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Snowbreak Containment Zone Fenny Guide – Best Teams

Welcome to our Snowbreak Containment Zone Fenny Guide! In this guide, we’ll explore Fenny Golden, also known as Lionheart, a powerful character armed with a Shotgun. Learn about Fenny’s unique skills, the best teams to pair her with, and how to obtain her in the Snowbreak Containment Zone. Get ready to unleash Fenny’s might and conquer the battlefield.

So come and take a look at this Snowbreak Containment Zone Fenny Guide – Best Teams for Fenny

Snowbreak Containment Zone Guide Wiki Best Team & Build 

Fenny Golden Profile:

  • Nickname: Lionheart
  • Affiliation: Heimdall Force
  • Occupation: Operative
  • Date of Birth: July 30th
  • Voice Actor: Heather Nicol

Fenny Golden Overview:

Fenny Golden, also known as Lionheart, is a major supporting character in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. She is a former Valkyrie Games star and has gained popularity with her powerful skills and impressive presence on the battlefield. Fenny is armed with a Shotgun, making her a formidable force to reckon with. Her skills and passive abilities make her a threat to opponents, and her stylish appearance adds to her allure.

How to Obtain Fenny Golden in Snowbreak Containment Zone :

Fenny Golden can be unlocked and equipped after completing Chapter 1, Progress 8.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Fenny Skills:

Queen Bee (Standard Skill | Dash | Interrupt):

    • Fenny consumes 1 bullet to swiftly dash forward, repelling the target in front and inflicting multiple Kinetic damage instances, up to 8 times.
    • This skill also disrupts the target’s special ability for 5 seconds.
    • After using the skill, Fenny triggers Tactical Reload, reloading 1 bullet.
    • Dash Damage of Queen Bee: 12% of ATK + 22
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • S-Energy Consumption: 20

Star Power (Support Skill | Control | Interrupt):

    • Fenny forcefully launches surrounding targets into the air, dealing Kinetic damage.
    • This skill also interrupts the target’s special ability for 10 seconds.
    • Launch Damage of Star Power: 114% of ATK + 24
    • Cooldown: 25 seconds
    • S-Energy Consumption: 20

Fit of Pique (Ultimate Skill | Damage):

    • Fenny triggers a series of 7 explosive blasts in a line, each causing Kinetic damage and launching the affected targets into the air.
    • Damage received by targets hit multiple times within the same area gradually decreases by 50% with each subsequent hit.
    • Explosion Damage per Blast of Fit of Pique: 87% of ATK + 154
    • Cooldown: 20 seconds
    • S-Energy Consumption: 60

Fenny Golden, armed with her powerful Shotgun and unique skillset, brings a combination of crowd control and damage-dealing abilities to the battlefield.

Her Queen Bee skill allows her to dash forward, interrupting enemies and dealing Kinetic damage. With Star Power, Fenny launches surrounding targets into the air, interrupting their special abilities.

Lastly, Fit of Pique unleashes a devastating line of explosive blasts, causing substantial Kinetic damage.

I hope this guide provides useful information about the Snowbreak Containment Zone character Fenny Golden and helps you understand her abilities and playstyle. Best of luck in your adventures within the Snowbreak Containment Zone!

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