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Skull the Hero Slayer Tier list 2023 (1.7.2 Update)

Hi guys, Welcome to our Skul the Hero Slayer Tier list 2023 (1.7.2 Update), In this guide, we will tell you the Boss-Killing Tier list. below the guide, you will find information that will help you in game.

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Skull the Hero Slayer Tier list 2023 (1.7.2 Update)

Skull the Hero Slayer Tier list 2023 Wiki

These Skul the Hero Slayer skulls will win you the game easily. If you get one of these skulls to legendary, the run is won. These skulls tend to be either ridiculously easy to build items for, or extremely versatile in build.


As opposed to most of the skulls on this list, the Ghoul is strong as of Patch 1.4 due to its gameplay. As a brief summary of new Ghoul: you store health damage taken as gray health that you can recover by consuming your Flesh stacks. This gray health dissipates if you don’t get hit after a few seconds. If you consume 30 flesh stacks, you heal all of your gray health. Flesh stacks are gained from doing an instance of damage to an enemy.

For the purpose of a bossfight, you normally want to avoid hits whenever possible. The ghoul does the exact opposite. You want to be hit so that you can maintain your gray health. So in bossfights, you literally just wail away at the boss with attacks until you get near death, all the while tanking most of the hits, then heal to full by consuming your 30 chunks. You can infinitely repeat this pattern so long as you can get about 30 chunks in the time it takes for the boss to get you near death. So naturally the main components of a build to maximize this goal is a little madness to get more chunks out, and any tank items to make you live longer. For instance, taking 400 damage and healing 400 HP gives you quite a lot of time to work with.

Now why is this better than other skulls for boss-killing when you could just oneshot the bosses? The answer is because of consistency. It is extremely easy to get tank items due to the amount of different ones in the game, and it is trivial to stand still attacking the boss without dodging anything. Basically, you could force a tanky build and just face tank any boss with this skull. Please note I’m not saying this is an instawin skull. Going through the castle ramparts will test your skills still if you’re only relying on Ghoul due to scaling your damage taken and your massive girth.

– You have a decent amount of time to wait before your chunks expire, so this is never really an issue anymore.
– Ghoul hook attack is kinda useless for fighting bosses.
– You gain Flesh chunks from just hitting enemies with an instance of damage(or eating them with abilities).
– Self-buffs itself so you don’t really need damage in your items, though it is still nice.
– Slow Animations.
– Shield damage does not give Gray Health.
– While playing this skull, you can focus on dodging attacks until you take HP damage, then go full facetank mode after.
– While in facetank mode, don’t worry about dodging most attacks. Just make sure your HP does not go to 0, that your gray health does not start to dissipate, and that you have about 30 flesh chunks to get a full heal.- Deadly Crusher: Hefty animation. Very high damage. Gives crit rate buff up to 50%.
– Wide Slash: Relatively fast animation. Very high damage. Gives Atkspeed up to 70%.
– Body Bullet Tank: “You will be hit” animation. Only hits any single enemy once. Moves you. Gives up to 30% dmg reduction. Really bad against bosses.
– Inhale: Meh animation speed. Does really low damage. Gives up to 40% Phys damage. Meh, but it gives you some damage at least.
– Built-in Stack Consume/ Fart Attack: Use up all your stacks to heal recently lost HP and make poison gas based on amount of stacks.- Avoid Fortress shields if possible as they will prevent you from maintaining your gray health in combat.
– Antique is one optimal build path for Ghoul as of V1.5. Optimize health and damage reduction.
– Relic and Revenge are also both great for maintaining health.
– Get a bit of attackspeed to get more Flesh Chunks faster and do more DPS.Frost:

The big winner of update V1.5 is the Frost skull, being directly bumped up to one of the best skulls in the game at taking on bosses. While the skull does not have amazing DPS, it can instead Perma-freeze bosses in ice with its abilities, never letting any boss take a single action. The cooldowns are relatively long, but sufficient cooldown reduction and Absolute Zero 2 will allow you to perfectly chain them together.

– Which skills you have do not matter too much because they all serve towards the purpose of applying one freeze to the boss.
– The sole exception is the Frost skull’s swap skill, which will freeze on swap to the skull AND when you thaw out of the ice. This means a KABOOM bomber will enable you 2 easy freezes for your Perma-freeze shenanigans.
– Ice Skull can easily Perma-freeze bosses with Absolute Zero and CDR build.
– Avoid items that attack by themself like fireball necklace as they will break the ice.
– Try to only use abilities on the boss when the ice starts to shake. This gives time to let your skills cool down. Ice shaking meaning he will be let out soon, so refreeze him. Freezing him will refresh the timer.
– Absolute Zero 4 increases number of hits able to be taken in ice, so you can speed up DPS by hitting him a couple times in between freezes.
– Wisp Quintessence can also be used to keep up permafreeze by refreshing your cooldowns.
– Even if you do not have enough CDR to completely perma-freeze, you should be able to do significant free damage before having your abilities back up to begin the process anew.
– The only caveat if they escape Perma-freeze is to avoid using abilities on the boss during most attack animations, as they will be immune to any statuses.


The Bomber has two major builds based on the abilities/items you get. The first will be referred to as Nuke and the second will be referred to as Battery.

The Nuke Bomber may as well be considered an ability as long as you have the instant explosion skill. Every time your skull swap is available, you can swap and instantly detonate, giving you the Bomber’s swap skill dmg, the explosion damage, and your other skull’s swap skill all at the same time. Naturally, this means you can obliterate most enemies every few seconds when swap comes off cooldown. Since it is instant, the positioning and timing doesn’t matter.
– Prerequisite is having the Bomber’s instant explosion skill. Magnifico priests can help you get this. If you don’t get the skill, you can still use the bomber to relatiavely good effect as a reliable nuke against bosses, but the timing to dash into a boss right as your explosion is about to go off can be hard, and you lose some DPS waiting for the explosion to come.

The Battery Bomber revolves around having Manatech 2 and about 100% CDR. Bomber has two skills that have 2 second cooldowns and are thus spammable with Manatech to infinitely spam these skills. Burn and Miniature Bombs are the two skills. You want to move left and right on the ground such that you can catch the Manatech parts as they drop to continue spamming skills. The manatech parts also recharge your other cooldowns aside from Bomber, so you can use long-cooldown skull abilities(such as Reaper’s) in between Bomber swaps, thus the Battery aspect.
– Miniature Bombs is much easier to use and useful earlier than Burn. Ideally you have both skills to double the amount of Manatech parts you get, but the build is passable with just one(Preferably Miniature Bombs for damage)

– Broken mana engine and relatability engine are very good manatech options.
– Mage’s Necklace is insane with Battery for Fireball spam.
– Mutant 2 for swap CDR is useful.
– It sounds like sacrilege, but you can actually get too much CDR now. Try to maintain balance of CDR and Magic Damage. Over 100% CDR does not do that much for Battery.

– KABOOM has 0 cd. Swap off cooldown to use nuke bomber. Preferably have secondary skull with good swap skill.
– – Nice combo is Mutant Build with Legendary Mummy + Legendary Bomber.

Skul the Hero Slayer Win Condition Part 2
Skills tend to have good range, so you can chip away at boss’ HP over time (and contrary to the description, also provide cells). His dashes are fast, but have a slight stutter at the end of the dashes if you don’t jump/attack afterwards. What makes this skull amazing is the passive cell generation. You can massively increase your CDR, Physical damage, and Damage reduction. The cell drops seem to be about 1 per 100 damage you do, getting you to max stacks of each quickly. You have upgradable skills and can open Crates/Chests that spawn on levels to pick up new skills that can be higher levels(I, II, III, IV, V, …)roguelike-style. He does a LOT of damage. I will say the one key weakness is that the earlier you get the legendary version of this skull the better, since you will have more crates to open, which can be difficult. Can fit most builds because of the vast variety of his skills. Many can be hidden in dash animation. Can get Permanent stacking 100% DMG buff + 50% DMG Taken debuff from cursed chests.
– CDR helps DPS since most dmg is from skills- Swap skill has long animation and removes your cell buffs. However, it is very good at applying wound for a bleed build if you swap to this skull right on top of the boss.
– Blood Sword(Phys) wounds, has low animation time, but does low base damage. Bleed build.
– Cleaver Trap(Phys) also wounds, but only 3% chance. Low damage, but pretty easy ambient damage. Bleed build.- Double Crossbomatic(Phys) is amazing consistent DPS, and can have multiple out. Great for Cells.
– Heavy Crossbow(Phys) does very low damage and has high animation time. Don’t ever keep this.
– Symmetric Lance(Phys) Damage is very high. You can prepare the crit for the boss in the fight beforehand by killing two enemies with it. Very good Cell Gen.
– Phaser(Phys) is good damage and repositioning. Recommended for attackspeed builds.
– Sonic Carbine (Phys) is a machine gun with great damage, but animation time.
– Spartan Sandals(Phys) is worse Broadsword.
– Broadsword(Phys) is amazing dmg, cd, speed, and AOE.
– Wave of Denial(Phys) is bad. Low dmg and range.
– Lightspeed(Phys Dash) is amazing damage, but may get you hit trying to use it.- Wolf Trap(Phys) does alright damage, but the +30% dmg amplify debuff is insanely good AND it stuns.
– Rampart(Phys) is amazing Counter+Shield
– Front-Line Shield(Phys) is good Counter+Buff
– Assault Shield (Phys) is meh Counter Dash- Cluster Grenade(Magic) is awful for bosses. Low damage and aim.
– Fire grenade(Magic) solid damage and burns enemies.
– Powerful Grenade(Magic) is amazing dmg, cd, speed, and aoe. Excellent magic skill.
– Ice Crossbow(Magic) is amazing. Extremely High base dmg. Works great with Absolute Zero build. Optimize CDR, Magic Damage. Can get enough CDR/Absolute Zero to perma-freeze enemies with this. Try not to break the ice, stalling CDs.
Surprisingly good damage as soon as you get a real weapon. Rocket launcher and Grenade Launcher can hit bosses from ranged, while flamethrower and shotgun do close quarters damage. Machine gun and flamethrower are excellent with some on-hit items. Two main drawbacks are having to use Swap Skill to get a new weapon (or wait 30 seconds/hope random boss summon drops it) and the horrible speed (and dash stuttering)of mummy after the initial swap. This basically means after exhausting your weapon’s ammo, it is in your best interest to swap out. Optimal secondary skull is Bomber with Kaboom for instant ammo reload. The abilities of the mummy actually do good base magic damage.
– Quick tip for most burst weapons: Shoot then dash/jump shot for back-to-back shots, basically doubling your damage output.
– Weapons do physical damage.
– List of weapons: Pistol(Default), Machine Gun, Beam, Homing Rockets, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Railgun, Flamethrower, Shotgun.- Pistol: Infinite ammo. Default weapon. Very awful unless you have a lot of on-hit damage for melee-range shooting.
– Machine Gun: 100 ammo. Only a good weapon for on-hit builds, doing a significant amount of single-target attacks.
– Beam: 100 ammo. Only a good weapon for on-hit builds, doing a decent amount of single-target attacks. It applies statuses as well.
– Homing Rockets: 30 ammo. Very good fast-firing weapon with high DPS, and homing on enemies.
– Rocket Launcher: 20 ammo. Extremely good weapon with high DPS and seemingly unlimited range.
– Grenade Launcher: 5 ammo. Rocket Launcher, but high aoe damage and burst.
– Railgun: 10 ammo. Insane burst damage in a line that pierces enemies.
– Flamethrower: 100 ammo. Good weapon for on-hit builds, but works without them too. High DPS, short-range AoE weapon.
– Shotgun: 15 ammo. Extremely good weapon with high burst damage, but is short-range.- Head Toss: This ability is basically just a lobbed magic grenade with very high burst damage, leaving a flaming damage zone.
– Scarab: Very slow skill that comes in charges, but they do medium magic damage when they hit.
– Survival Knife: Meh physical melee skill that has 10% chance to apply Wound.
– Bad Breath: Meh magic damage and long animation.- Mummy feels amazing with many types of builds as of V1.5.
– Any Physical Damage is great on him.
– Also great with on-hits due to mass-aoe/number of hits on certain guns.
– Witch’s Brew is an insane item if running mutant 2 since you will always be swapping for ammo.
– Jagamon thorn still really good with high attack-count weapons. Mild extra synergy with survival knife.
– Poison Build with Dispoable Syringe (poison on crit) is great.
– Rapidity 4 is insane on Mummy due to weapons having stupid high base damage.
– Arms 2 synergy is all you need. Arms 4 and 6 don’t help that much.
– Crit can function well due to the inherent high damage of weaponry.
– Magic Damage can also function sufficiently as a main damage source due to how powerful some of the abilities are. In particular, the Head Toss is similar in efficacy to the Alchemist’s fire grenade.Alchemist:

The Alchemist legendary does insanely high damage and can store charges of their potion throw ability. In other words, if you want you can just swap to the alchemist when their potions are up. The main negatives of the Alchemist is that cooldowns can be long and that using the ability locks you in animation for a bit. Just being the current skull summons high-damage golems, and using the summon skill lets you quickly nuke a boss’ hp in exchange for not getting passive summoning for awhile (DPS loss if you never swap to another skull). Overall, you can just use their abilities before swapping to your other skull. If your other skull is useless, you can just stay alchemist to get the passive summons.

– You are free to move at all times except the brief timing when throwing a potion. You can also hit bosses with ease from afar.
– The golem summon active skill is bad. Only use as a finisher or if you plan to swap skulls right after. Also lot of visual clutter.
– Hold basic attack button the whole time while alchemist.
– Artifact useful on any except Freeze (meteors will break ice).
– Any CDR like mana cycle is critical.

– Stun grenade runs Dizziness. It is very slow DPS and not what you want to rely on for damage. Much better as support skull. Can stall and let golem spawns do all the damage. Try to time grenades in between attacks to actually stun bosses.
– Fire grenade can run Arson, but optimize magic damage as the second highest DPS grenade. Try to keep burn on the enemy constantly.
– Freeze grenade, like the stun grenade has very low DPS. You need more then 200% CDR along with Absolute Zero 4 to permafreeze enemies (Your golem hits will unfreeze if only Absolute Zero 2).
– Pollutant grenade has the highest DPS above the flame potion. This one is pure damage with lower CD and higher quantity rather than any statuses. Optimize magic damage.

Skul the Hero Slayer Win Condition Part 3
Surprisingly strong for how weak its earlier forms can be. Hits twice since dual wielding for the purpose of on-hits. Has high speed so dodging abilities is easy. Extremely good abilities. Can have several very effective item builds depending on what items you get.
– Gold Toss: is an insanely strong ranged ability on low cooldown and is basically infinite ammo.
– Backroll(Legendary): Being unhittable in smoke screen is a large period of benefit for bosses.
– Backroll(Unique): Has 3 low cooldown charges of invulnerable dodges. Much more spammable than legendary version.
– Rip Pocket: While it seems worse than the other abilities, for the purpose of attack speed builds, it drops more gold from enemies, thus acting as effectively on-hit damage.
– The Stun Blink is a good repositioning tool for bossfights and does alright damage. The stun doesn’t work against bosses though.- CDR and Manatech build works amazing with gold throw and smoke screen for spamming abilities.
– – If your build is focused solely on these, keeping Thief as Unique can be better since the Backroll is significantly more spammable. Combined with Gold Toss, you can be infinitely throwing abilities.
Legendary works with this build too, but the playstyle is more focused on dodging than spamming.
– Attackspeed Build works great in cover of smoke screen(and is quite fun).
– Generic Physical and Magic Damage are still good.

Skul the Hero Slayer 1.6 Tier List

Skul the Hero Slayer 1.6 Tier List A-Tier
These skulls are also great for killing bosses, but need more set-up or are limited in some ways. Getting any of these skulls to legendary gives me very high confidence of winning the run.Ranger
Ranger is another surprisingly big winner of V1.5 due to being able to stack multiple stats that are useful to it at the same time. Physical Speed skull that shoots ranged attacks. Never charge basic attacks as it’s always DPS loss. Your abilities can be concentrated to change how they function, not necessarily for the better. You gain significant concentration speed when further away from enemies, so try to never concentrate if you’re in melee range, instead Tapshoot abilities.
– Surprisingly as of V1.5, you can play ranger as a normal attacker now pretty effectively. Optimize attackspeed and Physical damage.
– Read what the concentration abilities actually do. Some concentrations will do less damage than tap-shooting it because they change the scope of the ability.
– Concentrate abilities mid-air to maintain movement.- Charge Shot is insane at all levels. Concentrate actually does good worthwhile damage too.
– Legendary Siege Shot is basically useless on bosses. The grapeshot version from Rare/Unique works for early bosses well, but both “from the air” attacks are awful for bosses.
– Multishot still very good skill for tap-shooting. The concentration does do about 2x more damage, so it’s worth it.
– Stationary Shot is actually also a good skill for both tap-shooting and concentrating. It has much higher single-target dps than the equivalent basic attacks if not running an attackspeed build.- Safety from far away while doing relatively high damage on low CDs. If plan to flawless a boss, this is a good choice.
– For Physical damage build, optimize Physical dmg, Concentration speed, and Skill CDR.
– Attendant’s Pauldrons really nice for dmg + concentration.
– Magic Pocket Watch also insane if running swap synergy.
– Cowardly Bow always good since you’re usually at range.
– Poison Build centered around Disposable Syringe is good because distance = crit = poison.
– Crit build works well since ranger +50% crit chance. Just be careful to not overcap the crit chance. – – Optimize crit damage and physical damage.Sword:
Highly effective bleed build user with high DPS. Basically is a worse version of other skulls if you don’t have a bleed build. As of Update V1.5, Sword is exponentially better since it has only Physical damage, can output insane DPS with the new bleed mechanics (Two wound = 1 bleed = Big damage burst).
– Amazing swap skill for the 50% wound chance on every attack.
– Mutant 2 is nice for abusing swap skill bleed chance.
– Attackspeed is nice for stacking bleed quickly with the Swap Skill.- Does insanely high dmg with Excessive Bleeding build.
– Miracle Grail Legendary is especially insane.
– Does sufficient damage with Arms/Physical Build.
– Does sufficient damage with CDR Build spamming bleed abilities.- Triple Pierce only alright.
– Sawblade Slash is the highest physical damage skill regardless of Bleed build.
– Rusty Piercer best ability because dash low cd, high dmg, and speed.
– Double Slash cool ability, must dash past enemy, then use it.Werewolf:
Honestly, this is likely the second best common skull you can get. Incredibly fast skull with solid damage attacks make the game a breeze. The abilities are fairly straightforward as either dash damage, debuff enemies, or lifesteal abilities. Upgrading it to legendary makes it scale to lategame.
It has awkward skill scalings, half being magic and half being physical.- Physical Damage builds works amazingly. Fits with werewolf passive of not staying in one place as opposed to standard attackspeed builds.
– Werewolf feels alright with crit support, but needs to be careful not to waste items on overcapping crit.
– Chase 2 solid to keep crit bar up if no dash skills. Many of the new Chase items suck for werewolf though.
– Kirion insane item on Werewolf. Can optimize Rapidity.
– Poison Build Feels very good on Werewolf with the poison crit item, since WW has great innate crit chance.
– Magic Damage build is insanely good (if have magic damage skills). Have high sustain with one of them too. Play hit and run, don’t need to normal attack.
– Misfortune 2 is good to make most attacks and abilities crit.- Beast Leap(Phys) skill good for maintaining crit meter. Can use like a dash to dodge attacks. Physical Dash x3.
– The lifesteal ability(Magic) makes it quite easy to stay healthy before reaching the boss since most levels have rooms spamming normal enemies. More HP going into a bossfight helps with bossfights.
– Hunt(Phys) is hyper insane against bosses amplifying +150% damage against them for 3 seconds on cast. Physical Dash.Ent:
Physical damage Power skull that’s a Natural Tank with basically permanent 30% damage reduction, high damage skills, and self-buffing physical damage. Can summon grass for 10 second duration using its bar that charges 1 seed (up to 5) every 15 seconds, and gains 1 seed on swap. Grass is also summoned by the swap.
– Being on grass enhances ability damage, instant concentration, 50% cd, 30% dmg reduction, and 10% physical damage per grass.
– Trick for grass usage is to use it, wait about 8 seconds right before it expires, then expand the grass to reset the expiration time.
– Bad Bug: If you swap from another skull to Ent while on grass, your enhanced grass skills will not hit enemies and you cannot cast them outside grass. Fixable by swapping. Legendary version does damage and can hit enemies, but still cannot cast abilities outside grass. Luckily for bosses, this is more negligible.
– Ent feels insanely good with Skill CDR, playing it like a caster rather than a normal attacker.
– Swap skill spawns grass, damages enemies, and gives 1 seed.
– By utilizing the swap skill, grass can be infinitely kept up.
– Can struggle vs flying enemies
– Insane synergy with Kaboom bomber to get more seeds/grass.
– Build tank build and some Physical Damage. Optimize CDR as well. Mutant nice for perma-uptime grass. You do damage and take little damage.- Rapid Growth = Punch Big: Very fast and good damage when concentrated on grass. Excellent ability.
– Nature’s Grip = Grab Big: Alright speed and good damage when concentrated on grass. Slightly worse than Rapid Growth.
– Nature’s Fury = Punch 3 times while invulnerable.
– Deep Roots = 3x Root attack + Invuln. Good total damage when on grass.
Skul the Hero Slayer 1.6 Tier List A-Tier Part 2
Physical Damage power skull with high DPS normal attacks. The guaranteed skill costs 10% of current HP to use in exchange for a demon form with upgraded skills after a delay. The HP loss is actually a lot more sustainable now due to Relic and Revenge-based synergies. Hyper Insane damage output. Attack combo: normal, normal, jump downsmash, dash, ability. The best comparison I can make is that upgrading to Legendary turns the skull into Predator. You struggle against flying enemies, move a lot by spamming abilities, and have to DPS race the enemy.
– Hell Scream is the guaranteed skill you will guaranteed take damage by using the skill. For the purposes of bosses, gives you a lengthy time frame to DPS race the boss by turning you into Demon-Form. It also temporarily protects you from damage and does a large extremely-high damage explosion.
– Hell Scream – Demon Form is basically just a jump strike with good damage.
– Mad Rush is a solid striking ability.
– Mad Rush – Demon Form is basically the Predator faceroll move. If you can hit the enemy, you will demolish them in exchange for taking a good amount of damage.
– Bone of the Devil doesn’t do much compared to normal attacks.
– Rage Tackle is insane DPS, akin to Predator again- Physical Damage is optimal to best abuse the +80% Physical damage amplification based on missing health.
– Some Attack Speed is nice to have on power skulls to reduce attack animation time.
– Tank stats should also be prioritized on this skull.
– A certain item with Heart in the name increases your max hp by 150 in exchange for decaying to 50% max hp as a cap. This synergizes well with the missing health Physical attack.Predator:
Ability-based Physical damage DPS race skull. Extremely high damage. Amazing DPS and swap skill, but too mobile and vulnerable while using skills. Trying to micromanage ability usage without getting hit is extremely difficult. The fact that its skills move it without providing invincibility makes it extremely likely to take damage while attacking enemies. Has high enough range with attacks. Able to win the DPS race against bosses with enough damage.
– Hack is a great ability because it keeps you in place in exchange for more DPS than other abilities.
– Swap skill is also free 30% dmg buff and slows enemies if you have any reason to swap.- Treat it as an ability caster rather than a normal attacker, since the abilities do significantly more DPS.
– Optimize tank stats and Physical Damage, with a little CDR.
– Approaching Death poison dagger good synergy for free +30% amplified dmg every 8 seconds on skill-casts.
Skul the Hero Slayer 1.6 Tier List B-Tier
These skulls can work to kill bosses, but are rather limited in some capacity or another. I have high confidence in winning with these skulls at Legendary, but have a chance of failing. Getting one of these skulls and good build gives you great chance at winning. May be subject to unique mechanics that you need to get used to first.Archlich:
High damage chains means you can usually kill bosses faster than they can kill you. Balance skull so slower speed, and doing damage on some bosses is not guaranteed since you have to land abilities/attacks. A lot of being in a dangerous position, but you do high damage.
– As of Patch 1.4, it just does way less overall damage than before by a rather significant amount on every ability.
– Prison of the Damned is an good ability in terms of damage and utility(slowing down bosses for several seconds). As of Patch 1.4, the slow was nerfed heavily so it’s still a good ability, but not as strong.
– Soul Steal is hard to keep stacked in boss fights, but is good damage and a good buff for the start of the fight(if you can’t flawless). It is instant animation, really low cooldown, and solid damage.
– Deathly Chill sucks as an ability. Frozen is a status effect that doesn’t work on bosses and will often get you hit by canceling normal enemy animations. The damage burst is delayed and it has an animation lock just like the aforementioned row of chains ability.
– Having Deathtrap be a built-in skill is nice and all, but it doesn’t actually do that much against bosses compared to how high the effective cooldown of it is (maybe 2-3 total in the final fight).- Magic Damage is optimal.
– CDR works well as a focused build, especially with Prison of the Damned.
– Attack Speed is a decent secondary stat for sending basic attack chains out more often, but most of your damage comes from spells.Yaksha:
Physical Power skull with relatively clean and fast attack animations. Its charge bar is pretty irrelevant because it charges so fast with your abilities that you’ll almost always be able to have it up when you want it. The zone this bar creates transforms you into Rakshasa form, altering your abilities and attacks. Yaksha now has high DPS overall.
– The abilities are relatively fast and can be air/dash animation cancelled for speedier attacks.
– Basic abilities and Rakshasa abilities do not share cooldowns. So can exit zone to use abilities too.
– The Slow field in Rakshaha form lets you easily DPS race bosses with safety.- Fist: Great damage, fast animation.
– Rakshasa Fist: High damage, fast animation. Can concentrate to nuke an enemy.
– Iron Will: Great damage, fast animation, low cooldown.
– Rakshasa Iron Fist: Good aoe damage. Low cooldown.
– Iron Strike: Great damage, slower animation.
– Rakshasa Iron Strike: Insane damage, low cooldown, slow animation.
– Demonic Massacre: Slow cancellable animation, medium damage.
– Rakshasa Demonic Massacre: Same as above pretty much.- Physical Damage builds good to abuse your high attack power skills.
– Some Concentration with the Rakshasa Fist can be used to focus around this high-burst move.
– Optimize Tank stats as well.Water:
Magic Damage Power Skull with good animations and insane DPS. The waves do large ambient damage and spawn when you hit enemies with basic attacks. Basic atk combo is 2x Attack -> Dash. Basic attacks and waves do significant DPS to bosses rather quickly. There’s not too much to this skull mechanically aside from punch enemies really well and do lots of damage in an area.- Dive: Good damage and hits vertically. Dive is DPS loss compared to attacking, so use if you need to dodge stuff.
– Lake of the Spirit: Pretty good DPS and self-buff damage amp by 50% magic attack. Stuck on ground.
– Rising Tide: Very meh damage, but spammable. Just an alright ability.

– Magic Damage build optimal for damage.
– Attack Speed items helps wave generation and attack animations a lot.
– Also optimize tank stats.

Able to spam dash attacks for invincibility frames makes most bosses a breeze. Has a skill to spam dashes with no invincibility frames, but increases dps immensely. As long as you play it right and build around it, works great. Basically, anything you do is an attack. This character is spam your attack and dash when appropriate. Alternatively, if you have dash spam skill, it’s DPS race.
– Chase Build synergizes well with pike abilities(Especially the spam-dash ability), but many of the V1.5 Chase item kinda suck generically.
– Physical Build works well with the buff-damage abilities.

Skul the Hero Slayer 1.7.2 Update Tier List B-Tier Part 2
Magic Damage Balance Skull that does good damage and is hard to hit for many bosses. Flying in the air can be hard to control in bossfights, but that’s the price to pay to learn how to play this skull. You usually try to stay midair after the initial flight by spamming basic attack mid-air, which actually does very high damage. All your abilities angle downwards such as so hit enemies below you, usually at an angle. They also each attempt to make you maintain height in some manner. Down slam basic attack does significant damage akin to an ability if soaring, but will reset your flying since you hit the ground.
Overall, Gargoyle has a lot of choices on how it can play now for more versatility, but combining each attack type for different positions seems to be the goal. Basic methodology is to fly to get full soar stacks, basic attack spam the boss most of the time in the air, use abilities when about to touch the ground, then ground smash when you run out of abilities and are about to hit ground.
– Can cheese fights by staying semi-permanently in the air hitting from above if you have enough CDR, using abilities to maintain height.
– The laser beam slows enemies hit for the duration, including bosses. This is the best damaging ability this skull has. When midair, it angles 45 degrees in front of you towards the ground. The benefits are the extremely long range, the slowing, and the fact it keeps you midair the whole time.
– Tornado ball is critical for keeping vertical height and attacking from above. Does good damage and comes in charges. With low enough CD, you are able to spam for infinite height.
– Petrify is kinda bad at legendary, actually getting damage nerfed from Unique, since you can no longer double down on cast+ground hit damage. At legendary, it can only really be used to dodge attacks or tap for alright damage.- Artifact meteors for ambient damage is very useful.
– CDR Build is good to cheese bosses from above.
– Soar 4 is useful to supplement Gargoyle damage to abuse gargoyle flight. (Significantly worse with the new Soar since can’t abuse it for high Magic damage, but it’s still solid).
– Magic Damage Build supplement is good with Soar to deal damage.
– Attack Speed Build is a decent secondary to Soar as well for basic-attack spamming.Samurai:
Does super high damage with the Moon Slash/Slash attack. Can oneshot boss phases. Main caveats are having to get in close to create marks, only being able to use the final slash a few times, and actually landing your abilities/marks can be hard without taking damage sometimes. Struggles a bit against flying enemies. The Slash ability can be hard to position without getting hit, and can miss. Playstyle is fun and rewarding for getting Slash procs on max-marked enemies.
– As of Patch 1.4, you can actually use the Moon Slash more than twice a run without farming it. Now it’s more like once or twice a room.
– Just hitting many enemies in the filler wave rooms will get you the Moon Slash bar full.
– Still does insane damage despite the damage nerf.- Best second skill is the counter slash, which puts full marks on target and does damage. Counter fills about 1/10 of the gauge per hit.
– Flurry Slashes does damage, but has a risky movement animation.
– The Quickstrike slashes is basically 5 Kirion slashes, so it’s not bad.- Physical Damage and attackspeed is your generic good build.
– Hidden Blade and Crit makes your Moon Slash/Slash do optimal damage for one-shotting.
– – With hidden blade, store up a full bar slash, use some ability to get 5 marks on him, then one-shot the boss with the moon slash.
– The 50% Crit dmg Bow is good for Moon Slash.Rockstar:
High Damage burst skills, but very immobile while trying to attack despite being a speed skull. The basic attack damage is consistent, and solid DPS. Filling the gauge is very difficult against a boss unless you get used to the unique movement of this skull. The damage mechanics are similar to alchemist in that it creates ability charges and it may be better to swap off of after using the cooldowns. To properly play this skull, you have to get used to walking around in melee range of bosses.
– Magic Damage build allows you to burst down boss HP with amps and the full-charge bar.
– Rockstar feels really good with Dizziness. Still very high DPS.Clown:
Speed skull that throws knives a short range, which do physical damage, and apply stacks that eventually explode in magic damage. Abilities are physical. Really good single target damage and speed, but range is suboptimal and has some animations. Awful jump attack. Can struggle against flying enemies with attackspeed build.
– Highlight(jump and throw ability in cone down) homes on enemies as Legendary. This is extremely significant because it lets you kill flying enemies easier and stacks knife stacks for a magic damage build.
– Highlight very good for stacking knife stacks for magic damage against single targets like bosses.
– Really good against big enemies when using Jack-in-the-Box or Highlight (air jump) ability.- Magic Damage Build works well for bosses now as of Patch 1.4. It has much higher magic damage and smaller explosion radius doesn’t matter against bosses.
– Physical Damage Supplementary works well in general, and supports the scaling on abilities.
– Clown Feels alright with on-hits and attack speed builds.
– Feels amazing with manatech CDR build: high dmg + super-stacking knives is nice.

Able to hit shield hits without really taking damage makes this a decent boss killer. Hard to hit flying enemies and is slow as a power skull. If not solo-carry skull, you can use it as a shield-buffer every so often, swapping between skulls. Can pair with some skull with high cooldown abilities, really good swap ability, or bomber. A noticeable weakness is that while shield-charging, you can still be hit unlike any other shield in other games with shield charges. Basically, there is a timing while blocking that you are able to be hit because you automatically attack when concentration is complete.
– The Concentration Speed ability is by far the best ability. It allows this skull to actually have great DPS.
– Every other skill is basically “do damage and give me 10 shield”.
– Physical Damage build is optimal for having slow, but very heavy hitting attacks.
– Fortress(Shield) build supplements damage since Legendary Shield gets damage from shield strength.
– Mutant (Swap CD) build is optimal for very, very slowly killing a boss with infinite shields.
– Please take Revenge or a high damage Quint if you’re optimizing tank stats. It will take a year to kill bosses otherwise. You won’t die, except of boredom.
– Poison feels good to run with Shield for actually having damage. Heart of Decay excellent since it procs on being hit(even with shield)

Skul the Hero Slayer 1.7.2 Update Tier List C-Tier

These skulls have alright boss-killing usage, but if possible should not be your main way to deal with bosses for various reasons. I have confidence in winning with these skulls, but I can also see myself losing too much HP. If you get a really good build with it and know how to play the skull, then you have a good chance at winning.

Range is as low as possible, and bosses are unmovable so you cannot do wall damage(which sucks anyway). The slowdown is very good, but basically only works once in a fight. The positives are that this skull does decent damage with basic abilities and decent dps with basic attacks. The abilities focus more on having energy to use them rather than cooldown. However, the new abilities simply do not work well enough to offset the negatives of this skull.
– The new abilities are also rather slow and do not make up for the lack of the old parry ability.
– Ironically, they were trying to make it good against bosses, and made it far worse…
– Building up rage takes so much longer now, but you only ever got one off anyway in the past.
– The built-in counter dash does not always work, and will tend to get you hit anyway. It’s like playing with Genie.

– One-Inch Punch is your cheap and quick boss-killing ability, such that you should not really use the other ones if you have this.
– The Nuclear Punch has a small wind-up, so it may get you hit, but it does good damage, so it can be worth it damage-wise to exhaust your energy by spamming a few of these in a row. Costs 40 energy. Relatively bad compared to the One Inch Punch and Quick Step.
– Quick Step is an instant animation + small dash to target that does good damage. It costs 20 energy which makes it so you can spam this many times before running out of energy, especially since it has little animation.
– Counter on Dash is just really bad. Sure it’s a built-in damage skill, but its bad because it stops you in place during your dash.
– Swap skill can be limitedly useful by giving you damage amp for 10 seconds against the boss.

– Physical Attack Damage build is good to make your punches and abilities do lots of damage.
– Attack Speed build is also good and lets you charge your abilities faster. Rapidity 4 can serve as your whole damage-base.
– Duel is fairly useful since you will only be fighting the boss.
– Can optimize some tank stats to make up for your horrible range.

Magic Skull. Does alright damage with its magical damage melee basic attacks with good animations. Jump attack is horrible because it is a melee downward slash that does small damage. The abilities in general are high strength, do delayed damage, and require specific positioning. All of the abilities do magic damage, making building pretty easy as of Patch 1.4. When using a basic attack, a ranged card is sometimes thrown out, dealing good damage. When using abilities, there’s a chance for abilities to have Great Failure or Great Success. Despite the naming, Great Failure is still good. On Great Failure, 50% of the CD is refunded and it does reduced damage. On Great Success, 100% of the CD is refunded, and it does insane base damage.
– Great Successes means you can chain your ability back to back with itself.
– Can easily hide ability animations in jump and dash animation.

– Swap Skill still kinda bad, but damage is damage.
– Russian Roulette is very high ranged magic damage and has very smooth animation now. Be careful because the animation can be cancelled before the damage goes off with a dash.
– Black Jack is this skull’s best ability because the animation time is negligible and the ability fits in well while basic attacking. It pierces enemies. The damage and cooldown are decent.
– Rain of Darts can be annoying to land, but it actually does good damage if you get decent RNG.
– Roulette of Destiny requires jank positioning, has a long animation, doesn’t work at all against enemies that move a lot, sometimes blinds you by cluttering your screen, and does alright damage.

– Good base damage, so can easily go miscellaneous builds.
– CDR/Manatech Build is very good, especially with Black Jack. Helps you abuse the base damage of abilities and farming Great Failure/Successes.
– Magic Damage Build is optimal to do damage to bosses.
– Attack Speed Build works alright with basic attacks to try to spam card throws.

Reaper is a very odd magic skull now as of Patch 1.4. It now scales with enemies killed, kinda akin to how Kirion works, but its powerspikes are at 50 and 150 souls taken. Souls drop sometimes from enemies killed, but are also guaranteed if you kill them with your swap skill. This skull is very reliant on getting it a bit early. Getting it too late means its useless aside from breaking it down, similar to Kirion. One large caveat is that the skull is a balance skull and is therefore a bit slow, so dodging can be a little harder. The skull itself is also quite large with a big hitbox.
– Highly limited by the point in the game you get this skull. Getting it late in the run is a death sentence to use.
– Swap skill is guaranteed soul gain, but horrendous animation time. Works on spawns/ghosts akin to Kirion. You stay at the same vertical height for animation, so can’t hide animation in jump. Can use Warrior Pauldrons for safety. It says you have invincibility during this, but you will still get hit easily every time you try to use it regardless if you aren’t careful.
– Getting 50/150 souls buffs abilities. Seems to buff damage and animation time. Then gives special effects.
– All abilities have Very High base animation times.
– Can easily farm souls on the levels with waves of weak enemies, or statues at end.
– Fairly reliant on getting 150 souls to have good abilities against bosses, which isn’t the worst to get. This is doable if you get it the skull in the Black Lab, and perhaps in the Ramparts if you want to farm statues.

– Guillotine: High power with low CD ability. Hits vertically well. Against normal enemies, stiffen with basic attack into Guillotine. With guillotine, you can cast and then swap. The guillotine will still go off but not lock in animation.
– G2 significantly faster animation time and damage.
– G3 deals 44% more damage if only hitting one enemy (like a boss).
– Fissure: Good power, but high CD DoT AoE ability , but doesn’t work that well against mobile and flying enemies.
– F2 hits vertically well and better animation time.
– F3 gives enemies hit a +20% dmg taken debuff.

– Optimize magical damage and defenses.

Very mobile, but the damage is extremely low and does not provide much support against bosses. Hard to use effectively, but you can eventually chip away a bosses’ HP. Doing normal attacks on the ground is awful as the ninja because it moves you automatically in the direction you are facing, which sometimes moves you to bad positions against bosses. Similarly, doing midair normal attacks will dash you in a direction, which can be hard to get used to. The abilities usually require positioning and do abysmally low damage compared to most other skulls. Basically the embodiment of death by a thousand cuts, but the payoff for being able to control this skull is not very high. Basic attack combo: jump, attack right, attack left, attack right, attack to land, repeat.
– Don’t use the ground normal attacks most of the time. Just use the midair normal attacks back and forth.
– Abilities are weird and only some of them are particularly useful.
– Overall low damage.
– Can use the substitute jutsu to dodge attacks now. Treat it like a vertical dash and you’ll dodge lots of attacks.
– Very likely to get hit due to hard-to-control mobility on most attacks.
– Soar is excellent for ninja since you’re midair a lot.
– Can run bleed build with Bleed shoes.
– Wing armor very useful to negate ninja’s weakness of getting hit while doing damage.

Skul the Hero Slayer 1.6 Tier List C-Tier Part 2
Very fun minigame power skull.Concentrating attacks will definitely get you hit against bosses. Long animations and struggles against flying enemies. You will mostly concentrate abilities, such that you can do a high chunk of a boss’s HP if you actually hit the ability. The problem is standing still and hoping they go to a position you can hit can be hard. If possible, try to charge abilities mid-air instead of on the ground the whole time. While you will take damage trying to concentrate abilities, you can do enough damage to have it be worth it against bosses. As of Patch 1.4, the Warrior skull gets invincibility while attacking with concentration. Therefore, you can use it like a delayed parry. It does up to 200% extra damage based on hits would’ve taken during cast, so you want to use your abilities right before you get hit.
– If about to be hit, could either just use the invincibility from the first concentration level to block,
or can tank it to just use second concentration level.
– All the skills just do a lot of damage and can parry.
– Avoid the skills that move you. They tend to miss completely or put you in bad spots.
– Don’t normal attack most of the time. Only use skills, concentrating and parrying attacks.
– Optimize Physical Damage, not the ones that require you to attack an enemy to get the phys attack. – Also optimize concentration speed and defensive stats.
– Make sure to cancel concentration with dash if it’s an attack you can’t really parry without taking damage or missing completely.
– Parrying does +40% amplified dmg per hit, up to +200%.
– You can change direction of skills being concentrated by looking left/right after releasing.
– Rising Slash best skill. Keeps you in place and is hard to miss.Minotaurus:
Pretty basic power skull. Slow as sin, with medium-length animations. The damage and size of this skull does not make up for its slowness and poor boss-fighting capability. As of Patch 1.14, some parts were reworked making it better for general-use, but it still has the same fundamental problems against bosses.
– Does seemingly more damage with less clunky animations. The change to burst damage from the trample effect “Earthquake” rather than negligible DoT is great.
– On spell-cast, do 4 aoe earthquakes.
– On hitting enemies with 3 earthquakes in short succession can do Ground Shatter down smash attack.
– Try to stagger skills so you can keep earthquake up longer.
– Alright against adventurers since can stun them when they’re about to attack.- Swap skill is solid damage.
– Stomp does good damage and greatly helps charge Ground Shatter. Very high damage aoe. Sucks against flying enemies.
– Optimize Physical damage and tank stats.Carleon Soldier(Summoner):
Try to charge your attack if you can help it, to help charge your bar. You can swap to this skull when it’s up to summon the 3 familiars, then use abilities to summon 2 more familiars. You’re incentivized to stay as this skull to buff your current troops, but that means you cannot abuse your swap skill as much. The basis of the skull is to summon as many minions as possible, then stay nearby to buff them. You can try to charge the bar with concentration attacks, but I do not recommend this against bosses. At full bar, you can heavily buff your summons for a short duration. Struggles against flying enemies.
– As of Patch 1.4, the swap-only build is heavily nerfed since you summon 2 less minions on swap, and you lose the damage buff on your minions while swapped out. That being said, it’s still solid.
– Abilities are more bursty than before, making you more of an physical damage caster, but summoner playstyle still seems good.
– Your basic attack is a little bad, but you can get enough summon damage to beat the bosses.- Mutant(Swap Speed) build works amazingly to maximize the number of times you use the swap skill.
– CDR/Manatech builds work amazingly to maximize the number of summons you get from your abilities.
– Having some physical attack items is useful to increase summon damage.
– Bomber Skull with instant explosion skill is likely best synergy with this skull to maximize the swap skill and its ally-buffing at the same time.
– Magic Pocketwatch is an insane item for 70% CDR along with 100% concentration speed on swap.Rider:
Incredibly high DPS damage… against non-bosses. Struggles incredibly against flying enemies and some stages. Being able to take damage while riding and unable to dodge makes this a DPS-race skull, so a worse version of the pike skull. Damage is so incredibly inconsistent against most bosses that it should not be used. Overall super painful to fight bosses with unless you have a very good build.
– Take Warrior’s Pauldrons if you see it, this is your helmet.
– Fortress is very useful for keeping yourself from bodily harm.
– Hidden Blade synergizes very well with the burst-nature of Rider. Focus Crit.
Skul the Hero Slayer 1.7.2 Update Tier List D-Tier
These skulls suffer greatly against bosses specifically due to their nature or animations, but you can still conceivably beat a boss with the right setup. I can beat the run with these skulls, but I do not have consistent confidence in doing so. They tend to be hard to build/play around properly.Stone Monkey:
Full Physical Damage speed skull with a really good 3-hit basic attack animation and loop. The Clone summons are actually rather good for killing bosses since you multiply your damage. At legendary, you can basically do concentration on your spells, but this isn’t really worth it against single-target enemies like bosses. Instead, you can optimize damage by spawning a bunch of clones in one spot and tapping an ability to make them all attack the boss with an ability. It is a bit difficult to generate the clone meter against some later bosses. Also, since bosses move a lot then they can move away from your clone horde. As of Patch 1.14, the damage for tapping the ability is extremely nerfed, and you basically have to concentrate if you want to do any damage. The swap skill was also nerfed, so even that cannot be relied upon. Overall, lost far too much of its damage.
– Just a worse version of other skulls post-nerf. Clones are alright, but overall DPS of this skull is weak.
– Concentration doesn’t seem to apply to the “focus” of these abilities as far as I know.
– Physical Damage to make use of the clones and Physical skill-scalings.
– Attack Speed is nice to generate more of the Clone meter and make your Clones attack faster.
– The Staff-Stab and the Staff-Stun abilities are very good instant-tap skills.
– The Staff-Arts ability isn’t very good and will lead you to be hit because of animation.
– The Staff-Spin is alright too, but makes you rooted in place while you use it.Gravedigger(Necromancer):
Magic Power Skull that has the same basic attack weaknesses as other power skulls. Highly gated by the 5 graves being summoned by the swap skill. Legendary version uses 3 graves to spawn summons at a time, making it effective for mass-summoning. Abilities can be animation cancelled as soon as the summons spawn with a dash. Struggles a little against flying enemies. The abilities stand still, so it can be rough against mobile bosses as well. The spirits reducing skill cooldowns mean that as long as enough spirits spawn, you aren’t hard-locked out of using abilities based on cooldown. Unlike many other skulls, this skull actually supports boss-fights by having spirits spawn during them, and frequently at that. During bossfights, try not to attack the boss directly if you can help it. Instead, just try to keep summoning creatures. Overall, plays a lot like the Carleon Recruit, but a bit riskier.
– As of Patch 1.4, the summons last significantly less time in exchange for lower cooldowns. In other words, you need significantly more graves to properly utilize your abilities, which was not a problem before.
– The damage of the skull is focused around summoning all of these minions, but due to the limitation of graves available being less than the cooldowns of your spells, you will have leftover skills now, but not enough graves to properly utilize them. So you lose a significant amount of DPS compared to before.
– Naturally works well with Bomber with instant explosion to spawn graves and damage the field.- Othello (Spear)is good for non-flying bosses because it hits everywhere.
– King Lear (Ranger) looks good for spamming against non-flying enemies.
– Hamlet (Melee) is relatively bad for mobile bosses.- Tank stats are optimal, splashing magic damage when you can.
– Relic 4 with Revenge 2 is one build I recommend.
– Mutant(Swap CD) is almost essential as of Patch 1.4 because you cannot summon enough graves to function as a necromancer without focusing on the swap skill.Living Armor:
Works alright, but is slow. Does very good damage, but relies on risky melee hits with bad animations to charge abilities, making bossfights hard to do without getting hit. The abilities are quick, making them easy to hit while maintaining maneuverability. The main gimmick is to stack souls to use better skills on low CD. This is good in crowds, but crippled against solo bosses. Standing in place with high animations against a boss is a bad idea.
– Take any attack speed you can to get souls better and stay out of animation-lock. Abuse swap skill to charge souls at no risk.
– You need to abuse the swap skill if you ever want to get the enhanced abilities out in reasonable time.
– Optimize Attack Speed, tank stats, and magic damageWarlock:
Does good damage if you concentrate some spells. However, trying to dodge boss attacks while channeling spells is extremely difficult and completing concentration locks you in animation for a long time, meaning you will likely be hit. It seems like you also do not get invincibility frames dashing while concentrating. Overall the damage trade-off isn’t worth it. While channeling the legendary version, the spell will shoot small versions of itself periodically, but these tend to miss the boss regardless and do small damage. So, your dps is alright due to your concentration burst, but the price to pay is also great. Without concentration items, it is far more DPS reliable to spam basic attacks. A playable strategy is to just tap-shoot abilities instead of concentrating, and just spamming basic attacks.
– The Meteor spell is a particularly reliable spell against bosses since it hits everything on screen, ignoring positioning. It has good enough DPS from the mini-meteors while channeling.
– The Spike spell is absolutely awful because of how specific the positioning must be to actually hit anything. It does not have a channel mini-spell.
– The Orb spell is not that good against bosses from the full-charge, but it has sustainable aoe damage from the channel mini-spell. May be worth using to 99% charge and stopping before full-concentration.
– Basic attacks do main DPS.- Optimize Magic Damage so your spells do damage.
– Rapidity 2 is nice for spamming normal attacks.
– Artifact 4/6 is nice to actually do damage since your abilities will tickle.
– Magic Pocket Watch makes your abilities significantly better with the 100% concentration speed and 70% CDR.
– Concentration Speed is rarer now, making it even more doomed to try to charge abilities during boss fights.Dark Paladin:
Low damage skull with awkward mechanics and long animation times. Able to create shield buffer on self and has long-ranged skill. Some skills have bad animations and the skull is Balance speed. The dash skill and the long-ranged skill are both really clean animations with high damage and range. Conversely, the melee skills tend to have long awful animations. Your main DPS revolves around having your shield barrier up, granting you super long-range basic attacks with good Magic Damage. Your basic attacks in magic form will pretty much always out-DPS your abilities.
– Dark Charge (The Dash) : Solid skill with good damage and quick animation.
– Dark Rush: Super long animation, but is extremely good at filling bar.- Optimize magic dmg, attackspeed, and defense stats to keep shield up.
– Your best bet at winning with this skull would be to abuse the long-range projectile skill because it’s the only decent animation speed one.
– Mana Gauntlets are really good for you.
– Manatech 4 might be essential to using the skills without taking damage most of the time with the 100% casting speed. However, the manatech items don’t generally help paladin too much.
– The problem with this skull is that it is a normal attack-based skull that only has magic damage when the 10 hp 20 second passive shield is up.
– To get this passive shield, you have to stay in horrible animation locked skills, and any boss attack will take it off of you, removing your main source of damage.
These skulls are actively sabotaging your chance to win against bosses if you have the option to use them or not. I have zero confidence in winning a run with these skulls in reasonable time. They are active sabotage.Skul:
Little Bone is unfortunately significantly weaker than the past fireball spam iterations, lacking any built-in damage. Main idea is to challenge yourself with this skull. Swapping to this skull is awful because it locks you in a moving animation for awhile, so you will be hit. If you are killing bosses with this skull, you will want to throw skull, pick it up, and repeat. This skull used to be able to fly infinitely, but as of Patch 1.4 can no longer do so. You can still spam sorcery attacks, but must do so on the ground.
– Very low dps comparably for lategame.
-CDR Build still works well for Skul. As soon as you get the fireball wand in sorcery, you actually have some damage.
– You can try running statuses, fairytail, and similar item-based builds. CDR is alright, but he can’t abuse it like before.
The Genie is a special tier of bad because of one fact: your dashes are absolutely awful for bossfights. The Genie blinks instantly instead of dashing, which sounds great in theory until you realize your invincibility frames are also gone. This makes it significantly harder to dodge almost every attack in the game compared to a normal dash. You basically have to use your abilities to dodge key attacks instead of your dash. Hits decently hard, but the dash outweighs it by a significant margin.
– Courage(Attack Damage) to make your attacks actually do damage.
– Madness(Attackspeed) to take advantage of the clones from finishing a basic attack combo.
– Sorcery(CDR) to get your invincibility abilities up more often.
– Get anything defensive if you want to live against bosses.
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