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Ember Rain Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide & Controls

Welcome to Ember Rain Trello, In this Ember Rain Trello, we will show you tips and tricks for new players. Roblox Ember Rain is a game on the Roblox platform created by Roblox Ember Rain. This Roblox Ember Rain Trello details Location, abilities, and more.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Roblox Ember Rain Trello to learn some basics about this game we’ve created this Roblox Ember Rain Trello to make it easier for you.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord.

Ember Rain Trello & Wiki


Open inventory: Tab
Equip weapon: 1
Attack: M1
Guard break: M2
Feint heavy: M2 → M1
Shove: Block + M1
Skills: E, R, X, C
Switch skill Modes
: G
Use consumable: H
Fishing: Arrow keys


Constitution – Increases max HP by 3 per point

Dexterity – Increases max Stamina and regeneration

Faith – Increases HP regeneration and scaling for healing magic

Intelligence – Increases max Mana and EXP gained

Wisdom – Increases Mana charge


Pressing G lets you switch between 2 sets of skills (max of 4 per set), divided by their type

There are only 2 types of skills:

  • Combat
  • Utility

Leveling up grants 1 skill point and 1 stat point

The stat points increase Stats GAME MECHANICS

The skill points unlock skills
You can get EXP in 3 main ways:
By eliminating Enemies, such as:

The stronger the enemy, the better the reward Gathering By collecting Trinkets

Although not the best way to level up, it’s still a great way to get passive EXP when you’re farming Coins

Fishing By catching Fish using a Fishing Rod UTILITY SKILLS

Like the Gathering method, it’s good passive EXP when you’re trying to complete The Angler NPCS ’s quest


There are numerous waypoints scattered all around the map, mainly 1 or 2 per location

They serve different purposes

Setting the spawn point – Whenever you die you will spawn on the last waypoint you rested on

Fast travel – By clicking on their name you can teleport to waypoints you’ve already visited

Regeneration – You can rest on them while out of combat to regenerate health faster

That’s it for this Ember Rain Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide & Controls

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