Survivor io Midsummer Party Event Guide & Tips

Welcome to our Survivor io Midsummer Party Event Guide, In this article we will tell you some Survivor io Midsummer Party Event Tips & tricks.

So come and take a look at this Survivor io Midsummer Party Event Guide

Killing Missions

Chapter 4 (main or trials) is suggested for kill count missions due to its mob density. Aim for a kill count around 160-170k. Make sure to bring the Shiny Wristguard and Kunai Naruto for best results. Excellent Protective Gloves are a good alternative if you don’t have a Shiny Wristguard.

Recommended Setup: Use Croaky and Void Power for an optimal performance.

Play Main Chapter Missions

You don’t have to complete an entire chapter for these missions. Just entering and immediately leaving will count. If you want to save time, do this. However, you can also play and finish Chapter 4, accomplishing both missions in one run.


Earn Event Tickets through gameplay and exchange them for these items:

  • 60 tickets: Voidwalker Handguards
  • 160 tickets: Void Selector Chest
  • 300 tickets: 10 Supply Keys
  • 480 tickets: Random Epic Tech Crate


Should you buy tickets with gems? It’s best to wait until the last day of the event and decide. If you’re close to a big reward, consider it, but remember this event involves luck.

What to Choose from Epic Selector Chest?

  • Attack side: Choose Type A Drone. You need 16 epics to make it red, so grab all chances you can.
  • Defense side: If you don’t have the Guardian in purple, go for it. If you already have a purple Guardian, don’t pick it because the red version is a downgrade. Choose the RPG or Brick instead.

Event Ticket Plays

Rewards from event ticket plays are luck-based. Possible rewards are:

  • 50, 100 Gems
  • 10, 20, 50 Duckies
  • 1 Event Ticket

What to get with Duckies

Save all your duckies until the last day. Then decide what to get with them. Don’t rush and regret your choices when the event ends.

Important Notice

Both Epic Selector Chests should have been 1500 Event Tickets instead of 150. If you haven’t claimed yours, don’t worry, Habby won’t change their exchange value.

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