[ALPHA] Project Heritage Trello – Stand Tier List & Codes

Hi guys, Welcome to our Project Heritage Trello, In this Project Heritage Trello, we will show you the Project Heritage PvP Stand Tier List and some basics of Project Heritage.

The experience has already a few stands like Star Platinum, Crazy Diamond, White Snake, and more! The experience also has a unique combat system with unique mechanics so you can expect to be met with something more unique than an ABD copy. So come and take a look at this Project Heritage Trello – Stand Tier List.  If you’re looking for more freebies, be sure to check out our Heavens Arena Trello, House Builder Tycoon Codes and Roblox Game Trello page.

Project Heritage Trello Wiki

Basic Combat

[ Default Key » Ctrl ] Running


Uses stamina but increases movement speed, using moves will stop you from running.

[ Default Key » X ] Blocking


By holding the button that you have blocking on, you can block incoming attacks. Some moves bypass this.

After Update Alpha16, super parry isn’t a thing. Stamina is restored based on how much damage the move deals, you also get brief iframes when successfully blocking an attack.

[Default Key » C] Dodging/Sliding

Dodging Sliding

Dodging is used to dodge moves, granting iframes when doing so. Sliding can only be used while running likewise also granting iframes, also a lot of moves in experience can be dodged with this mechanic.


Combos allow you to make a chain of attacks that can deal a high amount of damage, the most basic attack that’s in the experience are Mouse Click One’s, you can click 4x Mouse Click One before they get knocked back, so that’s a combo, Most combos in the experience aren’t true, however, using a grab move allows you to pick players up from being grounded and let you attack them.

[ Default Key » Space + Space ] Hang/Climb

Climbing allows you to reach higher places quicker, you can climb by pressing space, and if you are hanging then press space again and your player/avatar/character will jump into a front flip and land on the surface.

Ultimate Bar / Meter

  • Certain moves needs Ultimate bar
  • Some moves consume less or more
  • To fill up an Ultimate bar/Meter you need to Hit/Kill people,

Project Heritage Tier List Wiki

Project Heritage Trello

Project Heritage Best Stand

Star Platinum

Stand Inactive Abilities

[E] » Star Breaker

  • Description: You grab the enemy by his neck and your stand knocks him away with a heavy attack dealing 25 damage. [ 25 DMG ]

[R] » Uppercut

  • Description: Your stand uppercuts the enemy, dealing 17.5 damage and in the process downing him.[ 17.5 DMG ]

[T] » Ground Slam

  • Description: With your stand’s strong fists, you will slam into the ground and deal 30AOE damage.
    [ 30 AOE DMG ]

[F] » Tandem

  • Description: Summons Star Platinum to grab your opponent and barrages them endlessly rip face ong
    [ 45 dmg ]
  • Note: Requires 3 bars to perform, but only spends 2.

[G] » Shotgun

  • Description: The user pulls out a Bloxy Soda, pierces it with a pen, and drinks out of the poked hole.

[V] » Pistol

  • Description: The user pulls out a gun and fires at the enemy ahead
    [25 DMG]
  • Revolver

[B] » Knife Throw

  • Description: After a The World User hits you with a Knife you are able to throw the knife right back at them.
    [15 DMG]

Project Heritage FAQ Guide

How do I get stands in Project Heritage?

You can get stands by clicking on the arrow icon on the top left when in-game, then a small list of stands will appear and you just click on the stand that you want to use. The Animation that plays and the animation that plays when switching to stainless

How do I get The World Over Heaven?:

You can’t get The World Over Heaven on public servers, only on private servers. When you are in a private server then type in !twoh and you will automatically get The World Over Heaven. (Although if you see someone in game that has The World Over Heaven make sure they have the tester, mod or admin title if not please report this in the discord!)

What Are the Commands in a Private server?

!twoh (gives twoh)
!dummy (spawns in hostile dummies)
!offense(Buffs your damage)
!defense (Buffs your defense so you can take less damage)
!clone(spawns a clone of you with the same stats)
!refresh(refreshes all the projectiles visible)
!frefresh (forces to refresh the server without voting to refresh it.)
!fixchr (respawns your character if its broken)
!matchmaking (will take you to main game matchmaking)


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