Hyper Front login issue – Beta APK Download

Hello, guys hope you are doing well. Hyper Front Beta Test is now available in Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Japan. In this Hyper Front beta Each day, a limited number of spaces will be accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in our Beta Test.

If you’re looking for How to play Hyper Front in any country, I’m happy to inform you that pre-registration via the Google Play Store is now accessible for Southeast Asian gamers or Soon we will update this page with Hyper Front Beta APK+OBB Download Link.


Hyper Front Beta Login Problem

Hyper Front Beta Test is now available and many players are facing a lot of problems regarding How to Join Hyper Front?

So, guys in this post I am going to show you How to Fix Hyper Front login Issue

How to Fix Hyper Front login Issue

Currently, the game is in Split APKs format and some devices can’t download it from TapTap.

The Hyper Front closed beta test file size is exactly 1455 MB. We suggest connecting to Wi-Fi if you are on a metered mobile connection plan.

1. After downloading the game, connect to the game using a VPN.
Be careful with the VPN country setting (You must set the region for Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada, and Thailand.) –Please Via Axuiliary Tools on TapTap App

2. After connecting to the game, select the login method. Currently, Facebook and Google may not be accessible depending on country settings, so please use guest login as much as possible.

3. The game has not yet opened the server, so please connect after the server is opened.(Test Start Time: December 17, 09:00 AM (UTC+8))

Hyper Front login issue - Beta APK Download

Source: Tap Tap

How to Download Hyper Front Beta APK

  • To begin to download the game, you must have a Google Play account of Finland Google Play Store. Or click on this link Hyper Front (Early Access)
  • If you do not have a Finland Google Play Account, You can create one by using a VPN (Must connect to Canada).
  • Now you have to connect to the Finland region after installing the VPN and create a Finland Google Play account.
  • After that, keep your VPN connection and Open your Google Play Store. Download Hyper Front and keep the VPN connected until the installation is finished.
  • Now you can disable your VPN and you are ready to play How to Download Hyper Front Beta APK on Android.

Thanks for reading.