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Hi guys, welcome to our Chapter Guide Wiki, Today we will tell you everything about each chapter of If you want to complete a chapter in the game then you need a combination of luck and skill, as players must use the best weapons and upgrade them accordingly.

So come and take a look at this Chapter Guide 2023 – How to clear chapter in guide. Chapter Guide 2023 Wiki Chapter 12 Guide Wiki

Written by @Excess EXP (XSXP)

Attempts: 6 Level Design: vertical

Stats: ATK 1150 HP 3424 w/ Better Kunai


Kunai / RPG / Guardian / Brick / Drones / Lightning Emitter
HI-Power Bullets / Fitness Guide / Scroll / Exo-Bracer / Energy Cube / HE Fuel

I would recommend not going destroyer and instead playing defensively with brick+fitness guide and Defender. RPG and Brick help clear the early game and reach those turrets out of reach.

If you can evolve to shuriken between 2-6 minutes don’t waste the advantage, try to force spawn as many items.

Using neckguard and having 5/5 hi power definitely changed things. I opted for destroyer because of that and could’ve done without defender. It’s better to not count on it happening.


Red Teslas: shoot in a triangle formation
Blue Teslas: they shoot vertically.
Purple Engineer Elite: When he stalls to spawn his minions try to reposition yourself to whatever side has more space.
Yellow Teslas Elite: it shoots in the same 9 directions each time. Find where the gap is and stand there.


Mawflower: Pretty EZ. I stood still and its projectiles never hit me. It will spawn little flowers so kill them before they get you.

Devourer: it’s not mega so only one charge. It can spray blooms and spawn mobs.
Chairman: Similar to director but he’ll hop around causing a blue explosion. In between hops he’ll throw phones. See boss guide for more details. Chapter 13 Guide Wiki

Written by @Excess EXP (XSXP)

Attempts: 1 Level Design: closed

Stats: ATK 1166 HP 4295 w/ Better Bat

Bat / RPG / Lightning Emitter / Mine / Brick / Drill
Energy Cube / HI-Power Bullet / Sport Shoes / Fitness Guide / HE Fuel / Ronin

I didn’t want mine but that’s RNG.
Rush Bat evolution. Brick / Fitness Guide and Lightning Emitter / Energy Cube synergizes well with bat.

RPG / Drill / Soccer and their passives to round out the build.
Died once after the 2nd boss when I hadn’t evolved my bat yet.

Nothing new, mostly droids and engineers.
When using the bat get use to manually turning your character towards the enemy then running away while it’s on cooldown. If you need space try to stay near a bomb and only use it after the elite has spawned so it takes damage too.

Bosses: you’ve seen these all before but the last one.

Giga Stinger:

Queen Papillon: she is a combination of all the other papillons faced before. She will rush you and spray out purple projectile.

She’ll spawn smaller papillon mobs. She also will fire heat-seeking purple projectiles. The only difference is one of her projectiles is larger but much slower, it will not go away unless bombed and it will follow you where ever you go. Chapter 14 Guide Wiki

Written by @Excess EXP (XSXP)

Attempts: 1 Level Design: open

Stats: ATK 1332 HP 4344 w/ Kunai

Kunai / Brick / Guardian / Lightning Emitter / RPG / Soccer
All corresponding passives

I recommend kunai because of the bosses. They move so much and even getting close to them is a huge hazard.

Take the skills I took. Try to evolve guardian or kunai first then the other.
If you can get past the elite at 2 minutes and don’t get ungodly RNG on skills, this chapter can be easy.

The new elite is a orange phage looking droid. It doesn’t move or shoot projectiles…but spawns 3 army men. Either kill them before they can shoot their bullets or use the defender to keep their bullets blocked.
When it spawned at two minutes I used two bombs to kill the army men and went in for the hit and run tactic between bombs.


Corpsehound: just keep running in a square and move 90 degrees when it charges up its rush.

Director: stay in a corner off screen so you can dodge any which way. You focus on dodging, let your skills auto cast to deal damage.

Sapper Worm B: same thing I said with director goes here. Make only necessary movements. I didn’t lose my shield on him and I stood mostly still waiting for shuriken to finish him off.

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