PLA Requests Guide – List of Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests

Hi guys, In this guide, we will tell you the PLA Requests Guide aka Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide, and In the new Pokemon game, side quests are known as requests. This  Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide (PLA Requests Guide) will show you where to find all of the Requests we’ve finished, as well as how to complete each of the Requests you come across while playing.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide 2022

Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide 2022 (PLA Requests Guide)

Wurmple Can Evolve

Request: Request from Beauregard outside the Galaxy Hall. He asks you to find a Wurmple
Solution: You can catch a Wurmple at specific areas in Obsidian Fields.
Reward: 3x Dazzling Honey

Adorably Starly

Request: Request from Marli, near the Galaxy Hall. They ask you to show Marli a complete Pokedex entry for Starly
Solution: Starly is commonly found in the Obsidian Fields map.
Reward: x10 Pokeball

What Did Shinxs Ears Look Like

Request: Request from Toshi, near Galaxy Hall. Asks you to catch a Shinx. You can find Toshi near the Photography building at night.
Solution: Shinx is commonly found throughout the Obsidian Fields map.
Reward: Potion x3

Big Buizel, Little Buizel

Request: Request from Dorian at the South gate to Jubilife Village. He asks you to catch a bigger Buizel.
Solution: Buizel can be caught near the streams on the Obsidian Fields map. It needs to be over 2’8″. It took me about 20-30 catches. You will get a notification of catching one larger version of the species, that’s usually big enough but not always.
Reward: 5x Oran Berry, 1x Exp Candy S.

What It Takes To Be Awesome

Request: Speak with a small kid inside a house right next to the craft shop
Solution: Deliver 5 Pokeballs
Reward: x3 Grit Dust

Mushroom Cake Marketing
Request: in Obsidian Fields, after you return for the third time. He’s found right next to the camp. He wants you to find Springy Mushrooms.
Solution: You can find Springy Mushrooms in the South East corner of the Obsidian Fields map.
Reward: 1x Mushroom Cake recipe

Playing With Drifloon

Request: On the Job board in the professors lab. You can find Miki near the South entrance to the village at night.
Solution: Rest until Evening and then head to Prelude Beach to the South of town. You’ll find a boy hiding behind the hut with Drifloon.
Reward: Stardust x1

Bothersome Bidoof

Request: On the Job board in the professors lab. Speak to Tsumugi near the East entrance to town, I spoke with her at night. You need to catch a Bidoof first.
Solution: Find all three Bidoof and help her catch them. Check out our guide on where to find Bothersome Bidoof.
Reward: Rare Candy x1

Zubats Eyes

Request: On the Job board in the professor’s lab. Clarissa can be found near the farm during the night, behind the row of houses. She wants you to show her a Zubat
Solution: Catch a Zubat and show it to Clarissa.
Reward: Aux Power

Wurmples Evolved

Request: It’s to do with the man outside the Galactic Hall after you give him his Wurmple from Request #1. His Wurmple evolves when you catch a Cascoon, then you need to catch a Silcoon to get this Request.
Solution: Deliver a Silcoon. Wurmple evolves into different forms depending on personality so just grab a bunch and you should get one.
Reward: 1x XP Candy Small

How to Find Requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests can be found by speaking with particular Jubilife Village people. If someone begs for your assistance and makes a Request, accept it and it will appear on the map when you use the Arc Phone.

That’s the Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide, I hope this Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide will help you. More information can be found in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guides section of our website.