Farm Challenge Guide – Tips to beat Challenge

Hi guys, welcome to Farm Challenge Guide, In this Farm Challenge Guide, we will tell you How to beat Farm Challenge in This guide is shared by someone from the game community.

So come and take a look at this Farm Challenge Guide – Tips to beat the farm challenge Farm Challenge Guide – Tips to beat the farm challenge

Farm Mega Challenge

Passive PowerBullet, Fuel is crucial here for the waves.

Need to evo katana ASAP then work on the evo molly.

Balls are better than drill but are last priority.

Need to have atleast 3 revives for the finals boss.

Also army gloves is necessary here for the elites and boss dmg.

Credit/ Discord
Credit/ Discord

Farm Mega Challenge Guide

This Farm Mega Challenge Guide guide uses excellent equipment. I’m in chapter 18 so I guess this build should work for any player.

The core of the build is Katana, for the rest you should select skills to boost the katana damage(bonus damage, range and speed attack), focus intake durian, rocket, and lightning cause are great for cleaning enemies and you will upgrade with the passive skills taken for katana.

Take soccer skills to cause clean well too, works well with the rest of the passive skills and will give you the moving speed you need to have a chance against the last bosses.

You can take a drill and his passive for extra damage against the bosses at 10…

At armour use the resurrect one, as a necklace the bonus of 30% in the 1° passive skill, gloves extra damage for elite/bosses, belt speed move for a boss I guess

That’s it for this Farm Challenge Guide – Tips to beat the farm challenge.

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