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Hi Guys, welcome to our Control Army Guide Wiki, In this Control Army Guide Wiki we will tell you about Control Army Classes, Weapons, Skills, How To Spawn Sir Shark, How To Spawn Lord of Sands, and How To Unlock The Desert Wand.

Control Army is a new Roblox game, In which you have to collect resources and use resources to build your base to receive gold Once you have too much gold, You can buy new weapons and armour for your troops. in this game, there are more than 30+ Different Weapons and Armor. Also, See – Anime Adventures Trello and Control Army Codes

Control Army Guide Wiki 2023

There are 5 worlds in the game and First World is Forest. This is your Starter World. You don’t need any units as you spawn here. I’ll buy your stuff man has located here and 1 Dispenser‌.

2nd World is Riverlands, It is Located Near Starter and You need 5 Units to activate it.

3rd World is Mountains, It is  Located In Riverland You need 15 Units to activate it.

4th and 5th Worlds are the Desert and Atlantic.

Barrack XP System

XP System

Every 10dmg = 1xp

So if you have a friend with you and u do 200dmg and they do 150dmg. All your barracks (equipped) will get 20xp, and they will get 15xp.

This is the required amount for the level

  • level 1 = 0
  • level 2 = 100 XP
  • level 3 = 300 XP
  • level 4 = 900 XP
  • (Unlocks +1 Barrack)
  • level 5 = 30k XP
  • level 6 = 100k XP
  • level 7 = 300k XP
  • level 8 = 900k XP
  • (Unlocks +1 Barrack)

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Control Army Classes/Buildings Guide

Sword Soldier

Control Army Guide

Swings with a sword or bare fists (1 DMG) deal normal damage, same as an archer


  • Extremely Good for early game
  • Cheap at all times
  • Deals decent damage
  • Better Alternative to swordmaster for early players
  • deals more damage than archer, since bows bought or dropped tend to deal less dmg


  • Outmatched by swordmaster
  • Often dies quickly as it cannot move out of the way
  • Close Combat based troop
  • Sometimes they bunch up


  • Cost: 450

Bow Soldier

Pierces your enemy with an arrow


  • Good as a back troop
  • Ranged
  • Moves out of the way most of the time if a mob is about to attack it
  • Has the best damage overtime, since it doesn’t die 1st


  • Outmatched by swordmaster
  • Not that many drops from most enemies
  • Weakest Troop in DPS
  • Bow drops from enemies often give lower stats compared to sword


  • Cost: 10,000

Swordmaster Soldier

Swings with a 2 Swords or 2 bare fists (2 DMG)


  • Extremely Good for early game if bought with robux
  • Doubles damage from swords
  • Deals Extremely High Damage
  • Highest DPS


  • 25% Less HP
  • Often dies quickly as it cannot move out of the way
  • Close Combat based troop
  • Sometimes they bunch up
  • Extremely expensive, 133x More expensive than a sword troop
  • Because price multiplies by 2x everything you by a barricade, it can reach absurd prices even when you buy
  • Swordsman is a cheaper alternative, for the cost of 2x less DMG


  • Cost: 60,000


Randomly summons boosts.


  • Can’t be hit by most enemy attacks
  • Has a chance to drop heals or give everyone a dmg boost.
  • Slightly better than the archer


  • same as the archer

Control Army Skills

Heal Power

How To Obtain

  • Kill White Flower


Restores 30% of HP of your soldiers
(Cooldown: 15s)

Shield Power


Grands INVINCIBILITY shield to your soldiers and you for 5 seconds (Cooldown: 25s)

How To Obtain

  • Kill Pharaoh

Monster Rage


Grants 25% more damage to your soldiers for 5 seconds (Cooldown: 50s)

How To Obtain

  • Kill Knor

How To Unlock The Desert Wand


It is located in the tool shop

What To Do

Kill Pharoah (1% Chance)

How To Spawn Knor/Yeti


Destroy 30 Pine Trees

What To Do

Should be pretty obvious.

How To Spawn Sir Shark


You must destroy the 3 Shark figures

What To Do

Look for the 1st & 2nd figure. They are near the farms.
3rd is inside the castle. You must Destroy the castle gate to get inside.

How To Spawn Lord of Sands


You must destroy the 3 Dark Pillars

What To Do

Destroy the 3 dark pillars connected to the dark pyramid

That’s it for this Control Army Guide Wiki – Classes, Weapons & Skills.

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