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Hi guys, Welcome to our Wiki 2023, In this Wiki 2023, we will tell you about skills, chapters, Trials, How Trials work, Equipment and so on. is a free single-player mobile game available for iOS and Android. In this game, You can Face off against thousands of monsters at once and use a variety of Equipment and Skills to exterminate them all.

So come and take a look at this Wiki 2023 – Skills, Equipments, Trails & Chapters. Wiki 2023 is a free single-player mobile game available for iOS and Android. You control one of the last remaining Survivors of a Zombie apocalypse. There are several Chapters exploring new areas of this world, with a wide variety of enemies to face. Once you have conquered an area, you may face tougher and faster opponents in Trials for extra resources.

You can Earn evolutions for your Survivor to make them faster and stronger than before and try different combinations of Weapons and Skills to unlock EVO weapons, which have increased effectiveness against the Zombie hordes. Wiki – Chapters

Chapters are the areas of this infested world your character is traversing, beginning with Chapter 1, Wild Streets. On the home screen, on the Battle tab, you will see the current chapter you are facing, and you can select previously beaten Chapters to replay. Underneath are the Chapter Rewards. The rewards are given when you hit a certain Milestone within the Chapter, usually by beating one of the multiple Bosses in the Chapter.


Rewards are typically either XP, Coins, Gems or a mixture of the three. XP is used simply to Level up. Leveling up offers rewards and unlocks a higher tier of Evolve upgrades.

Another way to earn these rewards is through Patrols. Patrols take place in the background, and your survivor earns you rewards based on your level and how long they are patrolling for.

The patrols are limited to 16 hours for earning rewards. You also have the opportunity to earn Quick Patrols, which cost 15 energy per, for a quick boost to your coins and XP with the chance of also earning Equipment and Designs. Wiki – Trials Guide Trials are an alternate mode accessed via the dedicated Trials tab on the bottom bar of the main menu. They pit you against buffed versions of previously completed chapters, and are a vital part of progression in Survivor!.io, being the only reliable way to obtain some key resources.

Each Trial is based on one of the Chapters you play through in the game’s main campaign mode. There are 3 Trials for each Chapter, each one increasing in difficulty from the one before. Wiki 2023 - Skills, Equipments, Trails Guide

How Trials work in 

There are three difficulties, with each one adding additional modifiers to the level and it’s enemies.

Tier One Trials have exactly one modifier: Fury. This will permanently give every monster Haste, making them much faster.

Tier Two Trials keep the Fury modifier, but also add two unique ones: Doomsday and Evolve.

Doomsday will half both your XP gain and the drop rates of power-ups.

Evolve will give all of the monsters an attack and HP buffs.

Finally, Tier Three Trials inherent all the previous modifiers, while adding 2 more to the pool: Evernight and Gemini
Evernight will cause everywhere except a small area around your character to be obscured in darkness, making it much harder to see and avoid monsters and their attacks.

Gemini will cause 2 bosses to spawn whenever a boss spawn occurs. These two bosses have completely separate HP bars, though only one will show on the screen.


Trials are a primary source of two very important resources for progression: Gems and Key Evos. As of now, Trials are the most efficient way to earn Gems, and the only way to obtain Key Evos, meaning you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage by not doing them.

  • The rewards obtained from Trials are quite simple:
  • Upon completing a Tier One trial, you will be rewarded with 200 Gems.
  • Upon completing a Tier 2 Trial, you will be rewarded with 1 Key Evo.
  • Upon completing a Tier 3 Trial, you will be rewarded with both 200 Gems and a Key Evo. Wiki – Equipment Guide

Choosing the right Equipment can give you the edge in completing Chapters and upgrading your equipment is a vital part of progression in Survivor!.io, so where do you start?

There are 6 different types of equipment and 10 tiers of quality.

The types of equipment are Weapons, Clothing, Necklace, belts, Gloves and Shoes. These items increase your Attack and Hit Points stats and depending on their quality, they offer a variety of Skills

Each item has a quality grade. This starts at Common then Good(Green), Better (Blue), Excellent (Purple), Excellent +1 & +2 (Purple with Gold trim), Epic (Yellow), Epic +1 & +2 & +3 (Yellow with Gold trim) and Legends (Red).

Each item has a different Skill, these can vary from damage-dealing forcefields to making you move faster. Skills unlock when an item is at Good quality or higher, and then stack when items reach higher quality.

For Example, the Kunai at Good quality gives a 10% ATK bonus. Once it reaches Better quality, it gives the 10% ATK bonus AND Kunai damage +30% bonus. There is usually a new Skill unlocked at every major quality upgrade.

that’s it for this Wiki 2023 Guide – Skills, Equipments, Trails & Chapters.

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