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Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List 2023 Wiki & Beginner Guide

Welcome to our Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List 2023 Wiki & Beginner Guide, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List Wiki 2023. Tier List is the best way to start off your journey in Path To Nowhere and In this article, you will find Yggdrasil The Origin Best Characters In.

Follow this article to find out the tier list below.

Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List 2023

Here is our complete tier list of all Heroes in Yggdrasil The Origin, ranked from best to worst.

We looked at every Hero in Yggdrasil The Origin and decided to rate them for the average player in our tier list.

Therefore, this makes sense that the top Yggdrasil The Origin players in the world might be able to pull an S-tier performance out of a C-tier Here, but we’re considering this from the viewpoint of the average player. So let’s start.

Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List Wiki 2023

Tier S: Athos, Lee, Nezha, Neiritis, Porthos, Sean, Sol, Veronica, Venus, Xelene, Zeus

Tier A: Djinn, Glacius, Lilith, Davey, Mors, Azrael, Evelyn, Clank, Vees n Beegz

Tier B: Yelena, Murdoc, Tugruk, Remus, Frendriel, Aerora, Allastir, Hana, Solana

Tier C: Ilerea, Tabas, Nira, Ruby, Axiar, Orsa, Mandala, Javyn

Tier D: Kaze, Douglas, Arthur, Horus, Spark, Wanda, Charlie, Wilkins, Crystal, Teresa, Stephanie

Yggdrasil The Origin Guide Wiki



Starfall Shadow

For every 100 points reached by the Princess’ Power of the Stars, she changes form and consumes all of her Power of the Stars, in the next 4 seconds her Damage +10%. When entering battle, she starts off in the Sorcerer form, when changing from Sorcerer to Spellsword form, Dodge increases 106, when changing from Spellsword form to Sorcerer form, CRIT Rate increases 10%

Star Core Lunge

During Sorcerer Form: Shoots New Star Light towards the targets position, when targets are hit, an explosion happens, dealing 25096 DMG, and reduces their energy recovery speed by 206. During Spellsword Form; Deals enemies in front of her multiple sets of DMG, dealing 609% DMG per set, the last attack uses the Power of the Stars to puncture the astral, dealing enemies in a straight line 150% piercing damage.

Crazed Star Dance

During Sorcerer Form, every 9 seconds continuously shoots a Star Beam at the enemies in front for 5 seconds, each second dealing 1209% M.DMG. She enters the Unbound state and receives 20% less DMG. For every 1 second enemies stay in the area, they lose 5% of Defense for the rest of the battle; During Spellsword Form, every 9 seconds launch 3 Spellsword Bursts at the target, dealing 2009% M.DMG, during this time, restricts the movement of the enemy with the highest ATK for 2 seconds. While under control of the Spellsword Burst, enemies deal 206 less DM

Dark Star’s Rulling

Sorcerer Form: Summon Starfall and Deal M. DMG to the enemy. The effect based on Power of the Stars. When Power of the Stars 30+, DMG dealt with stun enemies +10%. Power of the Stars 50+, reduce the enemies mana by 20%. Power of Stars 80+, prevent enemies to moving

Spellsword Form: Using her sword to slash the enemies and deal P. DMG. The effect based on Power of the stars. When Power of the stars 30+, get 59% DMG to Heal. Power of the Stars 50+, DMG +10%, Power of the stars 80+, Crit DMG +10%.



Floating Summon

Summons 2 Floating cannons that inherit 30% of the original’s ATK DMG, they are permanent (there can be 4 floating Cannons on the battleficld at most, and they remain even after Ella dies.

Overloaded Fort

Every 15 seconds, enhances the Floating Forts existing on the battlefield and inficts 5 seconds of suppression fire on the middle of the battlefield, during this time, gains 2096 DMG immunity, Floating Forts increase CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG by 2096. When this skill is released, additionally summons 2 Floating Forts that last 5 seconds. If the number of Floating Forts on the battlefield has reached the limit and the 2 Floating Forts most closest to expiration have less than 5 seconds left, their remaining durations are extended
to 5 seconds.

Defense Array

20 seconds after battle begins, unlocks an Energy Defense Array one time, during this time, recovers HIP, each second recovering 39% of Max HIP, lasts 5 seconds, cooldown time is 20 seconds.


Beam of Annihilation

Weapons combine and turn into a Giant Cannon, from the center of the ally side, rakes the area in front with lasers, dealing 2809% P. ATK DMG and leaving scorching path that continues to burn for 5s, dealing 90 P. ATK DMG each second.

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