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Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Guide – Teams, Skills

Welcome to our Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Guide! In this guide, we’ll explore Lyfe Bestla, the main protagonist of Snowbreak: Containment Zone, known by her alias Wednesday

So come and take a look at this Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Guide – Teams & Skills.

Introducing Lyfe Bestla, the main protagonist of Snowbreak Containment Zone, known by her alias Wednesday. Join us as we delve into the world of Lyfe, uncover her unique abilities, and learn how to maximize her potential on the battlefield.

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Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Guide Wiki

Lyfe Bestla Profile:

Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Guide

  • Nickname: Wednesday
  • Affiliation: Heimdall Force
  • Occupation: Operative
  • Date of Birth: March 21st
  • Voice Actor: Megan Maczko

Lyfe Bestla, also known as Wednesday, is a central character in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Previously affiliated with Valkyrie Games, Lyfe survived a devastating disaster that took her parents, fueling her desire for revenge against the Titans.

She possesses a calm and strong-willed personality, accompanied by remarkable abilities that make her a formidable opponent. With her thunderous skills, she poses a significant threat to enemies on the battlefield.

Lyfe wields a Submachine Gun as her primary weapon, granting her incredible power at her fingertips. Her striking appearance features long silver hair with hints of blue at the tips, complemented by vibrant yellow eyes and a pale complexion.

She adorns a stylish white outfit with black metallic extensions, exuding both elegance and strength. Completing her ensemble are long boots and netted extensions that add a touch of flair, perfectly capturing her personality.

How to Obtain Lyfe Bestla: Lyfe Bestla can be unlocked by clearing Chapter 1 and Progress 8 of the game. Alternatively, she may also be obtained through initial rerolls.

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Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Skills

Raven’s Command (Standard Skill | Damage):

Lyfe deploys two combat drones, Ravens, to initiate Raven’s formation and continuously launch missiles, dealing Electrical damage to the target.

The damage dealt is reduced by 50% for each subsequent missile hitting the same area.

Up to three Ravens can be deployed on the field.

Ravens will continue to fire at the target, dealing Electrical damage, and cannot be attacked.

Passive: When Lyfe is on the field, a Raven will be deployed by default to assist in combat. The Raven will remain as long as Lyfe is present.

Raven’s ATK: 100% of Lyfe’s ATK

Raven’s Missile DMG: 20% of Raven’s ATK + 20

Raven’s Ballistic DMG: 4.2% of Raven’s ATK + 8

Duration of Raven Deployed by Skill: 20 seconds

Gungnir (Support Skill | Control):

Lyfe summons a Thunder of Judgment centered on one target, dealing area-of-effect Electrical damage and paralyzing all targets hit for 4 seconds.

Thunder of Judgment DMG: 56% of Lyfe’s ATK + 54

From a Windy Tree (Ultimate Skill | Damage):

Lyfe hurls Gungnir at the targeted location, dealing Electrical damage and launching the target into the air.

Lyfe then creates a Realm of Nine Night domain for 4 seconds, summoning multiple Thunders of Judgment within the domain. These thunders deal Electrical damage and launch any targets hit into the air.

Gungnir DMG: 360% of Lyfe’s ATK + 47

Thunder of Judgment DMG: 60% of Lyfe’s ATK

In this unique and thrilling Snowbreak: Containment Zone adventure, Lyfe Bestla, or Wednesday, takes the stage as a captivating protagonist.

Unleash the power of her Submachine Gun, harness the might of her thunderous abilities, and conquer the battlefield with unparalleled strength. Good luck, and may the thunder guide your path to victory.

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