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5 Best Disturbed Graves Challenge Deck Clash Royale

Welcome to our Best Disturbed Graves Challenge Deck Clash Royale, the First unique challenge of Clash Royale Season 52 Clash-O-Ween is now live.

In this Disturbed Graves Challenge, 2- 3 tombstones spawn automatically on the arena and every player gets their own unique tombstone that generates skeleton guards. this challenge is very fun to play and Today we will show you the best decks for the Disturbed Graves Challenge.

5 Best Disturbed Graves Challenge Deck Clash Royale

Deck 1 – Beatdown with Graveyard Synergy

  1. Golem – For a strong push.
  2. Baby Dragon – Its splash damage helps in clearing out skeletons.
  3. Graveyard – To capitalize on the chaos of multiple skeletons.
  4. Poison – To counter enemy graveyard and skeletons.
  5. Night Witch – Her bats can aid the Golem push.
  6. Electro Wizard – Defense against Inferno Dragon/Tower and to stun enemy troops.
  7. Tornado – Group enemies together for Baby Dragon.
  8. Mega Minion – Air and ground defense.

Deck 2 – Control with Royal Hogs

  1. Royal Hogs – Quick pressure on opponent towers.
  2. Fireball – Clear out swarms and medium-health troops.
  3. Hunter – Heavy damage, especially for tanky units.
  4. Skeletons – Cycle card and distraction.
  5. Magic Archer – Line damage and can capitalize on grouped skeletons.
  6. Log – Clear out ground swarms.
  7. Ice Spirit – Cycle and freeze.
  8. Electro Dragon – Chain lightning for grouped units.

Deck 3 – Siege with X-Bow

  1. X-Bow – Main win condition.
  2. Tesla – Defense and synergizes with X-Bow.
  3. Archers – Defense and support.
  4. Fireball – Clear out medium troops.
  5. Ice Spirit – Freeze and cycle.
  6. Skeletons – Cycle and distract.
  7. Log – Clear ground units.
  8. Guards – Defense against single-target units.

Deck 4 – Mega Minion Balloon Cycle

  1. Balloon – Main win condition.
  2. Mega Minion – Heavy damage and supports Balloon.
  3. Ice Golem – Distract and kite enemy troops.
  4. Zap – Reset and clear small troops.
  5. Minions – Quick air defense.
  6. Fireball – Deal with medium-health troops.
  7. Lumberjack – When he falls, his rage boosts the Balloon.
  8. Bats – Quick air distraction and support.

Deck 5 – Royal Giant Furnace

  1. Royal Giant – Main win condition.
  2. Furnace – Constant pressure and supports Royal Giant.
  3. Lightning – Take out medium-health troops and structures.
  4. Log – Clear ground swarms.
  5. Electro Wizard – Reset and defend against air and ground.
  6. Guards – Defend against heavy hitters.
  7. Mega Minion – Air and ground defense.
  8. Skeleton Army – Swarm and counter to heavy single-target units.

That’s it for this Best Disturbed Graves Challenge Deck Clash Royale

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