Winds of Fortune Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki 2023

Hi guys, welcome to our Winds of Fortune Trello, In this article, we will give you some tips about level progression Tips. This is a pirate experience in Roblox.

It is being made by Sonar Studios, which has now combined with RedManta Games to form Twin Atlas and is being paid for with money from the Roblox Game Fund initiative. So come and take a look at this guide. Also, You can also check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox Game Trello page.

Winds of Fortune Trello & Beginner Guide  

Levels & Experience Points

Levels are a simplified expression of the overall amount of Experience Points (XP) a player has collected in their time playing the game.

How to Earn Levels/XP

Levels/XP is earned by completing Missions, completing Achievements, defeating Enemies/Mobs, crafting, and gathering materials with tools.

Defeating enemies or mobs is the best way to level up and gain experience points. With the aid of a crew, a group of people who work together to quickly execute challenging activities that would otherwise be too difficult or take a too long solo, the rate of accruing XP or Doubloons can be accelerated.

Being in a crew with a Level 35+ Captain is one of the fastest ways to earn experience points and Coin.png Doubloons.

Because of their level, the missions they take on have higher XP-bubble.png XP and Coin.png Doubloons rewards, making it useful if the said Captain is willing to assist other players.

Stat Points

Stat Points are earned for every level achieved. For every level earned, players receive X stat points which they can choose to distribute into the following stat point types:

  • Strength –  A stat that directly scales up damage output.
  • Dexterity – Increases stagger chance, stamina, and stamina regeneration.
  • Constitution – Increases total health points and health regeneration.
  • Intellect – Increases magic damage output.
  • Wisdom – Increases mana amount and mana regeneration, used for magic.


Health is very beneficial, especially if one has a strong constitution. When visiting higher-level islands, where the mobs can easily kill someone if their health is too low, you will need to have a character with a higher constitution because they will have more health and a higher rate of health regeneration.

Mana Magic

When it comes to using magic, mana is crucial, especially if you have most (or all) of the spells unlocked. With enough mana, you can perform rapid combos of magic, which can help deliver damage to an object or player swiftly.

Fishing Guide

In Winds of Fortune, fishing is a gameplay feature that allows players to collect fish of various sorts and rarities with Fishing Rewards from any location in the ocean.

Fishing, on the other hand, needs a Basicfishingrod.png Fishing Rod item, which is purchasable from Rusty’s General Trading in Castaway’s Retreat for Doubloons.

How to Fish Winds of Fortune

To fish, players must have a Fishing Rod equipped. Once equipped, use the action control (Left Click on PC) over the surface of the ocean water to cast out a fishing line.

Once a fishing line is cast, wait until there is a visual splashing effect. This will indicate that a fish is on the hook.

With the splashing visual in effect, players can use the action control (Left Click on PC) to reel in the line. If reeling in too late and after the splashing visual has disappeared, the fish will have escaped.

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