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Roblox G2GO Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide & Controls

This guide shares Roblox G2GO Trello and Discord server links. Most Roblox games have a Trello and These Roblox Game Trello helps players understand a game’s basics and cover every aspect of it.

Group 2 Grip Out is a bizarre fighting game with inspirations from Guilty Gear Strive. You can change your technique with Holy Man, receive info from the green highlighted NPC.

In this Roblox Blue Heater Trello Guide, You will find the official link to the Official Roblox G2GO Trello and some useful guides. You can find the game Discord link on the game’s listing page on Roblox.

Roblox G2GO Trello & Wiki

Burst System

Burst in G2GO is similar to burst in Guilty Gear Strive, you can burst mid combo to extend your combo and burst while getting combo’ed to escape the combo.

You also have Revenge Burst which actives if you get ganked by 1+ peoples in TEAMS GAMEMODES

This Burst gives you a insane damage buff.

Credits System

Credits can be gained by simply playing the game, they can be earned by killing players, winning matches and through codes.


You can prestige at the cost of 3000 credits, this is used to unlock LUFFY TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUES
and will increase your credit gain by a percentage. Currently, the max prestige is 3.

Prestige also does not take anything away from your account, big W. Prestiging only costs credits, and nothing else.

Current Prestige rates:

  • Prestige 1 – 2x Credit gain
  • Prestige 2 – 3x Credit gain
  • Prestige 3 – 4x Credit gain


[J] Quest
[T] Stats
[Y] Admin Panel (In Private Server)
[R] + [1,2,3,4] Emote
[U] Cinematic Mode
[P] Quote

[LMB] Light Attack
[RMB] Heavy Attack
[Q] Movement Ability
[E/F] Block
[E/F] Grab
[Z] Ability 1
[X] Ability 2
[C] Ability 3
[V] Launcher
[G] Ultimate (50% Bar), Mode (100% Bar)
[B] Burst (50% Bar), (35% Bar During Combo)

Private Servers

Playing in a private server will give access to the Admin Panel by pressing Y as the server owner, but playing in private servers will NOT save your data so be warned.

Admin Panel

How to give Techniques?
To give yourself Techniques with Admin Panel, you need to:

1) Select your name

2) Write the Technique name in the box
– VTMain (Vo)
– LTMain (Luu)
– DTMain (Duong)
– BTMain (Ball)
– DoTMain (Do)
– PTMain (Pham)
– GTMain (Gabriel)
– RTMain (Roland)
– AVL (Anti Vo Lord)
– Luffy (ishowspeed)
– OSTMain (Observer Shifter)
– Gogeta (Goku + Vegeta)
– TTT (Tate)

3) Press “Give Technique”

4) Enjoy


Interactable NPCs that can be found within the lobby/Goku locations.

MASTER ROSHI – Talk to him in order to do the combat Tutorial.

ZORO – Gives you information about the game and the lore about why Luffy is black.

JESUS – Talk to him in order to change your technique.

GOKU – Talk to him in order to go to the character’s specific areas or training

TIGY – Talk to him in order to summon for skins and emotes. You can do 1 pull with 100 credits and 10 pulls for 400 credits.



Talk to COY VO NPC’S to get this quest.

Becoming a Vo Disciple is not a simple task. You must first prove your worth to Coy Vo before he takes you in as a pupil. Coy Vo only takes students who are elegant and stylish. Prove you match this critera.



That’s it for this Roblox G2GO Trello & Wiki

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