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Are you eager to discover the Snowbreak Marian Swift build and other must-known details of Marian Swift, Marian Swift is a character from the Snowbreak Containment Zone and as per our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List, She is the Tier SS character in the game.

An exceptional sniper with an unconventional twist – Swift doesn’t require manual aiming. Her active skill, Cloud Shot, automatically locks onto designated targets, and her next normal shot follows suit.

Let’s take a look at Snowbreak Marian Swift’s guide and Learn everything there is to know about Snowbreak Marian Swift and the best Snowbreak Marian Swift build & Team.

Snowbreak Marian Swift: Best Team & Build Guide

Snowbreak Marian Swift

Swift is a highly skilled Orange Tier Operative in the Battle Assembly Echo Pool and Duty’s Command Echo Pool. She wields a powerful Sniper Rifle and possesses a unique ability called Cloud Shot, which allows her to automatically lock onto designated targets without manual aiming.

This guide will provide an informative description of Swift’s skills and passive abilities to help you maximize her potential in battle.

Snowbreak Marian Swift Passive Ability: Manifestation

  • Max HP +0.5%: Increases Swift’s maximum health pool by 0.5%.
  • Attack +0.5%: Boosts Swift’s attack damage by 0.5%.

Description: Swift’s Manifestation passive ability grants her additional health and increased attack power, making her more durable and deadly on the battlefield.

Marian Swift Active Skill 1: Cloud Shot

  • Type: Standard Skill, Damage
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • S-Energy Consume: 8
  • Ballistic DMG of Cloud Shot: 48% of ATK +43

Snowbreak Marian Swift consumes one bullet to execute a quick shot called Cloud Shot, dealing Kinetic DMG. This skill automatically locks onto a designated target and marks it with Falling Feather for 3 seconds. Moreover, the next Standard Shot will also automatically lock onto the marked target and remove the mark after hitting. Cloud Shot can critically hit as well as target the enemy’s Weakspot, providing consistent and precise damage output.

Marian Swift Active Skill 2: Divebomb

  • Type: Support Skill, Interrupt
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • S-Energy Consume: 20
  • Ballistic DMG of Divebomb: 147% of ATK +36

Divebomb is Swift’s Support Skill, allowing her to vault backward while firing an empowered shot at the target. This powerful shot deals Kinetic DMG and knocks back all targets in its path, effectively interrupting the target’s special skill for 8 seconds. Use this skill strategically to disrupt enemy tactics and create opportunities for your team.

Marian Swift Ultimate Skill: Wounded Bird

  • Type: Ultimate Skill, Interrupt
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • S-Energy Consume: 60
  • Ballistic DMG of Wounded Bird: 420% of ATK +173

Wounded Bird is Swift’s ultimate skill, where she launches a devastating and powerful shot that deals Kinetic DMG to all targets in its path. The impact of Wounded Bird knocks enemies into the air, interrupting their special skills for a staggering 10 seconds. This ultimate ability can turn the tide of battles and provide a significant advantage for your team.

Marian Swift Neuronics:

Cluster 1:

  • Alignment Index +5
  • Alignment Index +10
  • Alignment Index +5
  • Alignment Index +10
  • Alignment Index +5
  • Alignment Index +15

Cluster 2:

  • Alignment Index +5
  • Alignment Index +10
  • Alignment Index +5
  • Alignment Index +10
  • Alignment Index +5
  • Alignment Index +15

The Neuronics system provides valuable enhancements to Swift’s abilities, increasing her Alignment Index and further empowering her skills and performance on the battlefield.

Marian Swift Team Formation:

For Swift’s optimal formation, consider the following team composition:

  1. Swift – The main Sniper with Cloud Shot’s automated targeting and devastating ultimate, providing consistent and high damage output.
  2. Tank – A frontline tank that can draw enemy attention away from Swift, keeping her safe from close-range threats.
  3. Support – A healer or buffer to sustain Swift and provide additional utility to the team.
  4. Crowd Control (CC) – A hero with crowd control abilities, like stuns or slows, to create opportunities for Swift to land critical shots.

In this Snowbreak Marian Swift Team formation, Swift acts as the primary damage dealer, dealing precise and consistent damage from a distance with her Sniper Rifle. The tank absorbs incoming damage, ensuring that Swift remains safe and undisturbed.

The support hero keeps the team healthy and may provide buffs to enhance Swift’s performance. Lastly, the CC hero disrupts enemy formations, allowing Swift to target priority threats effectively.

Swift, the Automated Sniper, is a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of delivering precise shots with her automated targeting system and dealing devastating blows with her ultimate skill, Wounded Bird.

By utilizing her skills strategically and forming a well-balanced team, you can maximize Swift’s potential and secure victory in battles. Take command of Swift, and let her prowess as a skilled sniper lead your team to triumph!

That’s it for this Snowbreak Marian Swift: Best Team & Build Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

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