Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir Guide – Teams & Skills

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Welcome to our Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir Guide! In this guide, we’ll explore Mauxir, a supporting character in Snowbreak Containment Zone, also known by her nickname “Kitty.” Join us as we uncover Mauxir’s unique abilities, discuss her playstyle, and learn how to effectively utilize her in battles.

So come and take a look at this Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir Guide. If you want to learn about more characters, You can head over to our Lyfe Bestla Guide and Fenny Guide page.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir Guide – Teams & Skills

Mauxir Profile:

  • Nickname: Kitty
  • Affiliation: Ramses Group
  • Occupation: Developer
  • Voice Actor: N/A

Mauxir, also known as Kitty, is a charming supporting character in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. With her cat-like appearance and playful personality, she brings a unique element to the game.

As a developer for the Ramses Group, Mauxir possesses distinct abilities and characteristics that set her apart from other characters. Despite being slow to express pain, she adds a touch of cuteness to the battlefield.

Mauxir is characterized by her medium-length hair, cute face, and bright eyes. She sports a stylish black-golden dress with striped extensions that emerge from her shoulders, resembling a feline aesthetic.

Notably, her head features a black extension reminiscent of cat ears, and she completes her look with fashionable long black boots adorned with a beautiful golden stripe design.

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Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir Skills

Underworld Program (Standard Skill | Special):

    • Mauxir forcefully extracts the Id Avatar from the target’s body, dealing Frost damage.
    • The Id Avatar transfers a portion of the damage it receives to the host as Frost damage.
    • Only one Id Avatar can be active at a time, sharing the same defense and max HP as the host, and only taking damage from Mauxir.
    • The Id Avatar expires when Mauxir leaves the field.
    • Dragging Damage of Underworld Program: 50% of Mauxir’s ATK
    • Transferred Damage Proportion: 80%
    • Avatar Duration: 16 seconds
    • Cooldown: 20 seconds
    • S-Energy Consumption: 5

Mindblast (Support Skill | Special):

    • Mauxir unleashes a powerful blast, expelling the Ego Avatar from the designated target, dealing Frost damage.
    • The Ego Avatar transfers a portion of the damage it receives to the host as Frost damage.
    • Each enemy can possess only one Ego Avatar, which shares the host’s defense but has 50% of the host’s max HP and is immune to direct shots.
    • Blast Damage of Mindblast: 100% of Mauxir’s ATK
    • Transferred Damage Proportion: 30%
    • Avatar Duration: 8 seconds
    • Cooldown: 25 seconds
    • S-Energy Consumption: 25

Moment of Judgment (Ultimate Skill | Special):

Mauxir deploys the Balance of Judgment to assess the target’s soul. If the target’s HP is lower than Mauxir’s current HP, the Immediate Execution effect triggers, dealing Frost damage based on Mauxir’s current HP.

If the target’s HP is higher than Mauxir’s current HP, the Deferred Execution effect triggers, causing Mauxir’s attacks to deal additional Frost damage based on her max HP for 10 seconds.

Immediate Execution Damage: 150% of Mauxir’s current HP

Deferred Execution Additional Damage per Hit: 12.6% of Mauxir’s max HP + 59

Cooldown: 50 seconds

U-Energy Consumption: 80

Mauxir Manifestation:

Melting Snow: Increases the duration of all Avatars by 25%.

Guilty as Charged: If the host’s HP is less than 20% of Mauxir’s max HP while the Avatar is present, the host is immediately defeated.

Price of Evil: Decreases the Avatar’s defence by 1% for each 1% of lost HP.

Absolute Justice: Mindblast skill level +1, increases the damage transferred to the host from Ego Avatars by 35% of the damage received.

Joint Sins: When an Avatar is defeated, all surrounding Avatars detonate, dealing Frost damage equal to 300% of Mauxir’s ATK.

In this Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir Guide, we’ve explored the enigmatic character of Mauxir, known as Kitty.

Her unique skills and playful personality make her a delightful addition to your team. Experiment with different strategies and unleash Mauxir’s frosty powers to dominate the Snowbreak Containment Zone. Good luck

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