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Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles, Awakening, & Weapon Skills

Looking for Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles guide? In this article, we will show you the Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles guide which mainly helps you to understand what is Arcane Odyssey Awakening, and some tips about Weapon skills and Fighting Skills.

So come and take a look at this Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles, Awakening & Weapon guide. Also, Read – Arcane Odyssey Drop Rate & Cooking Guide

Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles Guide

The primary combat method of the Strength route, these are mostly physical-based abilities such as punching and kicking, but some fighting styles have unique mechanics to them.

Fighting Styles will have createable skills as well as Lost Techniques, which are findable just like Lost Spells are.

Magic is usable with each fighting style if you go for a Warlock build (Magic/Strength hybrid)
Some fighting style effects can be imbued on weapons if you go for a Warlord build (Strength/Weapon hybrid)

Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles Tier List 

This list is still a work in progress and in-complete

Common Fighting Styles

These can be learned from NPCs all around the world if you meet the Strength stat requirement for it. They will likely have another requirement, but that hasn’t been thought of yet. The order they are listed here does not indicate their strengths.

Both Common and Lost Fighting Styles will be upgradeable by 1 tier in some way to improve them even further.

Basic Combat – Basic punching, kicking, and no special effects. This is the fighting style that every player spawns with along with their first magic.

Boxing – A variant of combat that specializes in precise punches, this gives the user boxing gloves while equipped. At higher levels, it will focus on knockback and have wind-like effets. Requires 30 Strength and 200 Galleons to be learned.

Sailor Style – A fighting style that relies on consuming large amounts of salt water in order to perform fast, random, and unpredictable strikes. A meter will be on the right of the screen while its selected which indicates your salt water, which can be replenished by dipping your head under the sea. Each attack uses some of the meter, and when its empty, this fighting style becomes weaker than base combat. At a higher level, this fighting style could give the soaked status effect and have water-like effects. Requires 100 Strength and 300 Galleons to be learned.

Thermo Fist – The user builds up heat, adrenaline, and friction by punching the air at increasingly fast speeds until a meter is full. While the meter is full, attacks will be very fast and even cause burns and heat-like effects at a high level, but the user must continuously keep the bar filled by punching fast if they wish to use the fighting style at its full potential. Requires 100 Strength and 300 Galleons to be learned.

Iron Leg – Involves training the legs to become as hard as iron, eventually gaining an actual iron coating at higher levels through trace energy imbuing/aura. This fighting style focuses on heavy, strong hits. Requires 80 Strength and 300 Galleons to be learned.

(Not yet added) Karate – A fighting style similar to real life karate which makes enemies more susceptible to grabs, and causing grabs to deal more damage. The user would have a colored belt indicating their skill with the fighting style.

(Not yet added) Knocking Fist – A fighting style in which the user repeatedly hits pressure points and vital areas of an enemy, causing them to slow down and will deal more damage the more hits are dealt in a period of time, if the maximum hits are reached the enemy will become paralyzed. At high levels it would have elecricity-like effects.

Cannon Fist – A fighting style which focuses heavily on throwing strength, its abilities consist of throwing cannonballs in a variety ways. Requires 80 Strength and 300 Galleons to be learned.

Lost Fighting Styles

These can be obtained in the same way that Lost Magics are, where you must find a scroll that teaches the fighting style.

Radius Fist – A fighting style that requires a lot of mental strength to use, this allows the user to extend the range of their hits using extreme willpower, sending shockwaves with each attack.

Impact Fist – A fighting style which allows the user to charge up their physical strength in one part of their body, and choose to release it whenever they please, which can cause extreme effects. It would charge up by absorbing damage taken OR blocking (not sure which), which would fill a meter that lowers with each attack. (It would likely do low damage by default and have the charged attacks deal higher damage. This will not work like Arcane Adventures’ Impact Fist as that was very abusable and detrimental to the game)

Vampirism – An ancient ritual found on this lost scroll curses you with vampirism, which makes your skin lose saturation and raises your base temperature by a lot during the day which can slow your movements. In exchange, this fighting style increases your punching strength by causing your knuckle bones to protrude from your fists, which causes enemies to bleed. Each hit with this fighting style would heal you slightly, as you slowly drain the life force from your enemy. At high levels, its techniques could have blood-like effects.


Arcane Odyssey Weapon Skills Guide

Remove all existing weapon skills and instead add preset skills for each weapon type. Each weapon type would have 5 (?) unique skills that are unlocked the higher you level up your Weapon stat and upgrade the actual weapon.

Some weapons such as legendaries or Sunken weapons will have unique skills as well as their base-type skills.

These skills will change in use weapon-to-weapon, meaning some will have higher damage with skills but less AoE, faster casting skills but lower damage, etc. Stronger weapon users will also see increased visual effects on their weapon skills indicating their strength.

More info will be added here when the skills start being added.

Arcanium Weapons

Weapons forged out of Arcanium metal which allows them to conduct magic. When equipped, you can select what magic you want to bind them to, and then create a spell to bind to the weapon. Different weapons will have different “boosts”/affects on these weapon-created spells, for example an Arcanium Bow may increase the damage and speed of spells exponentially, but reduce AoE size by a ton, making the attack similar to an arrow.

These would likely start being available at Level 100.

These weapons will scale with Magic and Weapon level, so they are most effective when used by Conjurers (Magic/Weapon hybrid builds), but also decent when used by Mages (Magic builds) and Warriors (Weapon builds)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening

An awakening is when your stat build advances to its next stage and gets powered up, such as when you obtained 2nd magic in Arcane Adventures. There will be 2 Awakenings that occur during the story, the first at around Level 120 and the 2nd at around Level 250.

Savant (Balanced Stats)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: (Choice)

Fighting Savant: 2nd Fighting Style slot, +50 strength requirement for all techniques/options in the 2nd slot
Magic Savant: 2nd Magic, +80 magic requirement for all spells/options in the 2nd slot
Awakening #2: Ability to imbue fighting styles and magic into weapon skills, and magic into fighting style skills

Warden (Full Vitality)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: Warden Durability – 10% damage reduction
Awakening #2: 10% damage reduction

Paladin (Vitality/Magic hybrid)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: Paladin’s Mastery – 2nd Magic, +100 magic requirement for all spells/options in the 2nd slot
Awakening #2: 10% damage reduction

Juggernaut (Vitality/Strength hybrid)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: Versatile Juggernaut – 2nd Fighting Style slot, +70 strength requirement for all techniques/options in the 2nd slot
Awakening #2: 10% damage reduction

Knight (Vitality/Weapons hybrid)

Awakening #1: Knight’s Aura – Weapon aura (scale of weapon skills increases and gain additional effects)
Awakening #2: 10% damage reduction (?)

Mage (Full Magic)

Awakening #1: Mage’s Wisdom – 2nd Magic, +120 magic requirement for all spells/options in the 2nd slot
Awakening #2: 3rd Magic

Warlock (Magic/Strength hybrid)

Awakening #1: Warlock’s Focus – Magic infused fighting style skills and skill size boost
Awakening #2: Choice of 2nd Fighting Style or 2nd Magic

Conjurer (Magic/Weapon hybrid)

Awakening #1: Conjurer’s Focus – Magic infused weapon skills and skill size boost
Awakening #2: 2nd Magic

Berserker (Full Strength)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: Berserker’s Skill – 2nd Fighting Style slot, +90 strength requirement for all techniques/options in the 2nd slot
Awakening #2: 3rd Fighting Style
Warlord (Strength/Weapons hybrid)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: Warlord’s Strength – Fighting Style infused weapon skills
Awakening #2: 2nd Fighting Style

Warrior (Full Weapons)

Arcane Odyssey Awakening #1: Warrior’s Aura – Weapon aura (scale of weapon skills increases and gain additional effects)
Awakening #2: ?

Side notes for myself:

“Weapon aura” includes additional particle effects specific to the weapon. (Ex: “Old” weapon would get rust particle effects on their skills)

That’s for this Arcane Odyssey Fighting Styles, Awakening & Weapon.

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