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Cultivation Of Realms Guide Wiki – Affinities, Qi Boost

Welcome to our Cultivation Of Realms Guide Wiki, In this article we will tell you some Cultivation Of Realms Guide that will help you to learn the basics of the game.

So come and take a look at this Cultivation Of Realms Guide Wiki – Affinities, Qi Boost guide

Cultivation Of Realms Guide Wiki

To get started, press R to cultivate and increase your Qi. Once the blue bar is filled up you can press B to breakthrough. As you break through you increase your stats and Qi gain.

There are multiple ways to speed up your Qi gain:

Qi Zones

Once you finally train in a Qi Zone, you’ll get Affinities and become a lot stronger.


Age is gained by cultivating.

1 year equates to 1 minute actively cultivating. (60 minutes cultivating would give 60 years).

Each year provides a 0.01 multiplier to Qi gain. (100 years would provide a 1x Qi gain boost).


Affinities are gained by training in Qi Zones.

Affinities further boost your stats to make you truly powerful.


Gained by Training in a fire Qi Zone.

Boosts Attack.

The Current attack is: rank of realm x fire affinity / 5 + 100


Gained by Training in a water Qi Zone.

Boosts Health.

Qi Boost Locations

Qi Zones

Every zone in game gives the following information:

Realm requirement : What realm you have to be to use the zone

Qi boost : How much the zone boosts Qi gain

Affinity : What affinity you get from training there and how much you get. Every extra + means you get more.

Qi Tree

Qi Tree

1.4x Qi Boost

Realm Requirement: None

Sea Rock

Sea Rock

4x Qi Boost, Water Affinity

Realm Requirement: Mediocre Core Formation

Water Spring

Water Spring

8x Qi Boost , Water Affinity +

Realm Requirement: Regular Core Formation

That’s it for this Cultivation Of Realms Guide Wiki – Affinities, Qi Boost, Also check: Cultivation Of Realms Trello

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