Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Build Guide 2022

Hello there, everyone! Welcome to our Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Build Guide, where you will learn about the Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Build and how to unlock Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola, as well as the Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Guide.

So come and take a look at Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Build Guide. Also read here: Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart V0.3.1 (2022)

Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Guide

In Vampire Survivors, Pugnala Provala is among the unlockable characters. Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow are her starter weapons. By discovering and opening the casket in the Mad Forest, the player can uncover this character. The coffin is marked with a ‘?’ symbol on the Milky Way Map. A ring of opponents appears when you arrive at the coffin, spreading and collapsing as a circle to protect the coffin.

Pugnala jumps out and proclaims that “the vampire is in another coffin” before joining as one of the survivors once they are defeated and the player walks towards the coffin. However, she still needs to be purchased for 1000 gold, scales with other characters purchased.

Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola Build Guide 

Pungala Provola Build

The Explanation

Vampire Survivors Pugnala Provola is an extremely powerful character because she gains +1% might (damage) per level. So at level 100, you have +100% damage. Because of this, spinach isn’t entirely necessary for the fire wand. If you are playing a level that either has Spinach or the Empty Tome on the ground, you can get BOTH! Such as the library level. This is ideal.

We mainly focus on projectile based upgrades for this build, but also duration and speed. If you get duration, speed, projectiles, area, and cooldown reduction, the evolved Phieraggi weapon will be extremely large, do tons of damage, and be CONSTANTLY ACTIVE.

It is a never ending windshield wiper that deletes everything from the screen. I’ve played this game a lot, have all the achievements, and this build was one of the easiest I’ve used yet. It’s extremely strong and can probably beat all challenge courses with curse running.

Alternate Items

The weapons you would want to swap out would most likely be the fire wand or the Axe. Maybe even the Unholy Vespers, but I like having the Vespers as they provide great knockback and safety in case something gets too close. Alternate possibilities include:

  • Vandalier
  • Heaven Sword
  • Thousand Edge

Think projectiles mostly for substitutes.

That’s it for

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