Frost DMG per 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds.

With an enhancement, the attack range of Wolf’s Fang increases by 50%, and the duration of Frostbite effect extends to 10 seconds. Furthermore, when Lyfe or other operatives apply the Frozen effect to an enemy target, an additional Frostbite effect of Wolf’s Fang will be applied to the target.

This skill excels at crowd control and dealing consistent Frost DMG to multiple targets.

Ultimate Skill: Eternal Blizzard, Eternal Hunt

  • Control
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds
  • Energy Cost: 100 U-Energy
  • Blitz Attack DMG: 750% of ATK +30

Eternal Blizzard, Eternal Hunt is Lyfe’s ultimate skill. It removes the limitation of Direwolf Sentinels and allows her to launch a blitz attack on the front area, dealing massive Frost DMG.

This skill applies the Frozen effect to targets in the area for 4 seconds, effectively disabling them for a crucial duration.

Moreover, if a target is frozen by Eternal Blizzard, Eternal Hunt, and its HP is lower than 5% of its max HP after the Frozen state ends, the target will be instantly defeated. This ultimate is perfect for turning the tide of battles and eliminating critical threats.

Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt Team Formation:

For Wild Hunt’s optimal formation, consider the following team composition:

  1. Wild Hunt – The Frosty Submachine Gunner, dealing Frost DMG, freezing enemies, and controlling the battlefield with her icy skills.
  2. Tank – A frontline tank that draws enemy attention and protects Wild Hunt and the rest of the team.
  3. Support – A hero that provides healing or buffs to sustain the team and enhance their combat capabilities.
  4. Crowd Control (CC) – Another hero with crowd control abilities to further disrupt enemy formations and support Wild Hunt’s damage output.

Wild Hunt specializes in Frost-based attacks and crowd control, making her an excellent choice for dealing with multiple enemies at once. The tank protects her and the team, while the support hero enhances their performance with healing or buffs.

The CC hero complements Wild Hunt’s crowd control, ensuring the enemies remain frozen and vulnerable to the squad’s attacks.

Wild Hunt, the Frosty Submachine Gunner, is a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of dealing Frost DMG, freezing her foes, and controlling the flow of battle.

By mastering her skills and forming a well-balanced team, you can maximize Wild Hunt’s potential and lead your squad to victory in combat. Take command of Wild Hunt and let her icy prowess pave the way to triumph on the battlefield!

That’s it for this Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki.

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