Vampire Survivors 1.4.0 Guide – Finding relics, Eggs farming tips

Welcome to Vampire Survivors 1.4.0 Guide, In this Vampire Survivors 1.4.0 Guide, we will show you some tips. This is a Vampire Survivors 1.4 Guide I wrote for myself after 100% completing the game on PC and preparing to do the same on mobile.

Following this Vampire Survivors 1.4 guide, you can complete the game from the start to the final fireworks in a couple of hours.

So come and take a look at this Vampire Survivors 1.4 Guide

Vampire Survivors 1.4 Guide

Early game & Porta

Get Magic Wand to level 7 (unlocks Duplicator).
Defeat 5000 enemies (unlocks Lightning Ring).
Get Lightning Ring to level 4 (unlocks character – Porta for 500g).
Purchase Amount powerup (other useful powerups: Magnet, Cooldown, Area).
With Porta farm Mad Forest until you get those ^^^ maxed.
At this point you should have no troubles with completing Mad Forest, Inlaid Library and Dairy Plant up to the point where Death appears (at ~30:00). If having troubles – see “Early game tips” section below.

Mid game & Leda

Reach level 20 in Mad Forest (unlocks stage – Inlaid Library).
Reach level 40 in Inlaid Library (unlocks stage – Dairy Plant).
Reach level 60 in Dairy Plant (unlocks stage – Gallo Tower).
In Gallo Tower Travel south until the screen is completely dark on the edges and music changes. Find and defeat Leda (unlocks character – Leda for 733g).
Leda is one of the most powerful characters in the game. Leda starts with Holy Wand (evolved Magic Wand) +100% Might (x2 damage), +10% Area, -10% Cooldown, +5 Armor (but -80% Greed and -20% Movement Speed).

Finding relics

Find Milky Way Map in Dairy Plant (unlocks pause menu map and displays stage items location). Just follow the green arrow.
Find Randomazzo in Gallo Tower, north (unlocks Arcanas). Just follow the green arrow.
Kill bosses appearing at 25:00 on four normal stages (unlocks stage – Moongolow).
Reach level 80 in Gallo Tower (unlocks stage – Cappella Magna).
Start Moongolow with Porta (Leda doesn’t work with this event). Kill the boss that spawns on 14:00 – you will be teleported to Holy Forbidden. Walk through the stage and find the Yellow Sign (unlocks Rings and Metaglios on most stages).
Kill the boss that spawns on 31:00 in Cappella Magna and collect Great Gospel (unlocks Limit Break). Reapers spawned on the stage can be killed by using Rosaries.
Purchase Glass Vizard from merchant in Moongolow for 10000g (unlocks merchants in all stages).

Unlocking best arcanas (optional)

You don’t actually need to collect all these arcanas to complete the game, but obtaining it will make your runs easier.
Get Pentagram to level 7 (unlocks Christine).
Reach Level 50 with Christine (unlocks arcana – Wicked Season).
Find Concetta’s coffin in the Gallo Tower (unlocks Concetta). The coffin is marked on the map as “?” and located in a hidden room, entered via a mirror on the left side of the tower near the coffin.
Reach Level 50 with Concetta (unlocks arcana – Boogaloo of Illusions).
Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest or defeat Death (unlocks arcana – Mad Groove).
Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library or defeat Death (unlocks arcana – Disco of Gold).
Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant or defeat Death (unlocks arcana – Silent Old Sanctuary).
If having troubles defeating Death, see “Mid game tips” section below.

Late game

Collect all remaining Relics from stages. Just follow the green arrows. In The Bone Zone follow “?” displayed on the map, defeat Sketamari, collect Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane (unlocks stage – Eudaimonia Machine; unlocks secret menu).

At Eudaimonia Machine select “Too Easy” (unlocks Inverse Mode).

Start any stage in Inverse mode. Exit. Start Eudaimonia Machine again. Get Seventh Trumpet (unlocks Endless Mode).

Start any stage in Endless mode. Exit. Start Eudaimonia Machine again. Defeat The Directer (unocks Greatest Jubilee).

Congratulations. You’ve beaten the game.

Now you can unlock remaining items, characters, achievements, etc. (see “Unlocks” & “Secrets” ingame menus) or farm golden eggs to make any character OP (see “Golden eggs farming” section below).

Golden eggs farming

You can farm enormous amount of gold with Big Trouser to buy eggs (from merchant) and make any character OP.

You can start farming eggs with Queen Sigma (if already unlocked her), but she cannot purchase golden eggs herself, so at some point Big Trouser becomes more profitable.

To unlock Big Trouser, collect all 16 standard stage items In Moongolow and raise them all to max level. Then MANUALLY left the stage.

Seal Orologion for faster farming. To unlock Seal – Banish 10 or more items in a single run (additional banishes could be bought from merchant). Items can be sealed in Collection menu.

Disco of Gold arcana is your main source of gold income. It works well with Sarabande of Healing if you need extra damage.

I prefer AFK farming for 1-2 hours per run at Inlaid Library with Hyper/Arcanas/Limit break/Inverse/Endless modifiers. The Bone Zone is also good, but more laggy.

At first you can start with 3 weapon limit (set on character selection screen) and use Greatest Jubilee, Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud.

After buying a bunch of eggs you can try 1 weapon limit and pick just Greatest Jubilee.
You can buy max amount of eggs you can afford at once by interacting with golden egg merchant in Moongolow (north).

After reaching 25000 Golden Eggs on a single character, you can remove all movespeed bonuses from Golden

Eggs by finding The Healer in Moongolow (south) and purchasing Lantern of Foscari.

Early game tips

While playing Porta try not to take any exp gems for the first ~2 minutes of the run (to keep cooldown reduction longer).

In Mad Forest you can take Garlic early to kill bats easily (unlocked by finding 5 floor chickens)

Chest being dropped by the Glowing Bat that spawns on 1:00 in Mad Forest can evolve weapons. So, take it when one of your weapons is ready to evolve (is at level 8 and the required passive item of any level presents in inventory).

Don’t buy/play other characters. It’s a waste of gold and adds junk items to the item pool.

Pick Attractorb ASAP to get exp and level up faster.

Pick all 6 different weapons early (all benefits from +1 amount powerup and Duplicator item). Pick Duplicator early.

Focus on getting weapons evolution ASAP.

Pick 6 evolutions. At my experience, the best setup available in early game is:

La Borra (Santa Water + Attractorb) huge AOE DPS and you need Attractorb anyway;

Thunder Loop (Lightning Ring + Duplicator) good AOE DPS and you need Duplicator anyway;

Heaven Sword (Cross + Clover) good AOE DPS;

Death Spiral (Axe + Candelabrador) good AOE DPS. More AOE is good anyway;

Holy Wand (Magic Wand + Empty Tome) cuz you need Empty Tome anyway;

Hellfire (Fire Wand + Spinach) why not? Spinach helps boost DMG anyway.

Unlocking conditions:

Candelabrador – Get Santa Water to level 4

Empty Tome – hold 6 different weapons at once

Fire Wand – destroy 20 light sources

Attractorb – find a Vacuum (random drop from light sources after your character reaches level 12)

Clover – find a Little Clover (rare random drop from light sources)

Cross – find a Rosary (random drop from light sources after your character reaches level 8)

That’s it for this Vampire Survivors 1.4.0 Guide – Finding relics, Eggs farming tips

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