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Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips 2020 | How to Win Brawl Ball Tips

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips 2019

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips 2020 Hi Guys Sigma-Wolf here Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips 2020 | Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Tips 2020 Today I decided to make a guide for my favorite game mode by far, brawl ball! This game mode feels to me like the perfect combination of a sport like soccer with the unique combat mechanics of Brawlstars.

Honestly I could play it for hours and still be entertained! I also think brawl ball has the highest potential for esports due to the strategy and teamwork that is required for higher level play. But that’s not really important to this guide and just my opinion.

I do apologize, however, for the length of this guide but I just couldn’t find a way of shortening it while still retaining the information I thought essential.

I’ll divide this guide into four sections. The first three sections will focus on the most important skills for the game mode: shooting, goaltending, and passing. The final section will be dedicated to team compositions and strategies. Let’s get started with this Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips 2020| Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Tips 2020

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Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips 2019


One of the most important skills for brawl ball is obviously shooting. Make two goals and you win, easy five trophies, right? Wrong. Lots of people are exceptionally good at defending so you rarely have an easy shot on goal.

There are some unique shot types and strategies, though, that will give you the edge in certain encounters. Very important for shot strategies are the walls around the goal.

For the rest of the post I will refer to the walls around the goal as corner and main walls. The corners are the two tile walls on either side of the goal and the main wall is the longer wall directly in front of the entrance.

The first shooting technique that you need to know to be successful shooter is the catch radius of a defender. Whether you’re trying to shoot around a brawler, in between multiple, or get close and shoot through one, it is important to know the range that a brawler is able to catch a ball.

Practice with this mechanic until you get a comfortable feel for the range. Using this technique, you should be able to score in 1v1 matchups the majority of time by charging up to them and shooting through them.

You’ll also be able to make sneaky shots around/through groups of brawlers who thought it wasn’t possible.

Another important shooting technique is the use of the main and corner walls for bounce shots.

If you are a relatively squishy brawler like Spike and you are approaching the goal while a powerful defender like Bull is approaching from inside the goal, you can actually shoot the ball diagonally back against the main wall after rounding it.

This will cause the ball to travel in a V shaped pattern around the Bull who is most likely still focused on killing you. Timing is important with this shot because if you do it too soon, the defender will see it in time and be able to respond and catch it. Too late, and you risk being killed by high burst damage.

Using a super shot is also very useful in certain situations. For example, if you were approaching the enemies goal from one side of the main wall while a defender is about to round the other side of the wall, you can super shoot the ball diagonally at the close corner wall which will make it then bounce off of the main wall and go into the goal.

The travel pattern of the ball will be like an N for visual reference. This shot allows you to make a quick goal from a place you normally couldn’t which is very useful if a defender is racing back to goaltend. With this shot, however, it’s important that you not fire from too far away as the ball will not have enough power to make it to the goal.

It’s also important that you get the angle of the diagonal just right. Too little and it might not make it into the goal. Too much and it might go wide enough for the defender rounding the main wall to catch it. In overtime a super shot is incredibly powerful. When approaching the goal in the open field move side to side to try to get the defenders to bunch up or leave areas of the goal exposed.

Then you can just fire in a long range snipe to a corner of the goal. Also, when approaching the goal in OT you are actually able to score with your super shot’s range before you can even see the goal.

It is difficult to memorize this distance but if you know it, it will allow you to score as soon as possible which could be useful in situations where your team killed all enemies or the majority of the brawlers are chasing you.


Even more important than shooting is goaltending. One of the biggest separations between good and bad brawl ball players is their ability to intelligently defend the goal line.

The first important technique to know is how to keep yourself goal side of the ball carrier and at the appropriate distance to catch the ball if they attempt to throw it through you.

This is a very simple technique but by far the most important. It’s only too often that you see brawlers at low trophy levels making the mistake of getting too close to the carrier which essentially gives them an open shot at goal. This technique is especially useful for high dps brawlers like Bull, Shelly, or Spike who are able to three shot most brawlers.

It is also very important on defense to begin putting damage on the enemy ball carrier as early as possible. For example, if an enemy Primo is approaching your goal, you won’t be able to burst him down if you start firing right when he rounds the main wall.

You should, however, be applying steady damage to him early on so that when you do a final burst it should be able to kill him. Certain brawlers are better at this than others.

Long range brawlers like Rico, Colt, or Spike will be able to peak out and deal enough damage early on so that the carrier is severely weakened by the time he gets close enough to score.

Certain brawlers also have unique defense strategies that are each very effective in their own way. To get early dps on a carrier in the way described above,

Rico can shoot diagonally at the main wall from the goal line so that it bounces back into the corner wall and then up the field. This will create an N shaped line of fire that covers a considerable area and will certainly provide early damage on the character.

By the time the brawler rounds the corner of the main wall, Rico will most likely have his super up at which point he can fire straight up into the main wall from in front of the corner wall and cause massive damage to the incoming carrier.

This strategy works incredibly well as Rico has a ridiculously high damage output when his super shots are ricocheting in a tight space. Another brawler specific strategy is

Daryl’s. As a carrier rounds the main wall Daryl can position himself in front of the corner wall and use his super straight up into the main wall just like Rico does. This will cause the ball to be knocked out of the carrier’s hands and will also allow Daryl to hit them multiple times with his super, dealing solid damage and allowing him to finish them off afterwards with his regular attack or go for a quick clearance.

Bibi’s homerun swing allows her to strip the ball away from a carrier and knock them far back. This can be used as you would think to easily defend against anyone approaching your goal. It’s important, however, to make sure you time your swing just right. If you do it too late and get too close to the brawler, it could allow them a chance to shoot through you before being knocked back. Her super is also very useful if used in the same way as Rico’s was used.

The final unique defending strategy belongs to Leon and is one of my favorites. When your goal is open (Either in OT or due to obstacle destruction) and the opponents have a clear shot at goal, Leon can go invisible and then wait in front of your goal to intercept the shot. This often times takes the enemy team completely by surprise and, if you have the starpower, can be followed with a rapid movement up the field for an offensive opportunity.

Another brawler specific tip for goaltending would be for brawlers like Shelly and Frank who have a lot of defensive stopping power but at the cost of possibly destroying your goal’s defensive walls.

Because of this you need to make a judgement call whenever you’re using either of these brawler’s supers on defense. If it is very early in the game and neither team has scored, it’s probably not worth it to destroy your main wall just to save one goal.

This is because it will be vastly easier for the enemy team to score for the rest of the game, putting your team at a major disadvantage. Rather than let that happen, it’s sometimes better to let them score and keep your walls and super for defending against the next goal.

That being said, if it’s still 0 – 0 and the game is nearly over, obviously it’s now worth it to break the walls in order to prevent the goal.

The final defensive technique I’ll go over is clearances. If both your teammates are dead and the enemies are right on your doorstep, it is a good idea to get the ball somehow and just shoot it far away from the enemy brawlers and your goal, even if it costs your life.

This will buy your team enough time to respawn and assist in defense. Even though some people would be hesitant to waste a super on a clearance it is often worth it if it’s the only way to prevent a goal.


Just like in soccer, passing is an incredibly important part of brawl ball. On offense it can allow you to make strategic plays off of defender’s movement and win situations that would normally be difficult.

When on offense, you’ll often run into 2 v 1 situations where one defender is approaching you, the ball carrier, and your teammate is left unguarded. In this situation you should move diagonally away from your teammate to try to drag the defender with you and open up a passing lane.

After the defender takes the bait, throw a nice through ball too your teammate and you’ve easily beaten the defender. The same principle can be applied to multiple defenders.

For example, if a high threat brawler like a Frank with a super is approaching a goal, the enemy team might all be sucked in to try to protect him. This will allow the carrier to make a simple switch pass just like the one described above to an open teammate.

The name of the game on offense is use the carrier’s movement to try to get defenders out of position and grouped up. This will leave them vulnerable to a switch pass to a teammate.

During overtime passing is incredibly useful. The combination of the open field and the defenseless goals makes teams extremely vulnerable for being beaten by a long switch pass or a nice through ball.

To take full advantage of the situation, you should spread your team out on offense and save up your supers so that you can use them for long passes to each other. If you have your supers and are spread out it’s generally very easy to pass around the defense and get a shot into a corner.

Another use of passing is for deciding which brawler on your team should be carrying the ball near the opponent’s goal. You need to decide as a team which brawler provides the most value as the carrier and which brawlers provide the most value as supporters.

Once you recognize the ideal carrier give them the ball. I know this sounds incredibly simple but it shocks me how often I see a brawler like Tick or Barley try to carry a ball in when a sponge like Bull or Primo is sitting there, waiting for the pass.

Team Compositions:

The surest way to win a game of brawl ball besides simply being good at the game mode is to create a strong team composition with teammates before the game.

While there are plenty of team comp strategies with very specific synergies between brawlers, I’m going to focus on two basic archetypes to keep things brief. I’ll call them aggressive and control.

An aggressive team comp is one that focuses primarily on short range and big offensive plays. These teams thrive during the regular time in brawl ball as there are still plenty of bushes and obstacles to use for cover.

They also excel in shortrange maps. These teams have the goal of scoring early and not letting the game run into over time where they would be at a disadvantage due to their short range.

The composition of the team should be 2/3 close range brawlers and 1/3 long range. The roles they generally should have are that of ball carrier, obstacle destroyer, and ranged support. Here are some examples of my personal favorite brawlers for each role.

Ball carrier: Bull, Daryl, Mortis, Rosa, Primo

Obstacle destroyer: Shelly, Frank

Range support: Tara, Rico, Spike

The next team comp is control which focuses on long range brawlers and defensive control. These teams thrive in long range scenarios so they are good in longer range maps and OT.

The goal of these teams is to survive regular time and wait for OT to occur. Once this happens, they will be able to utilize their long range to decimate the other team in open field and easily score.

The comp for this team is 2/3 ranged brawlers and 1/3 close range defender. I also suggest using one range as a power range for high dps and the other as a utility range for their unique and useful abilities. Here are some examples for each role.

Defender: Bibi, Bull, Shelly, Daryl

Ranged power: Colt, Rico, Brock

Ranged utility: Jessie, Tara, Gene, Spike

That’s it! I hope you found some useful tips in here and didn’t get discouraged by the length.

I know there’s probably still a lot I didn’t include (especially with team comps) but that’s the beauty of brawl ball.

It’s a high skill game mode with seemingly endless strategies and team compositions.

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Thanks for reading! And, if you know any useful techniques, drop them in the comments because I’d love to hear them and I know many others would too.

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