Valiant Force 2 Guide for New Players (February 2024)

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hello, are you new to Valiant Force 2 and just getting started? To help you speed up that process, we’ve put together this Valiant Force 2 guide for new players to go through and learn some new tips.

Valiant Force 2 is an online strategy mobile RPG set in the fantasy world of Arathos. this game is now available in Thailand, and many of you have expressed an interest in playing the game in other countries. You can play Valiant Force 2 with the help of a VPN.

So if you’re looking for a Valiant Force 2 guide with great tips on how to maximize your playtime, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started:

Valiant Force 2 SSR Tier List Guide from Beta

Valiant Force 2 Guide Wiki
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Valiant Force 2 Guide for Beginners

Simple things to remember

Stages are a bit hard but it’s a strategy game so it is expected to avoid struggling at the start remember this (this knowledge is from beta any changes can occur)

1. Don’t be afraid to upgrade equipment to at least level 10 at the start for smooth sailing for the beginning Stage ( don’t worry Resources will be back if you sell it but only 80% is not a bad deal for me )

2. Build a wide range of Elements units don’t focus on one element I finished the campaign there are hardcore stages which hard to overcome element advantage will help you

3. Aura link this is the most important in battle with the right units you can attack, heal , buff more than 18+ in my experience so don’t prioritize SSR units with no synergies with other units it would be weak

4. Light and dark Element is strong since they only count each other.

5. Healer class you can ignore them during beta your fine without it since there are many units that will heal as their trigger skills ( Healer class heal sucks in cbt but healer unit unique skills is good ) hoping to see good adjustment since there are healer units with good unique skills btw this 5th tip is solely my opinion build a team that you like

Conclusion: Valiant Force 2 Beginner Guide

Hopefully, these tips from this Valiant Force 2 beginner guide are enough to get you going in the game. If you want more tips, we recommend joining the official Discord server game there are so many beginner guides to help new players learn the ropes.

What did you think about our Valiant Force 2 Guide? leave us a comment. We have also prepared for you Witch Arcana Guide Wiki and Super Arrow Afk Skill Build Guide

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