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Best Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+ 2020

Pekka Elixir Golem Deck

Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12 2020 Hey Guys Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12 2020 today I’m discussing this new Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12 2020 , When. These 3 Cards comes together are very very powerful and can easily knock the towers away. It’s good against popular decks such as Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ 2020 ,  Pekka Meta Decks 2019 2020 ,Gravey ard Poison Deck 2020 so come and take a look at this Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck 

Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck

Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck Card Role:

1.) Pekka: A defensive and offensive beast. It will wreck anything your opponent plays in its path. Use your Posion spells and AOE troops to clear the way of those pesky Goblins and Skeletons. and E Wiz for Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower, The P.E.K.K.A will be mainly used against tanks like Golem, Giant, Big tank pushes as well as against Hog Riders.

2.) Dark Prince: This is surprisingly versatile in this deck. For 4 elixir, he will counter any squishy troops, deals easily with barbs/regular barbs, and does enough DPS to help whittle down a tank. If he is charged when he hits on defense, he will have more leftover health for a counterattack, so place him in the back when you can. His shield makes him spell resistant too, which makes him all the more difficult to deal with when he’s defending. He can also go on offense when available and can do some serious damage with a couple of hits.

3.) Elixir Golem: he is strongest tank in the Game. With this deck, the support units like E wiz, Dark Prince behind the Elixir Golem  and Pekkado tons of damage, One strong push can win you the entire match.  Push and defend for the best advantage.

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4.) Electro Wizard The EW is an awesome card at defense who can easily stop any troop long enough for Pekka to kill. On the other hand, it can take out Minion Horde for 1 positive and Goblin Barrel for 1 extra Elixir and a chance to counter push with Elixir Golem or Pekka

5.) Poison This spell ruins all swarm troops your opponent drops to stop your Pekka push and works wonders in defense too. If opponent played Graveyard on Tower and bad hand? You can Use Poison in defense, Minion Horde coming and you have Pekka, Elixir Golem, Poison? You know what to do…use Poison

6.) Battle Ram This is your win condition, and emergency defense. Put behind Pekka and have some spell in your hand and prepare to deal massive damage.

This card charges while running, dealing extra damage if at full speed. Beware of buildings and resetting cards.

7.) Minions: Your mini-DPS kings. These low-cost flying creatures are excellent against squishy troops, Knights, and any other single-target DPS troops trying to kill your Elixir Golem. 

8.) Zap: Self Explanatory

Dark Prince Pekka Elixir Golem Deck Gameplan:

During single elixir tries defending more than attacking and your cards are very able to defend. Best starting would be to drop Minions on the bridge and if you don’t have the Minions you probably just want to put the Dark Prince on the bridge. 

Usually, during single elixir I defend and counter attack with Elixir Golem or Battle Ram and After countering the push I either just don’t do anything and wait for my opponents Skeleton Army or a Goblin Gang so that I can use Poison or zap. 

You have to use your elixir very carefully and whenever there are gaps between your opponents pushes try putting a Dark Prince and Battle Ram on the bridge and get the chip damage

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think that’s all I have for this Poison Pekka Elixir Golem Deck , Thanks for Reading, Have Fun

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