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Hi guys, welcome to our Alternate Battlegrounds Trello & All Alternate Battlegrounds Characters, In this article, we will show you Alternate Battlegrounds Characters, Npc, and Alternate Battlegrounds Guide Wiki. Alternate Battlegrounds is an FFA game on Roblox! It is heavily inspired by other fighting games, especially Soulshatters.

So come and take a look at this Alternate Battlegrounds Trello & All Characters Wiki Guide. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox game Trello page.

Alternate Battlegrounds Trello 2023

What is Trello?

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows you to create and manage tasks, whether they are for a team project or your own personal to-do list. So a Roblox Alternate Battlegrounds Game Developer or a Community Game Player makes a Trello board for users to share game knowledge, Alternate Battlegrounds Tips & Tricks.

Alternate Battlegrounds Trello Wiki has numerous items such as Utilities, Evade Best usable, NPC, Alternate Battlegrounds Characters, In-Game Currency, Alternate Battlegrounds Controls, etc. Trello is well-known for being one of the simplest project management platforms to learn and use.

This Alternate Battlegrounds Trello will help to learn so many things about the game.

Alternate Battlegrounds Trello Guide

Game Basics

Alternate Battlegrounds Controls


You’re able to move your character by pressing W, A, S, and D keys.


To dash, double tap W, A, S, and D keys. This will propel your character in that direction for a set amount of time. To run after a dash, keep holding the key down after the dash occurs.

R – Mobility

Most characters have a mobility move that allows the user to travel quickly (teleport, rush e.t.c)

Shift – Run 

By pressing and holding the shift key. You are able to run

Fighting Basics


By pressing Left Mouse Button the user is able to perform a simple five-hit combo.


By pressing Right Mouse Button the user is able to perform a simple five-hit combo or a heavy attack.

F – Blocking

Most characters are able to block attacks by pressing and holding the “F” key. If you block 5 LMB attacks your block will break. You won’t be able to block every attack received, keep that in mind.

Perfect Blocking

If the opponent is about to attack, you can catch them off guard by quickly blocking the attack and if timed correctly the opponent will be stunned, letting you punish them.

Challenging Basics

Alternate Battlegrounds Trello

Challenging or 1v1 is made for fair fights, to challenge someone type “/challenge (USERNAME)” or “/duel (USERNAME)”. During a challenge, only the users who are in the challenge can hit each other.

Movement Basics/Commands


Walking (“W,A,S,D” Keys):

Allows directional movement of the character, moving forward, left, down, and right respectively of the WASD keys.

Dashing (Double-Tap “W,A,S,D” Keys):

If you double-tap any one of your movement keys, you will dash in the direction of the respective movement key for a short time. If the movement key is held after dashing, you will continue running after your dash has ended.

  • Dashing takes a considerable amount of stamina when used compared to running.
  • Dashing requires stamina, and you will be stopped from dashing if you run out of stamina.
  • Your mana and stamina recovery speed will be interrupted for a short time if you dash.

Mobility (“R” Key):

Some characters have a mobility option that can be accessed by pressing the “R” key. A typical example of the Mobility movement action is teleportation.

  • The Mobility movement action requires mana and stamina, and you will be stopped from using Mobility if you run out of mana or stamina.
  • Your mana and stamina recovery speed will be interrupted for a short time if you use Mobility.

Running (“Shift + W,A,S,D”):

You may choose to move at an accelerated pace faster than walking by holding the “Shift” key and a movement key.

  • Running requires stamina, and you will be stopped from running if you run out of stamina.
  • You run faster when approaching a locked-on target, but run slower when strafing left, right, or backwards.
  • Your mana and stamina recovery speed will be interrupted for a short time if you run.

Alternate Battlegrounds Guide

Tips and Essentials

Tip 1: Knowing you and your opponent

It is essential to know the movesets of the character that you and the opponent are playing. Knowing each of your strengths and weaknesses as well as your own is essential to setting up a game plan to win each battle.

For example:

Glitchtale Frisk excels in close-range battles, possessing 2 guard breaks (DT 1, and DT 3) to punish defensive behavior. However, Glitchtale Frisk has a less-than-desired long-range influence on the battlefield which renders them susceptible to long-range poke moves like Sans Blaster 1.

Tip 2: Learning Habits and Behavior

In most fighting games, people can be unpredictable. In situations like these, you are required to pick up habits and behavior that an opponent does in order to win.

It is a general rule of thumb to understand the 3 common options:

LMB loses to Blocking
Blocking loses to Guard Break
Guard Break loses to LMB
Understanding what your opponent utilizes the most out of the 3 common options can be important in figuring out what your opponent might do, and understanding when the 3 common options apply in a real match is important as well.

For example:

If you find yourself getting guardbroken multiple times by a teleport engage, you may want to consider using an LMB to counteract them and get a combo off of them instead.

If you find yourself getting hit by an LMB after using a teleport engage in attempts to guard break them, you may want to consider blocking after your teleport to perfect block their counter.

Tip 3: Practice Blocking and LMB on TP Engages

One of the most common yet effective counters to TP Engages is blocking in an attempt to perfect block an attack, and then attacking with LMB to either clash or catch a guard break. When playing against opponents who like to switch between the two to catch you off guard, this is a common option that covers most of your options (unless the opponent is smart enough to use their counter after noticing that you use this tactic).

For example,

A Cross user may attempt to mix up their LMB and Knife 1 after a teleport in an attempt to guard break you, but you can block first to catch an LMB for a perfect block, and then quickly LMB if they decide to guard break instead with the worst case scenario being a clash.


Below are common terms or names you may see in game or in the discord server. Refer here for any you do not know or understand.


LMB stands for “Left Mouse Button” this is the button you click with to do normal attacks that require no mana usage

M1’s are just another name for LMB’s

NM Sans/ NMM Sans

Nightmare Sans or Nightmare Mode Sans is a limited-time one day event skin that ran on the 7th of November, 2022. It was obtainable by having a minimum of 69 kills and finding a secret item on the Waterfall map.

Perfect Block happens when you block at the perfect frame to block an M1 attack. If the enemy is perfect blocked, they’ll be vulnerable to attacks.

DOT stands for Damage Over Time, and refers to special mechanics such as Burn and Karma.


Alternate Battlegrounds Trello NPC

UnderTale!Sans. – An NPC that has the same traits as UnderTale!Sans.

  • Health 1
  • Attack 1
  • Defense 1

GlitchTale!Fris – An NPC that has the same traits as GlitchTale!Frisk.


  • Health 99
  • Attack 75
  • Defense 135


  • Health 200
  • Attack 99
  • Defense 99

GlitchTale!Gaster – An NPC that has the same traits as GlitchTale!Gaster.

  • Health 200
  • Attack 55
  • Defense 180

Punching Dummy – A dummy that constantly attacks everything infront of them

Alternate Battlegrounds Characters Wiki



“It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you… I forgot my line.”

HP: 1
ATK: 1
DEF: 1

(PASSIVE – Karma)

The user is able to inflict KR upon hitting the opponent with any of the attacks.

KR acts like a poison, once inflicted upon the opponent, it will create a purple bar in their HP as it slowly chips away their health until the bar is gone.

(LMB – Calcium Combo)

The user summons a bone, before doing a 5-hit combo (deals 5DMG)

(R – Quick TP)

The user teleports at the cursor or the lock on the opponent.

(Custom Dash – Now you see me…)

The user turns invisible for a short amount of time and runs to the designed area, or locked on the opponent.

(F – Gaster Blocker)

The user summons a Gaster Blaster to protect themselves from attacks.


  • HP: 350
  • ATK: 30
  • DEF: 130

(LMB – Tridentic Assault)

The user stabs the opponent using their trident before swinging from left to right to slash them again, then he’ll unleash a powerful thrust that will send the opponent flying, dealing average damage

Fire Mode

(1 – Blazing Fireball)

The user summons a single fireball, after a short delay the user launches it at the opponent, dealing decent-ok damage

(2 – Impressive Firepower)

The user summons a barrage of fireball before launching them at the opponent dealing decent damage.

(3 – Flaming Spiral)

The user summons a fireballs around the opponent before launching them at the opponent dealing decent damage.

(4 – Fight Fire With Fire)

The user looks down and flashes red covering the trident in fire, letting their guard down on purpose, if an LMB hits them during this state, their eye will flash red before impaling the opponent with their trident and blasting them with fire, dealing ok-average damage and medium-high knockback

Trident Mode

(1 – Fallen Trident)

The user throws their trident at the opponent, impaling them and dealing ok knockback before summoning another trident.

(2 – Colorful Pain)

The user charges up as his eyes quickly switch between blue and orange before unleashing a fast barrage of blue and orange attacks, dealing overall average-great damage

(3 – King’s Domain)

The user summons a few tridents from the ground in front of them, dealing ok damage.

That’s it for this Alternate Battlegrounds Trello & All Characters Wiki Guide.

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