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Legends of Runeterra Lucian Senna Deck 2020

Legends of Runeterra Lucian Senna Deck 2020

Legends of Runeterra Lucian Senna Deck 2020 Hi guys I will show you Legends of Runeterra Lucian Senna Deck shared by JDDMAJPDdrainedair. This Legends of Runeterra Lucian Senna Deck has Lots of synergies with deaths of ally units. Primary goal of this deck is to abuse Quick Attack and Double Attack of Lucian and Senna.

Legends of Runeterra Lucian Senna Deck 2020

Roles of cards: 1 Mana 3 Hapless Aristocrat – Spawns multiple units to help level up Lucian and other cards that benefit from destorying other cards.

2 Mana 3 Cursed Keeper – Good target for Glimpse Beyond and summons a strong unit.

2 Elise – Can summon multiple units for Lucian.

3 Glimpse Beyond – Card draw, death synergy for Lucian and other cards. Can be used to unexpectedly level up Lucian and uses it your own units if your opponents tries to use a spell to kill your minions.

3 Lucian – Primary threat of the deck, has Double Attack, and Readies your Attack the first time an ally dies. Does not Ready Attack again the same round he levels up(not sure). Must stay on board while a unit dies or his condition will reset if he dies.

3 Vile Feast – Spawns a spider for Lucian and spider synergy with Elise. Can be used to pop Barrier and kill your own minions. I think that Black Spear can be slow card or clunky even though this deck kills its own units often, but I find that it is better to abuse Quick Attack and other combat tricks to gain advantage and trades.

3 Mana 3 Dawnspeakers – Primary goal of this card is to buff Lucian’s and Senna’s attack to force the opponent to block a bad trade, help kill or prevent the opponent from using their beefier units to block, or face large damage to Nexus. Synergizes well with multi unit spawns like Elise. Its effect can proc on either round and procs often with units that spawn multiple units.

3 Frenzied Skitter – Decent stats, spider synergy. Can be used on Attack Phase to buff spiders, but I primarily use this card to decrease the opponent’s unit’s attack.

3 Senna – Gains stats and Double Attack like Lucian leveled up, but cannot Ready Attack. A primary threat like Lucian and helps Lucian level up with just her death.

4 Mana 1 Chronicler of Ruin – Synergy with Cursed Keeper, Dawnspeakers and helps Lucian’s level up conditions, can proc Lucian or Senna effects if both are on board(unlikely). Kills units for Lucian.

3 Ripostes – Helps protect Lucian and Senna and boosts attack against beefier units. Is a Burst spell.

5 Mana 2 Ethereal Remitter – Death synergy for Lucian. Pretty much Chronicler of Ruin’s role.

1 Thresh – Has Challenger to help protect Lucian and Senna. Never felt like this card was needed for my win condition. This card is replaceable with Kalista whose effect can buff Lucian or Senna’s attack.

6 Mana 2 Brood Awakening – Spider synergy with Elise, spawns multiple units for Lucian. The number Brood Awakenings can be changed or replaced.

3 The Rekindler – Has very good stats for a unit that can revive Champions. This card will help resummon Lucian. Based on what I have heard of the definition of the Highest Power, it will always summon Lucian even if Elise has also died based on his Attack(need clarification).

7 Mana 2 Vengeance – Good removal spell for units that Lucian and Senna cannot go through.

Weaknessess this deck may have: -Weak to Piltovers many direct damage spells such as Mystic Shot -Freljord’s Avalanche and Frostbite cards

One Tip: Try not to just send a unit to their death to level up Lucian or you may lose board control. Try to kill your units in a way that will keep even or trade favorably.


Thanks For Reading, Have Fun

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