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If you are wondering whether Project Beatdown Trello has an official Trello board, we are going to provide you with the official link to Offical Trello. [SHAOLIN] Project Beatdown is a Roblox tower defence game, created by Project: Beatdown, and one of the most popular experiences on the platform.

You can also join the official Project Batdown Discord Server for more information about the game. So come and take a look at this basic game and Trello link.

Project Batdown Trello Wiki


  • B to execute
  • Q to dash
  • Right click to heavy attack
  • F to block
  • Double Tap W to run


The GUI shows your:



Health (Green Bar) – When low health, you will start to bleed.

Stamina (Blue Bar) – When you run out of stamina, you will fall out.

Food (Yellow Bar) – When you run out of food, you wont regen stamina and health will regen slower than with food.

Gym Membership Time (only displays when you have time in the gym)

Amount of Stat View’s you have


Crews are groups shown above your head to represent your crew. Crews are not custom to the game, they’re roblox groups. You cannot use a crew tag without being in the roblox group.


Traits are boosts to the stat itself and its effectiveness, it does not boost stat gain. Traits only really matter when max stats.

Trainer Reqs

Your belt is represented by your stats, starting at white belt and ending at Dan 5 (Dan 5 does not equal max stats.)

These are not completely accurate, personally i just keep grinding until i can reach it but here are estimates for style reqs.
Style = Green belt – Blue
1st Skill = Red belt – Black belt
2nd Skill = 1st Dan – 3rd dan
(only styles that dont fit that are: beast, capoeira and katana since they are high req)

If you’re missing stats for a style/skill, the trainer will say one of these things.
“WEAK!”- More Strength
“YOU WOULD FAINT!”- More Stamina
“I CAN ONE SHOT YOU!”- More Durability
“you punch too slow.” – More Attack Speed
“Your not fast enough” – More Movement Speed


You enter ranked matches at the Ranked Arena.
You can only rank up FROM F-. Do not try to rank up from Unranked.
You become F- at black belt.
You obtain subskills at C and S+.
You obtain your title at A+.
/title To toggle your title.
All subskills are listed on the trello.
Due to the recent update, it takes around 22-23 matches to rank up once, it used to be 40-41.
You can fight anyone and it will help towards rank, white belt to max stats it will all contribute to rank.


Trains Strength
If you cant do pushups fast do punching bags until you can do 3-4 in a row.
You stop gaining stats from it at 300.
Unlike the other training stuff, it progresses in this order:
Two Handed,
One Handed,
One Handed Handstand

Project Beatdown Style


Combat – Fast M1 Speed, comparable to boxing
Flash Punch – AOE punch that deals knockback, but blockable.
Ground Smash – Large aoe slam, if close enough it can guard break.
Beast’s Trainer is located in a house around the gang area.


Boxing – Fast Hit Speed
Flash – Blockable, Sends a barrage of punches, the last hit does knockback.
Smash – Guard Breaker, small explosive aoe.
Boxing’s Trainer is located in the Beatdown Plaza

Kung Fu

Combat – Fast m1s
Chi Punch – Medium sized aoe that deal knockback with low stun
Jumping into chi punch is a good way to start combos.
Flip Kick – Guard Breaker, aoe that deals immense knockback when hit.
has a windup but cannot be canceled unless ragdolled.
Kung Fu’s Trainer is located infront of a building, behind the arena.


Combat – Has a windup to its first m1, but considerably fast after.
Flying Kick – Slight launch into a combo, mostly used to start combos.
One Inch Punch – Guard Breaker, Small punch to end combos
The Karate trainer is at sewers.

Muya Thai

Combat – Somewhat slow m1s
Knee Attack – Long Stun, if used right can be a combo extender.
Front Kick – Guard Break, stun move that deals decent damage.
Muay Thai’s Trainer can be found dow


Combat – Slowest m1s in the game, increases your body size greater than wrestling.
Inner Thigh Throw – Guard Breaker, grab that does small damage but if used right can combo extend due to the low ragdoll time.
Leg Smash – Guard Breaker, large aoe with stun and low knockback.
This skill also comes with iframes.


Combat – Slow m1s with range, it also increases your body size.
Spear – Guard Breaker, Similar to Jeet Kune Do’s One Two Kick, but more aoe and less range.
Far Leg Carry – Guard Breaker, grab move that has high stun.


Combat – Slow m1s
Table Kick – When used, the user goes into a spinning cycle of kicks that does small damage, has end lag when finished. Can m1 when finished though.
Whip – Guard Breaker, a kick skill that deals decent damage and knockback. Doesn’t ragdoll though.

Jeet Kune Do

Combat – Fairly slow m1
Chest Punch – Guard Breaker, Slam skill that hits twice.
One Two Kick – Leap kick that does lots of knockback.


Combat – Slow m1s
Low Sweep Kick – Guard Breaker, small aoe and stuns
Spinning Side Kick – High stun move, small hitbox and can if used correctly, can combo extend.


Combat – Relatively slow m1s, also the idle makes you look like a crab.
Flash Kick – Guard Breaker, has good stun.
Hurricane – You unleash a kick barrage, 3 kicks in total.
Taekwondo’s trainer is in the back alley between pizza and burger shop.


Combat – Moderately fast attack speed
Beam Stab – Guard Breaker, piercing your enemy and stunning them.
Triangle Slash – Hits 3 times making a triangle shape, hitting each side. Last hit ragdolls but does not guard break.


Combat – The user wields a staff, slow speed but increased range.

Heavy – Slow, increased range.

Whirlwind – Goes into a spinning stance and hits all enemies in range. AOE, Blockable.

Staff Slam – Leap forward and slams your staff to the ground. AOE and Unblockable.

Awaken Passive – Requires the “Awake” subskill. Summons a dragon above your head, and gives the user a red halo and blazing aura. It buffs the duration of the awakening effect and slightly buffs the speed boost.

That’s it for this Gudie here is the Trello Link MpNv4Di/project-beatdown. Thanks for reading have fun.

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