Punishing Gray Raven Guide: Banner & Gacha Guide

Punishing Gray Raven is a 3D post-apocalyptic and sci-fi action role-playing game and We’re here to help if you’re a fan of this amazing gacha game but What is a banner in PGR and PGR tier List. Our Punishing Gray Raven Guide will help you determine How Banner works in Punishing Gray Reven and currencies for the banner so let’s check out this punishing gray raven guide.

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How Banners work in Punishing Gray Raven

The gacha component of the game is provided by so-called “banners”. Each banner requires you to spend a certain amount, usually 250, of a special currency to pull something from the banner.

The PGR  banners themselves can be categorized into the

  • Self-select
  • Starter weapon
  • Rotational
  • Event
  • Compositer

All banners usually have a so-called “pity hit”. This basically means if you haven’t pulled a hit in XX pulls, the next pull will be a guaranteed hit for you.

For equipment banners, this threshold is usually 30, while for character banners it is either 60 or 80~100 (a value between 80 and 100). The “compositer” banner is an exception to this rule as the threshold for this banner is only 10.

The reason for the character banners having two thresholds is that besides the “self-select” character banner you have the choice between two banners with the same characters in it.

The difference between those two banners is for one the pity threshold but also the chance to pull a hit. That means the 60-banners grants you a guaranteed hit earlier but has a lower chance of randomly pulling the hit before the pity hit while the 80~100-banner has a higher chance of randomly pulling a hit in the exchange for having to do more pulls to receive your pity hit.

In the case of rotational banners, your progress towards the next pity hit is carried over to the next rotation.

Punishing Gray Raven Currencies

The currencies for the banner categories are as follows:

  • “Self-Select” banners use blue cards 
  • “Starter Weapon” banner use red cards 
  • “Rotational” banners use yellow cards 
  • “Event” banners usually use yellow cards but sometimes they use their own special currency
  • “Compositer” banners use yellow cards
  • Black cards can be converted to any of the above-mentioned currencies

Newbie Banner

For a new account, the “self-select” banner will be replaced with a newbie banner. Unlike the usual character banners, this one guarantees a pity hit at 40 pulls. After you have gotten this pity hit, however, this banner will vanish and the “self-select” banner will take its place.

So that’s it for this Punishing Gray Raven Guide. Stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the Punishing Gray Raven Guide.

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Source: PGR Wiki

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