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Top 5 Best Trick or Treat Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Welcome to our Trick or Treat Challenge Decks guide. Today we will show you the Top 5 Best Decks for Trick or Treat Challenge Clash Royale. In this Challenge, pumpkins pop up in the arena and you have to grab them for rewards.

So come and take a look at this Top 5 Best Trick or Treat Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Top 5 Best Trick or Treat Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Electro Giant Deck for Trick or Treat Challenge


Electro Giant (Egiant): Your primary win condition. He is versatile, serving both offensive and defensive roles. Based on the situation and your opponent’s cycle, you can deploy him at the bridge or the back.

Golden Knight: This shining hero acts as the main support for your Egiant, bringing added strength to your pushes. Occasionally, when paired with the tornado, he becomes a secondary win condition.

Rocket: An explosive solution for when the going gets tough. Considered another win condition in this deck, a rocket followed by its mirrored version dishes out an astonishing 1300+ damage at level 14.

Tornado: Pair it with your Golden Knight’s ability to wreak havoc, clumping enemy troops together for optimal damage.

Bomber: Provides splash damage and aids in supporting your Egiant pushes.

This is the Best Trick or Treat Challenge Deck. You have to focus on understanding your opponent’s counter to your Egiant. The goal is to out-cycle them. If they deploy their Egiant counter, try to catch them off guard with a mirrored Egiant or cycle swiftly back to deploy another Egiant.

Use your Bomber and Golden Knight to support your pushes. If the situation arises, using the Tornado in tandem with Golden Knight can create immense pressure.

Best Trick or Treat Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Best Trick or Treat Challenge Decks

Royal Recruits: Your dual-purpose card that is essential for both defense and offense. These six shield-bearing warriors can block assaults from both lanes, and when the time’s right, initiate a counter-push.

Royal Hogs: The primary win condition of the deck. These fast-paced, tower-charging hogs will keep your opponent on their toes. They can be split to pressurize both lanes or rallied together for a more focused assault.

Zappies: Great for stalling and disrupting enemy pushes. Splitting them can also add to the dual-lane pressure and aid in defending against various threats.

Goblin Cage: This card can provide a defensive presence and then convert it into a counter-push, potentially supporting the Royal Hogs.

Flying Machine: If your opponent wastes their spell on other troops, the Flying Machine can yield immense value.

Your main focus with this Trick or Treat Challenge Deck should be on defense and understanding your opponent’s deck. You hva to Split the Royal Recruits and Zappies to defend against incoming opponent Pusg.

If you suspect your opponent has a Fireball or any other heavy spell, bait it out. Place your Flying Machine or Zappies in a way that entices them to use it. This can pave the way for your Royal Hogs to charge without being interrupted by spells.

That’s it for this Top 5 Best Trick or Treat Challenge Decks Clash Royale

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