Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginner Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginner Guide & Walkthrough, In this article we will tell you Key Tips for First Six Days in Dragonheir Silent Gods and some Domains and dungeon Strategies.

So come and take a look at this Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginner Guide & Walkthrough.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginner Guide & Walkthrough

1. Key Tips for First Six Days:

Hero Resetting: Make use of the unique feature that allows you to reset your heroes back to level one without any cost for the first six days. This lets you experiment and find out which heroes and teams work best for you.

Location: Go to the event > torrent.
Why Do This?: Resetting allows you to better conquer dungeons, understand hero dynamics, and streamline your progression.
Hero Leveling: When leveling up heroes, use the ‘Quick Upgrade’ option rather than manually allocating experience potions. This ensures the best experience utilization.

Hero Ranking: Farm resources from domains like flame, tempest, and frost to rank up your heroes. This ranking allows you to apply artifacts to your heroes, enhancing their capabilities.

2. Domains & Dungeon Strategy:

Goblin Cave: Prioritize heroes with Area of Effect (AOE) damage for efficient progress.

Flame Domain:

Avoid bringing fire and poison heroes into higher levels of this domain. They take more damage and deal less.
Gather resources to rank up your fire and poison heroes.
Tempest Domain:

Focus on leveling up lightning and radiant heroes. This will aid in conquering the frost domain later on.

Initial stages: Level up starting gear to equip a five-man team.

Advanced stages: Focus on epic and legendary gear. Use uncommon heroes as a strategy.

3. Mobility & Exploration:

Teleportation: Utilize teleport nodes for efficient movement.

How-to: You don’t need to be on a teleportation spot to teleport. Just be in the wild. Always activate dark teleportation nodes when you come across them.

4. Miscellaneous Tips:

Team Composition: In the early game, prioritize having a balanced team with healers, shields, debuff removers, and damage dealers.

Enemies: Study your enemies. Some dungeons have specific mechanics that require certain heroes or strategies to conquer.

Staying Updated: Keep an eye out for helpful videos and guides on platforms like YouTube for detailed strategies and tips.


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