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Sakura Stand Tier List 2023 September (Stand Rarities Guide)

Hi guys, Welcome to our Sakura Stand Tier List 2023, In this Sakura Stand Tier List 2023, we will show you This Stand Rarities in the game. Sakura Stand game is based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a manga and anime series. Sakura Stand’s gameplay is based on the most basic fighting and farming simulator games, with mobile support for players on the go.

So come and take a look at this Sakura Stand Tier List 2023 & Sakura Stand Trello  (Stand Rarities). You can also read our Crusaders Heaven Tier List and Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List

Sakura Stand Tier List Wiki 2023 for Variants Rarities

Shakura Stand Tier List

Obtainable Only

Imagine having more legendary stands than any other tiers lmao

This tier list only displays the rarity of each variant based on spinning chance from Gambling. It has nothing to do with players’ demands nor your own satisfaction when trading.

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Sakura Stand Variant Tier List 2023


  • Standless: Summer
  • Hamon: Red
  • Star Platinum: Mustard
  • Gold Experience: Blue
  • Unawakened Dio: Darkness
  • Emperor: Pistol


  • Hamon: Blue
  • Unawakened Dio: RGB
  • Summer Time : Blaze
  • Rainy Time: Blue
  • Winter Time: Black


  • Summer Time : Swap
  • Gold Experience: Manga
  • Vampirism : Masked
  • Hamon: Black


  • Spin: Sir Nighteye
  • Gold Experience: Sakura
    Stop Sign : Raiden
  • Anubis : Void


  • Spin: Bete
  • Hamon: Akaza
  • Spin: Kilua,
  • Star Platinum: OVA
  • Stop Sign: Bisento,
    Anubis : Thunder Breathing
  • Anubis : Flame Breathing
  • Summer Time: Utsuho Reiuji
  • Rainy Time : Gawr Gura
    Winter Time: Cirno
  • Emperor: Domain of Incandescence,
  • Emperor: Head Hunter


  • True Anubis : Vergil

Sakura Stand Value List 2023

Info: Based on what Lucy thinks about all the stands/specs and skins ingame! (Value/demand wise mainly demand)

Sakura Stand Best Stand Wiki 2023

Eternal Wing: RGB (technically unobtainable)

Fusing 4 Eternal Wings will result in obtaining Eternal Wing: RGB
Type “!fuse1m” to start the fusion process (1 Eternal Wing must be equipped)
This variant is classified as Unobtainable due to the current state of based Eternal Wings

All stand colors :

  • Red – Pose song: 黒皇帝 – Galaxy Collapse
  • Orange – Pose song: XI – Akasha
  • Yellow – Pose song: XI – Vanitas
  • Green – Pose song :Game Start! ( No Game No Life )
  • Blue – Pose song: XI – Blue Zenith
  • Teal – Pose song: XI – Freedom Dive
  • Purple – Pose song: 黒魔 – Dark Sheep
  • White – Pose song: Koxx – A Fool Moon Night



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