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Hi guys, welcome to our Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Guide Wiki, In this Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Guide Wiki we will tell you some basics information about Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Characters Level, PvE, Battle screen, Friends System, Main screen, and much more.

So come and take a look at this Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Guide Wiki.

Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Guide Wiki

Main screen

1. Your personal profile.( Record, change your avatar, your ID)

2. Announcements

3. Mailbox

4. Friends

5. Settings

6. Check all the cards

7. Check all characters.

8. Check all Immortal Fate

9. Shop

10. PVE

11. PVP

Your Profile

1. You can click here to switch your avatar and avatar screen.

2. You can change your name here(except the first time, you need spend 1000 spirit stones to change it).

3. Your Rank and MMR.

4. You can click here to redeem the codes.

Check out here: Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Redeem Codes Wiki List

Check Records

1. You can see your current MMR and highest previous MMR.

2. You can watch the battle records by clicking your recent match

Friends System

1. You can see your friends’ condition here.

2. You can click the ‘Join team’ button and paste the codes that the room-owner give you.

3. You can add new friend here by entering their ID

Battle screen

Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Battle Screen

1. You can click the circle to change mode.(Rank, Casual and Practice)

2. You can lick the man wearing a hat on the upper-right corner, and then click the ‘Team number’ button. Share it with your friends or other players. If not, you’ll match with 7 other random players.

3. You can change characters here. If you have unlocked them.

4. It shows this character’s level. You can upgrade it here.

5. Time to start,right?

6. By the way, you can also invite your friend here if you already added them.

What means Character level?

You can get EXP by using them. You can get the Divine Jade, a new Immortal Fate Slot(you can get more choices when you choose Immortal Fate), and some emojis. And of course, you can unlock them through spirit stones.


1. The beginning of the Cultivation is the tutorial.

2. Sect Esoteric Inheritance is the puzzle mode. You can learn some play styles and decks here and learn how this card works.

3. This is the roguelite mode. It will open in a few days.

4. And the left side is the BattlePass, but you don’t need to buy it! You can get Exp by clear Sect Esoteric Inheritance and Uncharted Realms. Just like this picture shows, you can unlock spirit stones, characters, side-jobs, card back, etc.

5. If you already bought this character or side-job. You will get 3600/3000 spirit stones, same as its price.

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