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Clash Royale Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 | Royale Giant Ewiz Deck

Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019

Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 | Royale Giant Ewiz Deck

Hi, folks, Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 is out now and I’ve been playing this deck on the ladder since January 2017. I managed to reach 5800 trophies with it more than once. This Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 | Royale Giant Ewiz Deck is very defensive in nature but can keep up with most decks that are popular on the ladder if played properly.

The originality of this deck can also catch your opponents off guard and even destabilise them since this is something they have never faced before.

Royal Giant decks are usually looked down upon because of their relative weakness and because of how they “bully” players in Challenger I and Challenger II, but this Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 | Royale Giant Ewiz Deck guide will show you how to master this deck and how to become a renown Royal Giant player that can challenge even the best players in the world!

I will give you tips on how to deal with situations that might not be in your favour and how to outplay your opponents, even when they have good counters.

Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 | Royale Giant Ewiz Deck Card Role:

Royal Giant: This is obviously going to be your win condition. You will want to use it to either counter push or to start a push of your own. If you’re creative enough, he can also give you defensive value. He does great against siege archetypes, decks without a tank killer and in general, decks that are weak on defence.

Bowler: Arguably one of the strongest defensive cards. Can stop nearly any ground push if played properly and survives any spell. Great counter to Hog Rider, Battle Ram, spawner decks and decks that rely on overwhelming you with ground units on a counter-attack or attack. Does also an okay job against Graveyard.

Guards: Another solid defensive card. Excellent against support troops, tank killers, single target units and graveyards. Does okay against swarms and splash damage units. Survives any light spell thanks to their shields. Can also be used offensively as a distraction against heavy-hitting units.

Fireball: One of the best spells if not the best one in the game. Can be used on both offence and defence. Great against Elixir Collectors, Minion Horde, fireballs and sometimes buildings. Can be used to finish off a tower or do chip damage.

Zap: Pretty self-explanatory. Used against swarms, Inferno Tower/Dragon, to finish off fireballs when combined with Fireball. Can be used to retarget too.

Inferno Tower: This will be your tank killer. Great against Lava Hound, Balloon, Golem, Giant, Pekka, Hog Rider. If you get creative you can even use it to support a Royal Giant push.

Ice Wizard: Excellent defensive card despite the recent nerf. Slows down the enemy on defence and offence. Great synergy with Zap when dealing with swarms on offence.

Electro Wizard: Can be considered as a “second Zap” when used on defence. Versatile card, can be used in a lot of situations. Excellent against Inferno Dragon, Hog Rider and Sparky. Good at stopping Prince, Dark Prince, Battle Ram.

Strengths of the deck

  • Extremely good on defence. Your opponents will have a hard time dealing damage to your towers.
  • Very few true hard counters.
  • Versatile deck. Can deal with every archetype. Solid place in various metas.
  • Hard counter to Golem decks especially if they don’t have Lightning.
  • Easy to draw an unwinnable match.
  • Guaranteed damage if your opponent doesn’t have a defensive building.
  • Nobody will be expecting you to play it. Can surprise your opponents.
  • Unlikely to ever get nerfed.

Weaknesses of the deck

  • Weak on offence. Don’t expect to do a lot of damage when attacking.
  • Inflexible deck. If you don’t have the right card at the right time with the right card rotation you WILL be in trouble.
  • Expensive deck. You will struggle in single elixir against cycle decks if your card rotation is bad or if you need a specific counter to several cards.
  • Comebacks are next to impossible. If you lose a tower early on, you most likely won’t be able to win or tie the match.
  • Certain cards need to max level in order to be used at their fullest potential. Not a very F2P friendly deck.

Royal Giant Bowler Deck 2019 | Royale Giant Ewiz Deck General Tips:

  1. Wait for your opponent to make the first move even if it means sitting at 10 elixirs. You might get an immediate advantage once they start playing.
  2. Know what deck opponent is using, figure out his card rotation and use this to your advantage.
  3. If they wasted their RG counter on something else, use that opportunity to attack! You will get a decisive advantage that can lead to victory.
  4. Do not cycle cards unnecessarily. A wasted Zap can and will make you lose.
  5. Don’t be predictable. Your opponent might anticipate your card placement or play and get a huge advantage. Try to mix up your plays.
  6. Do not overcommit. Unless you have a huge elixir advantage to capitalise on, don’t go too hard on defence or on the attack.
  7. Do NOT send a lone Royal Giant at the bridge unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  8. Do not stack your troops in the same area on defence. Your opponent will take that opportunity to get spell value and make positive elixir trades.
  9. Don’t play too aggressively if you can’t get tower damage. This will make you overcommit and eventually lose. Be patient and wait for the moment to counter-attack. A draw is always preferable to a defeat.
  10. Anticipate your opponent’s moves. Don’t place your Bowler in the back if you know that your opponent has Barbarians and Hog Rider in his hand…
  11. Be creative, think outside of the box. You might’ve won if you used your Inferno Tower at the bridge against that Mega Minion or if you used your Fireball on that Mini Pekka instead of the Barbarians.
  12. Don’t try to punish a Golem or a Lava Hound placed in the back, this deck is not good at punishing and you won’t have enough elixir to defend. Prepare to take the attack head-on instead. You will prevail and get a counter push if done properly.
  13. Choose carefully when to use your spells. Don’t waste that Fireball on Barbarians or a Minion Horde is you know that they have an Elixir Collector.

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