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Clash Royale Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck 2020 Arena 11+

Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Arena 11+ Mega Knight Bandit Deck

Hi Guys Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck 2020 Arena 11+ today I will show you my Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck 2020 Arena 11+ Which is basically Bridge Spam But This deck does not contain Pekka Instead of Pekka I am using Meta Knight and this Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck help me “twice” to won Grand Challenge so COme and take a look at this Battle Ram Mega Knight Deck guide

Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Arena 11+

Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Arena 11+

MEGA KNIGHT — This card is usually best held for defense. His entry damage is very good for winning group fights that have just crossed your bridge, which are very common in this challenge—but be careful to lure the enemy into your base a bit, because his knockback can force troops to retarget in ways that are hard to plan around (and which may be bad for your troops).

If you have a bad hand and the game is quiet, it is okay to start a push with Mega Knight behind your king tower: it will probably lure out the opponent’s Pekka,

Which you can later answer favorably with your own Mega to make a strong counterpush which they will have no great answers for. (This is looking ahead a few phases, and it often works.)

Battle Ram This is your win condition, and emergency defense. Put behind Mega Knight and have some spell in your hand and prepare to deal massive damage.

This card charges while running, dealing extra damage if at full speed. Beware of buildings and resetting cards.

BANDIT — This card is all about waiting for the other guy to overcommit so that you can punish—and then win the eventual sumo match that develops at the bridge.

Bandit sneaks into that fray amazingly well, and because she is hard to keep track of when a lot is going on, she nearly always gets value. But Knight or Mini Pekka could do that too.

Bandit is here (and not them) because she excels at the tactical utility plays you very often need to make during the opening two minutes. She can take out an approaching E-Wiz or Princess and then demands a response (which you can often zap and ignore for big value).

She can likewise make a small push with Bats if the game is a staring contest. Her speed and damage make her a bigger threat than the alternatives, and in the shadow of a big tank the Bandit is hard to handle.

Inferno Dragon: As some of you may know, pekka will be extremely prevalent in this Meta. The best way to deal with her in most situations will be with this guy.

He also excels at killing the mega knight, obviously. Otherwise, I’ll admit I rarely used him. Despite this, he is still extremely important in this deck.

E-WIZ — Among ranged attackers, only E-Wiz can stall an Inferno Dragon before it melts your Pekka. E-Wiz can also force retargeting, which sometimes stifles your opponent’s intentions.

I won a few matches simply because he was shooting the tower, damaging it while keeping it targeted on the sumo match nearby where it had practically no impact.

His splash entry is also of great utility in finishing off damaged troops in a clump, and against spammed squishies like Goblin Gang or Barrel (if your Log is out of cycle). A few people are trying to sneak Balloons through too, and E-Wiz with Bats makes short work of those.

Reset and defense.

Used vs bad Inferno Towers, Inferno dragons as well!

He also can save your life vs siege – Ie if your opponents X-Bow locks on your Tower you can drop E-wiz to get it to retarget onto him or something else! This can save a LOT of damage off of your Tower.

Minions – Used to distract Inferno Tower, also good vs Minions, Hog Rider etc.  Hog only gets 2 swings on Tower.

Also Bandit + Minions can be devastating if it connects with the Tower. Good defense for your Mega Knight.

I still believe that Minions > Bats now because of how many people run Zap. Hence why I changed that out for this.

Poison: Poison is a very powerful card, in my opinion the best mid-high damage spell right now in the meta. We see it everywhere, from Golem decks to Giant decks to Miner and Hog decks.

Here we use it as a support spell and also for nice chip damage. In single Elixir it’s best to stay conservative and only use it to destroy opponent pump

Feel free to swap with Fireball or Rocket, if you want better air defense, but you will lose the great Poison synergy with Mega knight

Use against glass cannons, Pump, the like. It’s also easy to cycle Poison near end of match in Double Elixir due to great cycling ability.

Zap: Used to kill low health troops, or finish off medium health troops that are about to die. And only costs 2 elixir, so can be used to cycle if you’re brave enough.

Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Gameplan:

You’re going to be facing lots of pekka’s paired with electro wizards and bats. Here’s how I deal with them:

Place your inferno dragon at a safe distance, the further back you can place it to build up elixir, the better. When the Pekka and ewiz are at the bridge, immediately toss in the mega knight. He should kill the ewiz if placed properly, but if not,

you can zap it if you need to (if there are bats, you should zap anyway). Even if your opponent zaps your idragon, it should still melt the pekka before it reaches the tower.

If you know 100% FOR SURE pekka will get a hit on your tower anyway, use a Ram or bandit. This didn’t happen often to me, and my mega knight was healthy enough for a hefty counter push.

this deck’s biggest weaknesses are spell bait (I know that sounds crazy, but some zap bait players really know what they’re doing) and hog decks.

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Thanks for reading this Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Arena 11+ All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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