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Snowbreak Fenny Coronet: Best Build & Team Guide Wiki

Are you eager to discover the build and other must-known details of Snowbreak Fenny Coronet, Fenny Coronet is a character from the Snowbreak Containment Zone and as per our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List.

This Snowbreak Fenny guide will provide an informative description of Coronet’s skills and passive abilities to help you make the most of her electrifying potential in battle.

However, if you want to be updated about the Snowbreak Containment Zone Fenny Coronet Build & Team, this article is appropriate to study more.

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet: Best Build & Team Guide Wiki

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet is an Orange Tier Operative who wields a powerful Shotgun equipped with an electricity-discharging exoskeleton. Her unique exoskeleton, “Coronet,” enables her to deal with devastating Electrical DMG and manipulate Mercy points to enhance her abilities.

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet Skills

Passive Ability: Optimal Condition

  • Enhance
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Energy Cost: 30 S-Energy

Coronet’s passive ability, Optimal Condition, enhances her Electrical DMG dealt under the Crown of Thorns state by 10%. While in the Crown of Thorns state, defeating an enemy immediately accumulates 10 Mercy points with a cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

In this state, Coronet disperses a ring of electrical energy, dealing Electrical DMG, and enters Crown of Thorns mode. During Crown of Thorns, she gains 80 Mercy points and reduces the DMG dealt to destructible items and U-Energy gain.

Each pellet that hits the target accumulates 1 Mercy, and her Shooting SPD increases based on Mercy points (up to 80 max). Mercy points are consumed over time, and higher points result in faster consumption.

Active Skill 1: The Chosen

  • Enhance
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Energy Cost: 25 S-Energy

The Chosen is Coronet’s support skill that boosts the shooting SPD of the operative on the field by 15% for 8 seconds. With an enhancement, the duration of The Chosen extends to 10 seconds, and the effect now covers the entire squad.

This skill allows Coronet to encourage her teammates, enhancing their combat capabilities and providing support during battles.

Active Skill 2: Center Stage

  • Interrupt
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Energy Cost: 60 U-Energy
  • DMG per Time inside Golden Sins domain: 114% of ATK +51

Center Stage is a powerful skill where Coronet creates a Golden Sins domain for 10 seconds. This domain continuously deals Electrical DMG to surrounding targets once per second, paralyzing them for 3 seconds upon the first time they take DMG from Golden Sins. Additionally, during the duration of Golden Sins,

Coronet’s DMG taken is reduced by 20%. This skill is perfect for crowd control and interrupting enemy special skills, providing a significant advantage during battles.

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet Stats (Level 80 Max):

  • Health: 1107
  • Attack: 93
  • Defense: 40

Coronet boasts a balanced set of stats, making her both durable and capable of dealing significant damage with her electrifying Shotgun.

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet Team Formation:

For Coronet’s optimal formation, consider the following team composition:

  1. Coronet – The main damage dealer and crowd controller, dealing Electrical DMG and interrupting enemy skills with her Center Stage ability.
  2. Tank – A frontline tank that draws enemy attention and protects Coronet and the rest of the team.
  3. Support – A hero that provides healing or buffs to sustain the team and enhance their combat capabilities.
  4. Crowd Control (CC) – Another hero with crowd control abilities to further disrupt enemy formations and support Coronet’s Center Stage.

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet excels at crowd control and dealing high Electrical DMG with her Shotgun. The tank keeps her safe while she focuses on dealing damage, and the support hero helps sustain the team during prolonged engagements.

The CC hero complements Coronet’s Center Stage skill, ensuring the enemies remain paralyzed and vulnerable to the squad’s attacks.

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet, the Electrifying Shotgunner, is a formidable addition to any team, with her ability to deal powerful Electrical DMG, interrupt enemy skills, and support her teammates with increased shooting SPD.

By mastering her skills and forming a well-balanced team, you can maximize Coronet’s potential and lead your squad to victory in battle. Take command of Coronet and let her electrifying presence dominate the battlefield!

That’s it for this Snowbreak Fenny Coronet: Best Team & Build Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

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