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Waven Tier List 2023 September – Best Classes Guide

The game “Waven” is slowly evolving, and with early access right around the corner, there’s a lot of anticipation regarding which classes reign supreme. Based on our experiences from the Alpha version, demo, and various insights, we have compiled a tier list for Waven.

If you are confused about which Waven characters are the best in the game, don’t worry – Our Waven highlights the best hero and what makes them special.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in Waven. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to.

If you just started playing this game, we recommend you to go through our Waven Guide which will help you to become a better player and Waven Best Build, Without further ado, let’s dive into the Waven Tier List details.

Waven Tier List 

Tier List

S Tier:

Noctorian Inepsy: Noted for its ability to invoke globules and increase attack inhibition.

Ice Crack and Ice Iop: Both have distinctive, high-damage multipliers.

Exiled Iop: Notably powerful in both PvM and PvP due to its invocation capabilities.

A Tier:

Scalpel Anime: A mix of healing and damage; when it has more HP than enemies, it can deal a considerable amount of damage.

Shotgun Crad: Fun to play with and possesses significant capabilities for the early and mid-game.

Main Shallor: Known for powerful invocations and combos.

Sane Shallow: With its Dash and trap capabilities, this class proves to be strong and engaging.

Flame Iop: While not personally tested, reports suggest it’s a potent class.

B Tier:

Iop of the Shields: A tanky class with a myriad of spell combinations.

Standard Iop: Compared to other Iops, it seems slightly weaker but still viable.

Face of Ice Cra: Strong but perhaps less preferred due to the distance attacking mechanic.

Boomerang Canner: Not much is known, but based on the context, it’s placed in B.

Inhibition Challer: Accumulates extra action points, potentially more useful in PvP than PvM.

Not Tested/Incomplete:

  1. Sharp Hologram
  2. Scissorhand Ralls
  3. Boomerang Kraner
  4. Multiple Sakuras and Shallors

Waven Best Classes Guide

Noctorian Inepsy: A class that leans heavily on invoking globules to increase inhibition attack. Strong, but there are classes that may do better.

Iops: The game introduces several “Iops” or versions of it. While the Exiled Iop seems to dominate due to its powerful invocations, the standard Iop feels a bit underwhelming.

Cras: Known for their distance attacks, which can be challenging due to certain in-game mechanics that require close combat.

Shallors: Known for invocations. There’s a learning curve due to its unique playstyle, but once mastered, it can be quite potent.

Scalpel Anime: Offers a balanced approach by combining healing with damage, proving to be a formidable class in the Coliseum, Waven’s PvP mode.

That’s it for this Waven Tier List. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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