Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide – Best Squad

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide, In this article we will show Some best teams for Snowbreak Containment Zone. This guide aims to provide valuable insight into how to assemble an efficient team to tackle the challenges in the early stages of the “Snowbreak Containment Zone”.

In this guide, You will find the best squad which is shared by players in game discord and all these are F2P Team. So come and take a look at this Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide – Best team for Snowbreak Containment Zone

#1 Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide – Best Squad

hale Recommended 3-Operative Squad!

Marian Swift

She will provide most on the field DPS with ADS – Skill – Standard Ballistic hit combos as well as shield breaking. My preferred order is to ADS a weakspot, press the skill to hit weakspot again, and then hip fire a shot for 3 quick shots.

I like using sweet soul to pair kinetic damage and to increase final damage as well as having a 4* rarity. Biggest priority for me for neuronics was the one that gave 3 charges to her skill and the other that gave it boosts with ballistic damage increases.

Yao Quiet Quitter or Chenxing The Observer

Yao will provide the healing and support if necessary, and with the freely given Olympus, if she’s on field for a bit she can also heal from its passive which can give the other 2 members time to recover their skill energy.

Her priority neuronics for me were letting her Healing Light follow the operative on the field, and the duration increase if she has a frost weapon.

Chenxing on the other hand can provide more damage with her turrets and also provide healing and give more weapon diversity.

Haru The Ace

Haru will provide nice off-field damage with her support skill and okay shield-breaking if she needs to be on the field for any reason since she’s a pistol.

With her neuronic that allows her to give a 20% ATK boost to allies for 20 secs, if her support skill kills an enemy, she can boost the team and if using the twilight squad logistics set, she can debuff the enemy for Marian and herself to do more damage.

I have her at manifestation 1 so it allows Marian to activate Haru’s sword oaths for more off-field damage.

#2 Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide – Best Squad

Eidolon/Ada (EU) Recommended 3-Operative Squad!

Yao Winter Solstice – She deals heavy long-distance single-target damage and pump out some situational high AoE damage if you use a skill or environmental hazard to group up enemies first, her skill also prevents enemy skills for 3 seconds for a total chain of 15 seconds if spaced properly.

Fritia Hush – Her skill groups up enemies, and once upgraded will stun most enemies and bosses in the area for 3 seconds, it also disables enemy skills momentarily, and combos well with Yao Winter Solstice.

Her ultimate is also incredibly powerful – especially once upgraded – and can be used to great advantage if used from a medium range after stunning the intended target with her skill

Fenny Lionheart – Good for dealing high damage to close-range enemies, armoured enemies and damaging breakable parts of enemies; her skill (especially upgraded) is great for covering long distances very quickly to get out of danger or focus a high threat.

In stages with cliffs, combining Fritia Hush’s skill with Fenny’s Support Skill will instantly defeat any enemies that can be knocked back with it, especially since Fritia Hush will remove any enemy buffs which prevent knockback

#3 Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide – Best Squad

Raindeca Recommended 3-Operative Squad!

To be honest, I personally have different kinds of team composition for each challenge. but if we assume that we can create a team of 3 operators which can be used as a generic all-way team. This is probably my recommendation.

Yao – Winter Solstice

Her base skill is already hurt plus with her signature weapon, she is cracked. Since most of the enemy can be taken from a distance, having this sniper to one-shot-kill will help you with hard content in general. On the other side, she is the best for bossing, so having her will make your progression easier.

Acacia – Kaguya

Her support skill straight gives dmg resistance reduction + crowd control which you can use for any kind of situation in general. Combining it with your dps will help you boost up your damage in general.

If your DPS is Yao, having Kaguya will help you minimise Yao’s weakness which is being attacked by many mobs. Using Kaguya’s special skill will help you to fall back and use your sniper again.

Ji Chengxing

She is unique and can be used as dps, crown control, or healer. But since this is a team of 3, I personally build her as a healer. Her support skill will put agro on her pod while giving you sustainable heal for an amount of time (IMO better than Yao quite a quitter healing support). since she put an agro pod, you can either add extra CC using Kaguya or simply take behind and snipe the enemy there.

If you somehow increase her manifestation, she can be combined with Kaguya as a buffer debuffer in order to increase your dps more.

#4 Snowbreak Containment Zone Yao Winter Solstice Team Comp Guide – Best Squad

1) Yao Winter Solstice – love her design, regardless of meta I would have chosen a sniper because I like playing them. Her hair is one of my favourite styles too.

2) Lyfe Wild Hunt – just have to have her in the squad, and is a favourite because of the story. Her move set is really fun and tears through trash mobs easily but raw power can make up for the SMG deflect sometimes. Honestly, if I didn’t get a lucky pull I would have used the lower rarity version because I like her character.

3) Fritia Little Sunshine – chosen because of Naruto run. No, but seriously she is cute, and assault rifle is a fun play style. Even though she might not be the best meta choice in my squad I have kept her there because I like the character that much.

That’s it for this Snowbreak Containment Zone Team Comp Guide – Best Squad

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