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Looking for the most recent Whiteout Survival Best Heroes Tier List 2024? You’ve arrived in the correct spot, then. We ranked the best Whiteout Survival characters and created the tier list below with the current game meta in mind. Enjoy!

Whiteout Survival is one of our favourite games, along with Eroica Tier List, and Call of Dragons. However, we are familiar that there are various Heroes in this game.

This makes it more difficult for new players, in particular, to figure out which Whiteout Survival characters to use in their team, while players must constantly check to see if their favourite units are still viable in battle.

So that is why we have put together this Whiteout Survival tier list, where we rank all the characters in the game for their overall strength in every game mode and content such as

Grendel creates this Guide on Sheet and It will cover the basics when it comes to Hero Gear. Events in Whiteout Survival are the best way to earn rewards, so we recommend you to our Whiteout Survival Crazy Joe Event Guide which will help you to obtain materials to enhance your chief gears If you are interested in other mobile games, make sure to check our Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List.

Whiteout Survival Best Heroes Tier List 2024 February

  • Molly – S TIER
  • Natalia  – S TIER
  • Jeronimo – S TIER
  • Zinman – S TIER
  • Bahiti – A TIER
  • Sergey – A TIER
  • Jessie – A TIER
  • Gina – A TIER
  • Patrick – A TIER
  • Cloris – B TIER
  • Charlie – B TIER
  • Smith – B TIER
  • Eugene – B TIER

Whiteout Survival Hero Gear Guide

When you have upgraded your Furnace to level 15, you gain the ability to equip Hero Gear on your Heroes. Doing so gives your Heroes buffs for Attack, Defense, and Health along with Command buffs for Troop Health or Lethality.

Hero Gear is Troop type specific. This means you can only equip Hero Gear designated for the Troop Type of your Heroes. For example, Sergey is an Infantry Hero, identified by the blue shield icon, and thus can only equip Hero Gear designated for Infantry Heroes, identified by a shield icon on the gear itself. The game does this automatically, though, and won’t even show you Hero Gear for other Troop types when equipping the Gear. So not much to worry about there.

Hero Gear comes in five different qualities(colours). Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Grey being the lowest quality Gear, providing the weakest buffs, and Gold being the best quality Gear, providing the best buffs.

Note: At this time the only ways to get Gold quality Gear is via the Arena Store or by pack purchases. Hopefully, this will change in the future as, personally, I feel we should have more ways of obtaining Gold gear other than them being behind some form of paywall.

There are four different slots Hero Gear can be equipped into: Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Boots.


Headgear gives your Heroes buffs for Hero Attack and Health along with a Lethality Command boost for that Hero’s Troop type.


Gloves give your Heroes buffs for Hero Defense and Health along with a Health Command boost for that Hero’s Troop type.


Belts give your Heroes buffs for Hero Defense and Health along with a Health Command boost for that Hero’s Troop type.


Boots give your Heroes buffs for Hero Attack and Health along with a Lethality Command boost for that Hero’s Troop type.

Before we talk about Gear Enhancement we recommend you visit our White Out Survival Guide which is mainly created for new players.

Gear Enhancement

Enhancing Hero Gear increases the buffs, both Hero and Command, for that specific piece of Gear. To Enhance Hero Gear, you can use Enhancement XP Components, other Hero Gear, or a combination of both.

Note: Grey-quality Gear cannot be Enhanced.

When you tap on a Hero, at the bottom of the screen you will be presented with three tabs: Stats, Skills, and Gear.

White Out Survival Best Heroes Tier List

Notice the red dot on the Gear tab. This means you have one or more pieces of Gear that can be Enhanced or replaced by one of higher quality.

Tapping on the Gear tab, of course, shows you the four slots you can equip Hero Gear into and whether or not you have any Hero Gear equipped. In the following Image I’ve used a screenshot from Molly. As a Gold quality Hero, she has an extra Gear slot for a piece of Gear that is exclusive to her. More on this later.

White Out Survival Best Heroes Tier List

The green arrow means that piece of gear can be enhanced.

Tapping on one of the pieces of Gear brings up a Gear Details popup.

White Out Survival Best Heroes Tier List

Then tap the Enhance button to get to the Gear Enhancement screen.

White Out Survival Best Heroes Tier List

As you can see, this shows you what piece of Gear you are going to Enhance, the current Enhancement level, the power increase provided by having the Gear equipped, Hero buffs, and Command buffs. Currently applied buffs are shown in blue. The green numbers specify the next level of enhancements for that Gear.

Next, you will see a progress bar. This details the number of Enhancement points needed to upgrade the Gear to the next Enhancement level. In this example, I have not Enhanced this Gear yet, so I have 0 of the needed 10 Enhancement points applied towards the next Enhancement level.

Under that is all the Gear you can use towards upgrading the Gear to the next Enhancement level. If you have any Enhancement XP Components, they will show up here as well.

Tapping the Quick Select button will automatically select the amount of items needed to upgrade the piece of Gear to the next Enhancement level if you have enough Gear available to do so. Otherwise, it will apply the total Enhancement points towards the next Enhancement level provided by the selected items.

Or, you can manually select the items you wish to use to do the same.

Note: Just selecting the items does not enhance the Gear. You must tap the Enhance button after you have made your selection(s) to complete the Enhancement.

When selected, each quality(colour) of Gear provides a specific number of Enhancement points. Grey Gear provides 10 points. Green provides 30 points. Blue provides 60 points. Purple provides 150 points.

I do not know how many points Gold quality Gear would provide as I have not tried to use it when Enhancing any of my Gear due to its rarity. If anyone can llet me know, I would appreciate it and will alter this document accordingly.

Mastery Forging

Mastery Forging is another form of Enhancement exclusive to Gold quality Gear only. To access this Enhancement, you must have your Furnace upgraded to level 20 along with the piece of Gold Gear at Enhancement level 20.

Mastery Forging provides an x% buff to both the Gear Strength along with all other buffs provided by that piece of Gear.

Once both requirements are met, tapping on the piece of Gold Gear to Enhance it presents you with the Mastery Forging button along with the normal Enhancement button.

Grad Details - White Out Survival Best Heroes Tier List

Tapping the Mastery Forging button opens the screen where you can see the items needed to increase the Mastery Forging level of the Gear. Essence Stones are used for these upgrades.

White Out Survival Best Heroes Tier List

Once you have completed the process, you will see the Mastery Forging level of the Gear displayed on the bottom right of the Gear thumbnail in yellow text.

By tapping on the you can also see the current buffs provided by the Enhancement in blue along with the next level Enhancement buffs in green.

Exclusive Gear

Gold quality Heroes have an extra Gear slot available to them to equip a piece of Hero Gear that is specific to that Hero only. This becomes available to unlock once you have Ascended the Hero to 1 Star. You will then need 5 Widgets specific to your Hero’s Exclusive Gear to unlock it.

The exclusive Gear provides a huge buff to your Hero’s power along with buffs to Hero Attack, Defense, and Health. It also provides Command buffs for both Troop Health and Lethality. In addition, this Gear gives your Hero two extra Exclusive Skills at their disposal.

To Enhance the Exclusive Gear, you will need Widgets specific to that piece of Gear.

As you can see, the only way to obtain the Widgets needed to enhance Exclusive Gear is from buying packs or via the Mystery Shop. This is another thing I hope changes in the future as I think we should have more avenues available to us for upgrades to this Gear.

And that concludes this Newbie Hero Gear Guide. As always, if there are any corrections needed or if you feel something else beneficial can be added to this Guide, please let me know.


Hope you have found this helpful. If yes, make sure to check our Whiteout Survival Building Guide. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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