Starborne Frontiers Guide Wiki For Beginners February 2024

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hey all, Welcome to our Starborne Frontiers Guide, In this guide, we will share some handy things that some of you might not be aware of yet, Some of these are obvious, and others may be less so. Just wanted to compile a bit of a checklist.

So come and take a look at this Starborne Frontiers Guide Wiki.

Starborne Frontiers Guide Wiki

Shop Related:

In the shop under “limited Bundles” There is a daily Free Energy Cell refill you can purchase.

Speaking of the shop, if you want to try to be a little bit more efficient with your purchased/daily platinum in the platinum shop, I’d suggest buying the weekly Beacon, alongside the daily Energy Cell. Beyond that, it’s likely most efficient to simply purchase energy refills to farm needed items

There is a daily public beacon that can also be purchased in the credit shop. It’s super cheap, so I’d suggest picking it up early game largely to give extra chances at rare ships for refitting (some rare ships still have their uses even when loaded on legendaries in the endgame!)

Starborne Frontiers Guide Wiki

Recurring activities

Make sure you check out the daily events on the left side of the home screen, there is an opportunity for up to 6 rare beacons a day and an epic mainframe. Just note daily events actually last 2days

Complete the daily challenges for 50 plat daily. this compounds into the weekly challenge (requires 5x dailies to be completed) rewards 3 rare beacons. And further into monthly which needs all 4 weeklies to be completed. each monthly can actually be completed every 20 days if you’re consistent.

Join an alliance ASAP and use your attacks on the alliance boss. You are rewarded daily for dmg you personally deal with, with all rewards doubled if your alliance defeats the boss entirely.

This is a fantastic way to get a myriad of endgame things, particularly if your alliance can kill higher-tier bosses with rewards up to legendary beacons DAILY. You generate 1 attack token every 6hours, with a maximum of 2 that can be generated at once. use them!

Energy regenerates at 1/5min, with your max a multiple of your level. Also, Read – Starborne Frontiers Promo Codes

Starborne Frontiers Guide Wiki


Willy quest is your friend, alongside completing campaign star rewards. both of these are huge earners for Items you’d otherwise think of buying from the shop. notably, stage 2 of willy and the end of each tier star campaign reward epic beacons.

Ranking up units. Although mainframes CAN be used to refit don’t forget you can level other units to the equivalent star amount to use as well.

Refitting units. If unaware, every unit gains a bonus to their passive once they’ve been refitted twice. Make sure you check it out when deciding if a unit is worth investing in.

Starborne Frontiers Guide

Farming EXP – Campaign rewards the most average exp per energy spent. I’d suggest farming in the hardest, but most consistent campaign stage. You get the same amount no matter how many units you use. So smash it using 5!

On that note, no exp gets wasted. any excess exp gained when using Max level units is automatically converted into bits. so feel free to farm using your best units!

Farming CREDITS – Bounties reward the higher per energy spend, with selling unwanted equipment increasing this amount considerably! Farm in your highest, most consistent bounty.

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